Photo Attribution The 51st Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society, Charleston, 2014

2014 Conference Program

Informal Institutions

Friday, March 7
8:00am — 9:30am

Laurens Room

Informal Institutions

Session Chair: Ludek Kouba

Building a State and a Market: The Spanish Legacy in Mexico
Presenter: Robin Grier
Co-Author(s): Jerry Hough
Discussant: Nobuhiro Mizuno

Political Structure as a Legacy of Indirect Colonial Rule: Bargaining between National Governments and Rural Elites in Africa
Presenter: Nobuhiro Mizuno
Discussant: Nathanael Snow

A FRAND-ly Commons: An Institutional Investigation of Standard Setting
Presenter: Nathanael Snow
Discussant: Ludek Kouba

I wanna live my life: Locus of Control and Welfare State attitudes
Presenter: Ludek Kouba
Co-Author(s): Hans Pitlik
Discussant: Robin Grier