PhotoAttribution The 52nd Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2015 Public Choice Society, March 12-15, San Antonio Texas March 12-15, Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk

Friday, March 13, 2015

7:00am – 8:30am

Room: Rio Grande Foyer

7:00am – 5:00pm

Room: Los Rios Foyer

Room: Rio Grande Foyer

8:00am – 9:30am

Room: Rio Grande West

Institutions & Well-Being I

Session Chair: Daniel Bennett
Session Organizer: Boris Nikolaev

Tolerance in the United States: How freer markets transform racial, religious, and sexual attitudes
Presenter: Niclas Berggren
Co-Author(s): Therese Nilsson
Discussant: Joshua Hall

Economic Freedom, Physical Activity, and Health Disparities
Presenter: Joshua Hall
Co-Author(s): Humphreys Brad,Ruseki Jane
Discussant: Boris Nikolaev

Give Me Liberty and Give Me Control: Freedom and the Locus of Control
Presenter: Boris Nikolaev
Co-Author(s): Bennett Daniel
Discussant: Milena Nikolova

Institutions and the Unhappiness Puzzle: Evidence from Transition Economies
Presenter: Milena Nikolova
Discussant: Niclas Berggren

Room: Rio Grande East

Markets and Institutions

Session Chair: Kathleen Sheehan

Aid and the Role of External Influence in Polycentric Institutions
Presenter: Liya Palagashvili
Discussant: Monika Cule

Inter vivos transfers of business assets in family firms
Presenter: Marina Riem
Co-Author(s): Niklas Potrafke, Christoph Schinke

The effect of political institutions on Internet access
Presenter: Kathleen Sheehan
Discussant: Marina Riem

Room: Garden Terrace #1


Session Chair: Joy Buchanan

Expressive voting and ideology in a laboratory democracy
Presenter: Rasmus Wiese
Co-Author(s): Richard Jong-A-Pin
Discussant: Duk Gyoo Kim

Labor Supply Response to Price Level Shocks: Evidence from a Gift Exchange Experiment
Presenter: Joy Buchanan
Co-Author(s): Daniel Houser
Discussant: Daniela Goya-Tocchetto

The Second-Tier Curse: Theory and Experimental Evidence
Presenter: Duk Gyoo Kim
Discussant: Rasmus Wiese

Room: Garden Terrace #2

Employment and Retirement

Session Chair: William B. Hankins

What drives annuitization rates? Retirement behavior in Switzerland during and after the crisis
Presenter: Alma Ramsden
Co-Author(s): Monika Bütler
Discussant: William B. Hankins

The political economy of public investment when population is aging: a panel cointegration analysis
Presenter: Philipp Jaeger
Co-Author(s): Torsten Schmidt
Discussant: Niklas Elert

The Politics of Employment: How Partisanship Influences the Distribution of Employment and Training Administration Grants
Presenter: William B. Hankins
Discussant: Alma Ramsden

Room: Blanco

Agency and Hierarchy

Session Chair: Renato Oliveira

Performance Management in Principal-Agent Relations: Gaming and Monitoring the System
Presenter: Shlomo Mizrahi
Co-Author(s): Yizhaq Minchuk
Discussant: Trey Carson

Can Politicians Police Themselves? Natural Experimental Evidence from Brazil’s Audit Courts
Presenter: Renato Oliveira
Co-Author(s): Júlio Canello (IESP) and F. Daniel Hidalgo (MIT)
Discussant: Luona Lin

The Marine Hospital Service, 1798-1902: a Political Economy Perspective
Presenter: Trey Carson
Discussant: Shlomo Mizrahi

Room: Frio

Gender and Discrimination: a Public Choice Approach

Session Chair: Moshe Yanovskiy

Gender, migration, and labor share
Presenter: Maria Tackett
Discussant: Moshe Yanovskiy

Are the Discrimination fighters selective? Public Choice approach to incentives analysis
Presenter: Moshe Yanovskiy
Co-Author(s): Ginker Timofey, Zhavoronkov Sergei
Discussant: Yogesh Uppal

Room: Mesquite

Charity and Public Choice

Session Chair: Alexander Funcke

Information, Competition and the Quality of Charity
Presenter: Silvana Krasteva
Co-Author(s): Huseyin Yildirim
Discussant: Alexander Funcke

Strategic Delegation in Public Investment Competition
Presenter: Taiki Susa
Discussant: Sevgi Ineci

And she's building a stairway to collective action: On stifling and instigating revolutions
Presenter: Alexander Funcke
Co-Author(s): Ulrik Franke
Discussant: Silvana Krasteva

Good Governance and Economic Efficiency: A Public Choice Look on Poverty Reduction with Microfinance
Presenter: Sevgi Ineci
Discussant: Taiki Susa

Room: Nueces

Interests, Rent Seeking and Models of Influence

Session Chair: Bjoern Kauder

Lobbying, family concerns and the lack of political support for estate taxation
Presenter: Philippe De Donder
Co-Author(s): Pierre Pestieau
Discussant: Lawrence Ikem Fejokwu

"The Optimal Number of States for the Viable Fiscal Future of Fiscally Failing, Fiscally Flawed Nations. A Nigerian Case Study."
Presenter: Lawrence Ikem Fejokwu
Discussant: Bjoern Kauder

Do External Experts Prevent Political Biases in Revenue Forecasts? Evidence from Germany
Presenter: Bjoern Kauder
Co-Author(s): Thiess Buettner
Discussant: Bonnie Wilson

Fractionalization, Rent Seeking, and Economic Freedom
Presenter: Bonnie Wilson
Co-Author(s): Jac C Heckelman
Discussant: Philippe De Donder

10:00am – 11:20am

Room: Rio Grande Center

Plenary Session 1: Todd Sandler, University of Texas at Dallas and Past Recipient of Duncan Black Prize: "Collective Action: Fifty Years Later"

Session Chair: Roberta Herzberg
Session Organizer: Keith Dougherty

Collective Action: Fifty Years Later
Presenter: Todd Sandler
Discussant: Michael Munger

11:20am – 1:30pm

Room: Pecan

1:00pm – 2:30pm

Room: Garden Terrace #2

Public Choice Behavioral Economics - Implications for Policy

Session Organizer: Susan Dudley

Integrating public choice and behavioral economics
Presenter: Susan Dudley
Co-Author(s): Brian Mannix, Blake Taylor

Are "Private Benefits" from Regulation Legitimate?
Presenter: Brian Mannix
Co-Author(s): Susan Dudley

The Formation of Trust Networks in Supply Chains with Intermediaries:  A Virtual World Experiment
Presenter: Kevin McCabe

Behavioral Political Economy: A Survey
Presenter: Christian Schubert
Co-Author(s): Jan Schnellenbach
Discussant: Kevin McCabe

Room: Nueces

Contributions to Pre-Modern Economic History

Session Chair: Andrew Young
Session Organizer: Andrew Young

From Caesar to Tacitus: Changes in Early Germanic Governance circa 50 BC to 50 AD
Presenter: Andrew Young
Discussant: Bryan McCannon

Prison Growth and Political Interests Across Legal Origins
Presenter: Daniel D'Amico
Co-Author(s): Claudia Williamson
Discussant: Geoffrey Lea

Who Pays Taxes? Liturgies and the Antidosis Procedure
Presenter: Bryan McCannon
Co-Author(s): Williamson Claudia
Discussant: Daniel D'Amico

Interest Groups and the Athenian Fleet
Presenter: Geoffrey Lea
Discussant: Andrew Young

Room: Rio Grande West

Institutions & Well-Being II

Session Chair: Boris Nikolaev
Session Organizer: Daniel Bennett

Institutional Convergence
Presenter: Christopher Boudreaux
Co-Author(s): Holcombe Randall
Discussant: Andrew Young

Economic Freedom and the Education of Women: An Empirical Analysis
Presenter: Rosemarie Fike
Discussant: Martin Rode

Free to choose? Economic freedom, relative income, and life control perceptions
Presenter: Martin Rode
Co-Author(s): Hans Pitlik
Discussant: Rosemarie Fike

Want Freedom, Will Travel: Emigrant Self Selection according to Institutional Quality
Presenter: Andrew Young
Co-Author(s): Nejad Maryam Naghsh
Discussant: Randall Holcombe

Room: Rio Grande East

The Political Economy of Law and Legislation

Session Chair: Joshua Hall
Session Organizer: Joshua Hall

The Value of Friends in High Places: The Political Economy of the Export-Import Bank
Presenter: Frank Stephenson
Co-Author(s): Peter McCort
Discussant: Christopher Yencha

Good Cop, Bad Cop, What You Gonna Do?
Presenter: Robert Lawson
Co-Author(s): Keri Lawson
Discussant: Joshua Hall

The Political Economy of Subsidized Commercial Air Service
Presenter: Christopher Yencha
Co-Author(s): Joshua Hall, Amanda Ross
Discussant: Frank Stephenson

Rule of law in a Public Choice Perspective
Presenter: Filip Palda
Discussant: Robert Lawson

Room: Blanco

Rule of Law Applications

Session Chair: Benjamin Ogden

Economic Transition, Firm Size, and Legal Reform in China, Russia, and Kazakhstan
Presenter: Bradley Murg
Discussant: Benjamin Chen

Explaining Comparative Administrative Law: The Standing of Positive Political Theory
Presenter: Benjamin Chen
Co-Author(s): Zhiyu Li
Discussant: Benjamin Ogden

When Settlements Increase Competition: The Dynamics of Reverse Payment Settlements and Market Entry
Presenter: Benjamin Ogden
Co-Author(s): Keith Hylton
Discussant: daniele bertolini

Taking the Costs of Consent Seriously. Process Efficiency Analysis and the Constitutional Foundations of Law and Economics
Presenter: daniele bertolini
Discussant: Bradley Murg

Room: Garden Terrace #1

Property Rights

Session Chair: Alexander Salter

Is This North Carolina or Zimbabwe? How the State’s “Designated Highway Corridors” Destroy Property Rights, Wealth and County Revenue in the State.
Presenter: Craig Richardson
Discussant: Alexander Salter

The Economic Characteristics of First Possession Rights to a Heterogeneous Resource: Prior Appropriation Rights to Water
Presenter: Bryan Leonard
Co-Author(s): Gary D. Libecap
Discussant: Michael Giberson

Sovereignty as Exchange of Political Property Rights
Presenter: Alexander Salter
Discussant: Craig Richardson

Room: Frio

Fiscal and Monetary Institutions

Session Chair: Soomi Lee

On the Design of Public Institutions: Evidence from Financial Supervision
Presenter: Volker Nitsch
Discussant: Soomi Lee

Wither Gold
Presenter: James Caton
Discussant: Florian Neumeier

Do Businessmen make Good Governors?
Presenter: Florian Neumeier

Federal Tax Shocks and Fiscal Capacity: The Case of Natural Resources
Presenter: Yaniv Reingewertz
Discussant: Volker Nitsch

Room: Mesquite

Electoral Models

Session Chair: D. Marc Kilgour

Approval Balloting in Elections with a Variable Number of Winners
Presenter: D. Marc Kilgour
Discussant: Markus Reischmann

Plurality Voting Versus Proportional Representation in the Citizen‐Candidate Model
Presenter: Aaron Kamm
Discussant: Junichiro Wada

Creative accounting and electoral motives: Evidence from OECD countries
Presenter: Markus Reischmann
Discussant: D. Marc Kilgour

Studying unequal representation using alpha-divergence
Presenter: Junichiro Wada
Co-Author(s): Yuta Kamahara
Discussant: Aaron Kamm

Room: Rio Grande Center

The Inaugural Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Prize: Finalists' Presentations

Session Chair: Roberta Herzberg
Session Organizer: Mario Villarreal

Escape from Europe: A Calculus of Consent Model of the Origins of Democracy in North America
Presenter: Vlad Tarko
Co-Author(s): Kyle O’Donnell
Discussant: Georg Vanberg

The Individual-Specific Incidence of Mandated Benefits: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act
Presenter: Conor Lennon
Discussant: Bonnie Wilson

Does Central Bank Independence Improve Monetary Policymaking?
Presenter: Caitlin Ainsley
Discussant: Michael Munger

2:30pm – 2:40pm

2:40pm – 4:10pm

Room: Rio Grande West

Maryland Collective Choice

Session Chair: Keith Dougherty
Session Organizer: Keith Dougherty

The Central Bank of Cincinnati? A Public Choice Analysis of the Selection of Federal Reserve Bank Cities
Presenter: Jac Heckelman
Co-Author(s): John Wood
Discussant: Keith Dougherty

Fragmentation and Collective Action: Two Dilemmas of Early Eastern-European Transition.
Presenter: Marek Kaminski
Discussant: Nicholas Miller

Educate or Regulate
Presenter: Bilin Neyapti
Discussant: Keith Dougherty

A note on behavioral game theory: theoretical predictions, experimental outcomes and the meaning of the discrepancy between them.
Presenter: Piotr Swistak
Discussant: Nicholas Miller

Room: Rio Grande Center

Tullock's Contributions I: Breadth of Public Choice - Sponsored by Liberty Fund

Session Chair: Roger Congleton
Session Organizer: Roger Congleton

Tullock and the Theory of the Rent Seeking Society
Presenter: Arye Hillman
Discussant: Roger Congleton

Tullock’s Theory of Dictatorship and Revolution
Presenter: Thomas Apolte
Discussant: Arye Hillman

Remembering Gordon Tullock’s Contribution to Efficient Public Choice
Presenter: Nicolaus Tideman
Discussant: Thomas Apolte

Gordon Tullock’s Implicit Analytical History of Government
Presenter: Roger Congleton
Discussant: Nicolaus Tideman

Room: Rio Grande East

Liberty and Political Economy

Session Chair: Ken Sagynbekov

Mapping the Road to Freedom – The Correlates and Roots of the Rule of Law
Presenter: Stefan Voigt
Co-Author(s): Jerg Gutmann
Discussant: Ken Sagynbekov

Less Liberty, More Deaths?
Presenter: Ken Sagynbekov
Discussant: Nicolas Maloberti

Nudges for Voters
Presenter: Nicolas Maloberti
Discussant: Darwyyn Deyo

The Impact of Double Discrimination: The Minimum Wage, Women of Color, and Crime Using a Matching Test
Presenter: Darwyyn Deyo
Discussant: Stefan Voigt

Room: Nueces

Legislative Decisionmaking

Session Chair: Mark Crain

Legislative bargaining with heterogeneous disagreement value: theory and experiments
Presenter: Christoph Vanberg
Co-Author(s): Luis Miller, Maria Montero

Kill Bill: That’s What Committees Do
Presenter: Mark Crain
Discussant: Timothy Grinsell

Sunset Laws: Active Bargaining between the Legislature and Executive
Presenter: Feler Bose
Co-Author(s): Brian Baugus
Discussant: Christoph Vanberg

Linguistics and legislative intent
Presenter: Timothy Grinsell
Discussant: Mark Crain

Room: Blanco

Institutional Determinants and Institutional Quality

Session Chair: Paul Dragos Aligica

Rational Calculation, the Price System and the Non-profit Organization: Charting the Puzzle of the Nonprofit Enterprise through Public Choice and Austrian Theoretical Lenses
Presenter: Paul Dragos Aligica
Co-Author(s): Cameron Harwick
Discussant: Marc St-Pierre

The Political and Economic Determinants of Cultural Values
Presenter: Andrew Heritage
Discussant: Irina Mirkina

Shadow economy, happiness and the quality of institutions: An empirical analysis.
Presenter: Marc St-Pierre
Discussant: Paul Dragos Aligica

Pushed by Poverty or by Institutions? An Analysis of Migration Determinants
Presenter: Irina Mirkina
Co-Author(s): Andreas Bergh, Therese Nilsson
Discussant: Andrew Heritage

Room: Garden Terrace #1

Rent Seeking

Session Chair: Ryan Young

Rent-Seeking and Income Inequality
Presenter: Bob Subrick
Discussant: George Hwang

Housing Market and Agglomeration of Rent-Seeking Activities: Implications for Regional Development
Presenter: Chia-Ming Yu
Co-Author(s): Eric S. Lin, Shin-Kun Peng, Chia-Ming Yu
Discussant: Bob Subrick

The welfare costs of rent-seeking in an entrepreneurial economy
Presenter: George Hwang
Discussant: Ryan Young

Why So Little Rent-Seeking? Virtue and Vice in Capitalist Behavior
Presenter: Ryan Young
Co-Author(s): Fred L. Smith, Jr. and Ryan Young
Discussant: Chia-Ming Yu

Room: Frio

Measuring the Impact of Regulation

Session Chair: Lynne Kiesling

Understanding the Effect of 20th Century Regulation on 21st Century Experimentation and Technological Change in Electricity Markets
Presenter: Lynne Kiesling
Discussant: Patrick McLaughlin

The Aggregate Cost of Regulations: A Structural Estimation of a Tractable Multi-Sector Endogenous Growth Model
Presenter: Patrick McLaughlin
Co-Author(s): Bentley Coffey; Pietro Peretto
Discussant: Sunjoo Park

Who determine the industrial electricity price: regulators, utilities, or manufacturers?
Presenter: Sunjoo Park
Co-Author(s): Iryna Lendel, Eunkyu Lee
Discussant: Lynne Kiesling

Room: Garden Terrace #2

Education and Opportunities

Session Chair: Larry Kenny

Classroom Quality and Student Achievement
Presenter: Moiz Bhai
Co-Author(s): Irina Horoi
Discussant: Pavel Dramski

Putting a Lid on the Melting Pot: The Political Economy of American Immigration Policy
Presenter: Zachary Gochenour
Discussant: Qinping Feng

Immigrant Children and Public Education Finance
Presenter: Qinping Feng
Discussant: Zachary Gochenour

Room: Mesquite


Session Chair: Steven Brams

Sequential lottery
Presenter: Doron Klunover
Co-Author(s): Nava Kahana
Discussant: Benjamin Ogden

How to Divide Things Fairly
Presenter: Steven Brams
Co-Author(s): D. Marc Kilgour
Discussant: Wolfgang Leininger

The Imperfect Beliefs Voting Model
Presenter: Benjamin Ogden
Discussant: Doron Klunover

Revenue Maximizing Head Starts in Contests
Presenter: Wolfgang Leininger
Co-Author(s): Jörg Franke, Dortmund University, Cedric Wasser, Bonn University
Discussant: Steven Brams

4:10pm – 4:20pm

4:20pm – 5:50pm

Room: Rio Grande West

Institutions & Well-Being III

Session Chair: Daniel Bennett
Session Organizer: Boris Nikolaev

Economic Freedom and Economic Crisis
Presenter: Christian Bjørnskov
Discussant: Nabamita Dutta

Aiding Economic Freedom
Presenter: Nabamita Dutta
Co-Author(s): Williamson Claudia

Disentangling the impact of institutions and human capital on economic development: Some evidence
Presenter: Hugo Faria
Co-Author(s): Hugo Montesinos, Daniel Morales and Carlos Navarro
Discussant: Christian Bjørnskov

Weeding out the Good Apples: Economic Development, Changing Prodcution Structures and Bureaucratic Cultures of Corruption
Presenter: Sanjay jain
Discussant: Hugo Faria

Room: Rio Grande East

Public Choice and the Fiscal Constitution

Session Organizer: Georg Vanberg

The reform of a fiscal constitution: inter-governmental relations in Germany
Presenter: Jan Schnellenbach
Discussant: Viktor Vanberg

Competitive Federalism, the Two Roles of Government, and the Power to Tax
Presenter: Viktor Vanberg
Discussant: Vlad Tarko

The Economic Theory of a Compound Republic: A Calculus of Consent Model of Self-Governance, Institutional Diversity, and Optimal Federalism
Presenter: Vlad Tarko
Discussant: Georg Vanberg

Room: Nueces

Regulation 2

Session Chair: Patrick McLaughlin

Regulation of Industry, Employment, and Entrepreneurship
Presenter: Diana Thomas
Co-Author(s): James Bailey
Discussant: Sharon Tennyson

Unpacking the Effects of Political Competition on the Quality of Business Regulation
Presenter: Andrei Zhirnov
Co-Author(s): Dina Balalaeva
Discussant: Diana Thomas

Does Regulation Enhance or Inhibit Turnover of Firms by Industry?
Presenter: Patrick McLaughlin
Co-Author(s): Matt Mitchell; Thomas Stratmann
Discussant: Andrei Zhirnov

Presenter: Sharon Tennyson
Co-Author(s): Sra Chuenchoksan, Andrew M. McClintock
Discussant: Patrick McLaughlin

Room: Blanco

Creative Destruction and Economic Transformation

Session Chair: Leone Leonida

Measuring Creative Destruction
Presenter: Rick Weber
Discussant: Richard Jong-A-Pin

The Creative Destruction of Predatory Elite Coalitions
Presenter: Petrus Sundin Olander
Discussant: Leone Leonida

Political leader survival: does competence matter?
Presenter: Richard Jong-A-Pin
Co-Author(s): Shu Yu
Discussant: Rick Weber

Room: Frio

Taxes 1

Session Chair: Michael Stroup

Taxing Girl Scout Cookies while Exempting Jazz in the Woods: An Empirical Analysis of State Sales Tax Exemptions for Nonprofit Organizations
Presenter: Sarah Larson
Co-Author(s): Kellie L. McGiverin-Bohan
Discussant: Michael Stroup

Fiscal Privileges, Consolidation Attempts and Pigouvian Taxes
Presenter: Toshihiro Ihori
Discussant: Oskar Nupia

What is the Best Index for Measuring Tax Progressivity?
Presenter: Michael Stroup
Co-Author(s): Keith Hubbard
Discussant: Sarah Larson

Income Taxation, Political Accountability and the Provision of Public Goods.
Presenter: Oskar Nupia
Discussant: Toshihiro Ihori

Room: Garden Terrace #2

Financial Regulation

Session Chair: Daniel Arce

Indirect Ethics and Backdoor Bailouts: The Case of AIG
Presenter: Daniel Arce
Co-Author(s): Laura Razzolini
Discussant: Paul Mueller

Political Economy of Target 2
Presenter: Aleksandar Tomic
Discussant: Caitlin Ainsley

Room: Mesquite

Voters and Candidates

Session Chair: Stanley Winer

The economic consequences of candidate selection
Presenter: Marco A. Perez-Mares
Discussant: Stanley Winer

Toward a Tri-Modal Distribution of Voter Preferences? A Theory of Partisanship and Political Advertising
Presenter: M. Garrett Roth
Discussant: Somdeep Chatterjee

Measuring Electoral Competitiveness in a Parliamentary Democracy
Presenter: Stanley Winer
Co-Author(s): Stephen Ferris, Bernard Grofman
Discussant: Marco A. Perez-Mares

Do People Vote to Make a Statement? Evidence of Expressive Voting from a Natural Experiment in India
Presenter: Somdeep Chatterjee
Discussant: M. Garrett Roth

Room: Garden Terrace #1

Understanding International Challenges

Session Chair: Thi Kim Cuong PHAM

Fighter jet diplomacy: Political applications of airspace intrusions and interceptions of military aircraft.
Presenter: Soeren Schwuchow
Co-Author(s): Athanassios Pitsoulis and Martin Gassebner
Discussant: Thi Kim Cuong PHAM

Buying Off or Fighting Off? Interstate Crisis Bargaining with Bilateral Aid
Presenter: Jeremy Wells
Discussant: Beatriz Maldonado

Efficient and fair allocation of aid
Presenter: Thi Kim Cuong PHAM
Co-Author(s): Patrick Guillaumont, Phu Nguyen-Van, Laurent Wagner
Discussant: Soeren Schwuchow

Divided Government in Latin America
Presenter: Beatriz Maldonado
Co-Author(s): Peter Calcagno
Discussant: Jeremy Wells

Room: Rio Grande Center

Models of Political Behavior

Session Chair: Robi Ragan

Dynamic Veto Player Theory: Revised Ramifications, Integrative Implications
Presenter: Brandon Zicha
Discussant: Robi Ragan

VoteR: Spatial Voting Models in R
Presenter: Robi Ragan
Discussant: Lars Metzger

Contests with endogenous alliances and incomplete information
Presenter: Lars Metzger
Discussant: Magnus Hoffmann

Multiple Rounds and Endogenous Timing in Endogenous Prize Contests with Asymmetric Valuation
Presenter: Magnus Hoffmann
Discussant: Brandon Zicha

6:00pm – 11:59pm