51st Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society, Charleston, 2014

51st Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society, Charleston, 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014

7:30am – 8:30am

Room: Carolina Foyer

8:30am – 10:00am

Room: Colonial Ballroom

Political Economy Potpourri

Session Chair: Daniel Sutter
Session Organizer: Daniel Sutter

Exogenous Tax Changes and Interest rates: Testing for Ricardian Equivalence using an Efficient Markets Model
Presenter: Tony Caporale
Discussant: Marc Poitras

The Effects of Fee Shifting on Settlement and Trial
Presenter: Marc Poitras
Discussant: Michael Toma

Test Score Achievement Gaps: The Role of Choice and Competition
Presenter: Michael Toma
Co-Author(s): Robert Bodaford
Discussant: Gary Wagner

Political Effects on Pension Underfunding
Presenter: Gary Wagner
Co-Author(s): Erick M. Elder
Discussant: Tony Caporale

Room: Carolina Ballroom A

New Book Discussion: The Bourgeois Deal by Deirdre McCloskey and Art Carden, with Comments by Michael Munger, Randy Simmons, and Roberta Herzberg

Session Organizer: Art Carden

The Bourgeois Deal
Presenter: Art Carden
Co-Author(s): Deirdre McCloskey

Room: Carolina Ballroom B

Political Economy of Economic Policymaking

Session Chair: Chris Mann

The Business Cycle and the Entry of Third-Party Candidates
Presenter: Yasushi Asako
Co-Author(s): Tetsuya Matsubayashi
Discussant: Mark Crain

It’s a Small Business After All: Regulatory Flexibility in the American States
Presenter: Mark Crain
Discussant: Edward Hoang

Behavioral Effects of the Estate Tax: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in United States
Presenter: Edward Hoang
Co-Author(s): Nishith Prakash, Stephen Ross
Discussant: Chris Mann

The Impact of Baumol's Disease on Government Size and Taxation
Presenter: Chris Mann
Discussant: Yasushi Asako

Room: Pinckney Room


Session Chair: Moshe Yanovskiy

Co-Author(s): Edgar J. Wilson
Discussant: Stephen Ferris

Government Size, Government Debt and Economic Performance with particular application to New Zealand
Presenter: Stephen Ferris
Discussant: Thomas Firey

The Return of “Starve the Beast”: The Law of Demand and the Future of Smaller Government
Presenter: Thomas Firey
Co-Author(s): Stephen Slivinski, Goldwater Institute
Discussant: Moshe Yanovskiy

Democracy of "Taxation-Redistribution" and Peacetime Budget Deficit
Presenter: Moshe Yanovskiy
Co-Author(s): Daniel Shestakov, Sergei Zhavoronkov

Room: Middleton Room

Institutions and Incentives in Fiscal Policy

Session Chair: Christoph Schröder

Supermajority Rule to Raise Taxes and Its Fiscal Outcome in California: A Causal Inference Using Synthetic Control Methods
Presenter: Soomi Lee
Discussant: Yoon jeong Chang

New establishment of Congressional budgetary institution and the quality of budget process- evidence from Korea
Presenter: Yoon jeong Chang
Co-Author(s): Eunji Kim, Sangheon Kim
Discussant: Marina Riem

Debt brakes in the German states: Which governments do take it seriously?
Presenter: Marina Riem
Co-Author(s): Niklas Potrafke, Christoph Schinke
Discussant: Christoph Schröder

Which Restructuring Features Prevent Serial Sovereign Debt Restructurings?
Presenter: Christoph Schröder
Discussant: Soomi Lee

Room: Laurens Room

Party Politics

Session Chair: Andrei Zhirnov

Election Times Are Different: Bureaucratic Institutions and Political Budget Cycles in American State Governments
Presenter: David Bostashvili
Discussant: William B. Hankins

Partisan Politics and Federal Spending at the State Level
Presenter: William B. Hankins
Co-Author(s): Gary Hoover, Paul Pecorino
Discussant: Larry Kenny

The Emergence of a Two Party South: a Spatial Voting Perspective
Presenter: Larry Kenny
Discussant: Andrei Zhirnov

Room: Rutledge Room

Empirical Studies in the American States

Session Chair: Kaitlyn Wolf

The Impact of Government Employees Voting Preferences on Election Outcome
Presenter: Brian Baugus
Co-Author(s): George Diemer
Discussant: Bryan McCannon

Elections and the Courtroom
Presenter: Bryan McCannon
Discussant: Patrick Warren

Outsourcing and Ownership: Theory and Evidence from California General Care Hospitals
Presenter: Patrick Warren
Co-Author(s): Christina Marsh, UGA
Discussant: Kaitlyn Wolf

Prison Guard Unions and Harsh Crime Policy
Presenter: Kaitlyn Wolf
Discussant: Brian Baugus

Room: Calhoun Room

Interest Groups and Collective Action

Session Chair: William English

When are lobbying and bribery complements versus substitutes? Reconciling two literatures through a unique compilation of Enterprise Survey data
Presenter: William English
Co-Author(s): Ben Barber, Oz Dincer
Discussant: Toshihiro Ihori

Conflicting Interest Groups, Contentious Public Goods, and Cooperation
Presenter: Toshihiro Ihori
Discussant: Paul Pecorino

Olson 65 Revisited: A Review Essay
Presenter: Paul Pecorino
Discussant: Katsuyoshi Nakazawa

Amalgamation and free-ride behavior in Japanese municipalities
Presenter: Katsuyoshi Nakazawa
Discussant: William English

Room: Parkview Room

Constitutional Political Economy Topics

Session Chair: Alexander Salter

The Constitutionalization of Money: A Constitutional Economics Perspective
Presenter: Viktor Vanberg
Co-Author(s): Ekkehard A. Köhler
Discussant: Olga Nicoara

The Role Of Ideology In Constitutional Craftsmanship: Evidence From India
Presenter: Shruti Rajagopalan
Discussant: Alexander Salter

Calhoun's Concurrent Majority as a Generality Norm
Presenter: Alexander Salter
Discussant: Viktor Vanberg

10:00am – 10:30am

10:30am – 12:00pm

Room: Calhoun Room

The Political Economy of Good Governance

Session Chair: Joshua Hall
Session Organizer: Joshua Hall

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Spend (As Much): The Fiscal Effect of Separate Taxing and Spending Committees in State Legislatures
Presenter: Matthew Mitchell
Co-Author(s): Pavel Yakovlev
Discussant: Alexander Salter

Is There a Self-Enforcing Monetary Constitution?
Presenter: Alexander Salter
Discussant: Robert Salvino

State Budget Stabilization Funds: Effective Fiscal Constraints or Lip Service?
Presenter: Robert Salvino
Discussant: J. Kerry Waller

The Expenditure Effects of Sunset Laws in State Governments
Presenter: J. Kerry Waller
Discussant: Matthew Mitchell

Room: Colonial Ballroom

Legislative Institutions and Legislative Bargaining

Session Chair: Christoph Vanberg
Session Organizer: Georg Vanberg

Persistence of Power: Dynamic Multilateral Bargaining
Presenter: Marina Agranov
Co-Author(s): Chloe Tergiman
Discussant: Nels Christiansen

Greasing the Wheels: Pork and Public Goods Contributions in a Legislative Bargaining Experiment
Presenter: Nels Christiansen
Discussant: Georg Vanberg

Decision rules, group size, and communication in legislative bargaining
Presenter: Christoph Vanberg
Co-Author(s): Luis Miller
Discussant: Marina Agranov

Room: Pinckney Room

Political Economy of Natural Disasters

Session Chair: Daniel Sutter
Session Organizer: Daniel Sutter

Investigating Power Laws in Earthquake Damages
Presenter: Calvin Blackwell
Discussant: Daniel Sutter

Coordination in Disaster: Nonprice Learning and Coordination after Natural Disaster
Presenter: Daniel Sutter
Co-Author(s): Daniel J. Smith
Discussant: Monica Escaleras

The Effects of Natural Disasters on Human Rights
Presenter: Jerg Gutmann
Co-Author(s): Stefan Voigt
Discussant: Calvin Blackwell

Room: Parkview Room

Economic Institutions and Well-Being

Session Chair: Daniel Bennett
Session Organizer: Boris Nikolaev

Liberty and Justice for All? Distributional Consequences of the Rule of Law
Presenter: Daniel Bennett
Discussant: Moshe Yanovskiy

Economic Freedom and the Education of Women: An Empirical Analysis
Presenter: Rosemarie Fike
Discussant: Bjoern Kauder

Economic Freedom and Subjective Well-being -- Revisiting the Relationship
Presenter: Boris Nikolaev
Discussant: Daniel Bennett

Just hire your spouse: Empirical evidence from a new type of political favoritism
Presenter: Bjoern Kauder
Co-Author(s): Niklas Potrafke
Discussant: Rosemarie Fike

The Limits of Governmental Intervention: Some ways how Government belongs in the bedroom and nursery
Presenter: Sergei Zhavoronkov
Co-Author(s): Daniel Shestakov, Moshe Yanovskiy
Discussant: Boris Nikolaev

Room: Middleton Room

Origins of Policies in the American States

Session Chair: Joshua Pierson

The Political Roots of Health Insurance Benefit Mandates
Presenter: James Bailey
Co-Author(s): Douglas Webber
Discussant: Moiz Bhai

The Draft and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital
Presenter: Moiz Bhai

Under the Table and Dreaming: Differences in State Minimum Wage Rates and Selective Migration of Immigrants and Domestic Residents by Education
Presenter: Sean Mulholland
Co-Author(s): Kristen Veit
Discussant: Joshua Pierson

Room: Carolina Ballroom A

Political Economy in Different Systems

Session Chair: John Gasper

The Politics of Denying Aid: An Analysis of Disaster Declaration Turndowns.
Presenter: John Gasper
Discussant: Meg Patrick Tuszynski

The Creation of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans: When Politics Trumps Health
Presenter: Meg Patrick Tuszynski
Discussant: Christopher Boudreaux

Protection for sale in a direct democracy
Presenter: Christopher Boudreaux
Discussant: Nakul Kumar

Tactical Redistribution in Coalition Politics; Evidence from Indian Disaster Relief.
Presenter: Nakul Kumar
Discussant: John Gasper

Room: Carolina Ballroom B

Empirical Political Economy Around the World

Session Chair: Yogesh Uppal

The Effect of Democracy on Economic Growth: Results from a Natural Experiment in Indonesia
Presenter: Sara Moricz
Co-Author(s): Fredrik Sjöholm
Discussant: Arash Pourebrahimi

Voter Turnout in the Iranian Presidential Elections: The Impact of Ideological Differences among Candidates
Presenter: Arash Pourebrahimi
Co-Author(s): Madeleine O. Hosli
Discussant: Yogesh Uppal

Financial Liberalization, Freedom, and Total Factor Productivity: Evidence from India’s manufacturing sector
Presenter: Zhenhui Xu
Discussant: Sara Moricz

Room: Rutledge Room

Parties and Elections

Session Chair: Malte Pehl

The lawyers' comparative advantage in parliamentary elections
Presenter: Raphael Franck
Discussant: Malte Pehl

What Does it Take to be a Mayor?
Presenter: Nicolas Gavoille
Co-Author(s): Jean-Michel Josselin, Fabio Padovano.
Discussant: Raphael Franck

Partisan Dynamics in Euroland
Presenter: Bruno JEROME
Co-Author(s): Véronique Jerôme, Michael Lewis-Beck, and Richard Nadeau
Discussant: Nicolas Gavoille

Non-Duvergerian Voting in Indian State-Level Elections
Presenter: Malte Pehl
Co-Author(s): Grofman, Bernard / Uppal, Yogesh / Pehl, Malte
Discussant: Bruno JEROME

Room: Laurens Room

Public Good and Voting Experiments

Session Chair: Jared Barton

Are Political Statements Only Expressive? An Experiment
Presenter: Jared Barton
Co-Author(s): Cortney Rodet
Discussant: Christian Feige

Voting on contributions to a threshold public goods game – an experimental investigation
Presenter: Christian Feige
Co-Author(s): Karl-Martin Ehrhart, Jan Krämer
Discussant: Peter Lewisch

Third party punishment under judicial review: An economic experiment of the effects of appeals and of giving reason
Presenter: Peter Lewisch
Co-Author(s): Stefania Ottone, Ferruccio Ponzano
Discussant: Arthur Zillante

Contribution Limits and Transparency in a Campaign Finance Experiment
Presenter: Arthur Zillante
Co-Author(s): Hanming Fang; Dmitry Shapiro
Discussant: Jared Barton