PhotoAttribution The 52nd Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2015 Public Choice Society, March 12-15, San Antonio Texas March 12-15, Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk

Saturday, March 14, 2015

7:00am – 8:30am

Room: Rio Grande Foyer

7:00am – 5:00pm

Room: Los Rios Foyer

Room: Rio Grande Foyer

8:00am – 9:30am

Room: Rio Grande East


Session Chair: Danko Tarabar
Session Organizer: Joshua Hall

Staying the Path: The Role of Cultural Values on the Survival of Pro-Growth Institutions
Presenter: Michelle Vachris
Co-Author(s): Justin P. Isaacs
Discussant: Danko Tarabar

Legal Origins and the Distributional Consequences of the Rule of Law: Evidence of the Engerman-Sokoloff & Friedman Hypotheses
Presenter: Daniel Bennett
Discussant: Hugo Faria

EU and Reform Convergence: Does Membership Promote Interjurisdictional Competition?
Presenter: Danko Tarabar
Co-Author(s): Andrew T. Young
Discussant: Daniel Bennett

Some Evidence on the Importance of Economic and Political Institutions as Predictors of Development
Presenter: Hugo Faria
Co-Author(s): Daniel Bennett, Hugo Faria, James Gwartney and Daniel Morales
Discussant: Michelle Vachris

Room: Garden Terrace #1

Entrepreneurial Governance

Session Chair: Lotta Moberg
Session Organizer: Lotta Moberg

Political Parties as Peculiar Institutions
Presenter: David Hebert
Co-Author(s): Richard E Wagner
Discussant: Ryan Safner

Liberalizing Rent-Seeking: How Export Processing Zones Can Save or Sink an Economy
Presenter: Lotta Moberg
Discussant: David Hebert

Wiki-nomics: Bringing Institutions Back into the Analysis of Copyright with a Case Study of Wikipedia
Presenter: Ryan Safner
Discussant: Vlad Tarko

Room: Rio Grande West

The Third Sector: Insights from the Ostroms’ Public Choice Institutionalism Perspective

Session Chair: Lenore Ealy
Session Organizer: Paul Dragos Aligica

The Philanthropic Enterprise: Ideas, Institutions, Orders and Organizations from Cornuelle to the Ostroms
Presenter: Lenore Ealy
Discussant: Richard Wagner

The Third Sector: Charting the Territory through Ostromian Theoretical Lenses
Presenter: Paul Dragos Aligica
Discussant: Richard Wagner

A Microfoundation of Social Entrepreneurship: Ostromian Polycentricity and Hayekian Knowledge
Presenter: Gordon Shockley
Co-Author(s): Peter Frank
Discussant: Richard Wagner

Poverty Alleviation as an Economic Problem
Presenter: Adam Martin
Co-Author(s): Matias Petersen
Discussant: Richard Wagner

Room: Nueces

Egoism, Altruism, and Public Choice

Session Chair: Onkar Ghate
Session Organizer: Onkar Ghate

Understanding Egoism and Altruism
Presenter: Onkar Ghate
Discussant: Richard Salsman

Are the Wrong People Self-Interested, and for the Wrong Reasons?  A Partial Re-Re-Habilitation of the Public Interest Theory”
Presenter: Michael Munger
Discussant: Onkar Ghate

Egoism, Altruism & the Intergenerational Effects of Public Debt”
Presenter: Richard Salsman
Discussant: Steve Simpson

Cronyism: A Case Study in Why a Normative View of Government Matters”
Presenter: Steve Simpson
Discussant: Michael Munger

Room: Rio Grande Center

Handbook of Social Choice and Voting: Related Papers

Session Chair: Nicholas Miller
Session Organizer: Nicholas Miller

An Expected Utility Analysis of the Optimal k-Majority Rule
Presenter: Keith Dougherty
Co-Author(s): Robi Ragan

Condorcet Jury Theorem and Supermajority Rules
Presenter: Bryan McCannon
Discussant: Nicolaus Tideman

Election Inversions Under Variants of the U.S. Electoral College
Presenter: Nicholas Miller
Co-Author(s): None
Discussant: Nicholas Miller

Expressive Voting and the Median Voter Theory: An Agent Based Approach
Presenter: Eric Hammer
Discussant: Keith Dougherty

Room: Blanco

Public Choice Insights for Regulatory Reform

Session Chair: Lynne Kiesling
Session Organizer: Susan Dudley

Political Influences on the Quality and Use of Regulatory Analysis
Presenter: Jerry Ellig
Discussant: Susan Dudley

Institutions & Incentives for Regulatory Reform
Presenter: Susan Dudley

Talking Reg Reform is Easy - Doing Reg Reform is Hard
Presenter: Donald Arbuckle
Discussant: Brian Mannix

Minimizing Rent-Seeking
Presenter: Brian Mannix

Room: Frio

Environmental Dilemmas

Session Chair: Tracy Snoddon

Addressing Externalities, Moving from the Right Price to Improving Transaction Efficiency
Presenter: Jason Scheppers
Discussant: Patrick O'Reilly

An Empirical Investigation into the Political Economy of Extended Producer Responsibility Laws for Electronic Waste in the United States
Presenter: Patrick O'Reilly
Discussant: Tracy Snoddon

Prospects for Integrated Carbon Taxes in Canada: Lessons from Federal-Provincial Tax Coordination
Presenter: Tracy Snoddon
Discussant: Sebastian Miller

Understanding environmental conflicts in large projects
Presenter: Sebastian Miller
Co-Author(s): Raul O'Ryan
Discussant: Jason Scheppers

Room: Mesquite

Corruption, Trust, and Economic Freedom

Session Chair: Dennis Coates

Economic Freedom and Corruption: Granger Causality Tests
Presenter: Dennis Coates
Co-Author(s): Adrienne Taylor
Discussant: Friedrich Schneider

Institutional Constraints on Government Favoritism: An Analysis of State Gift Clauses
Presenter: Christopher Koopman
Co-Author(s): Matthew Mitchell
Discussant: Hans Pitlik

Does Corruption Promote Emigration? An Empirical Examination
Presenter: Friedrich Schneider
Co-Author(s): Arusha Cooray
Discussant: Dennis Coates

Social trust, institutional and political constraints on the executive, and deregulation of markets
Presenter: Hans Pitlik
Co-Author(s): Markus Leibrecht
Discussant: Christopher Koopman

10:00am – 11:20am

Room: Rio Grande Center

11:20am – 11:30am

11:30am – 1:00pm

Room: Rio Grande East

Formal Models of Political Institutions

Session Organizer: Georg Vanberg

'If we are wrong...the courts will correct it': Legislative Voting, Position Taking, and Judicial Review
Presenter: Joseph Ura

The Role of the Judiciary and the Military in Recent Egyptian Political Transitions: A Game Theoretic Model
Presenter: Sahar Aziz
Co-Author(s): James Rogers
Discussant: Georg Vanberg

Informational Pathologies of Bicameralism
Presenter: James Rogers
Co-Author(s): Caitlin Ainsley , Cliff Carrubba

Non-median outcomes and bargaining on collegial courts
Presenter: Georg Vanberg

Room: Rio Grande Center

Tullock's Contributions II: Rationalizing Scientific Inquiry - Sponsored by Liberty Fund

Session Chair: Nicolaus Tideman
Session Organizer: Roger Congleton

Gordon Tullock on the rational silence of economists
Presenter: David Levy
Co-Author(s): Sandra Peart

Tullock's Contribution to Experimental Economics
Presenter: Daniel Houser

Tullock's Contribution to Sociobiology and Bioeconomics
Presenter: Janet Landa
Discussant: David Levy

Tullock's Contribution to Law and Economics
Presenter: Francesco Parisi
Discussant: Daniel Houser

Room: Nueces

50 Years of the Logic of Collective Action: New Applications - Sponsored by The William E. Simon Professorship of Political Economy at Lafayette College

Session Chair: Jac Heckelman
Session Organizer: Jac Heckelman

The Collective Action Problem in Public Interest Groups
Presenter: Richard Jankowski
Discussant: Todd Sandler

Visigothic Retinues: Roving Bandits that Succeeded Rome
Presenter: Andrew Young
Discussant: Keith Dougherty

International Security, Insurance, and Protection: Negative Spillovers within Alliances
Presenter: Shintaro Nakagawa
Co-Author(s): Toshihiro Ihori, Martin C McGuire
Discussant: Jac Heckelman

Room: Rio Grande West

William Shughart's Taxing Choice: 17 Years Later

Session Chair: Adam Hoffer
Session Organizer: Adam Hoffer

William Shughart's Taxing Choice: 17 Years Later
Presenter: Adam Hoffer
Discussant: Randall Holcombe

Taxing Choice
Presenter: William Shughart
Discussant: Todd Nesbit

Earmarks: Leviathan's Secret Weapon
Presenter: George Crowley
Discussant: George Crowley

Selective Taxation from the Interest Group Perspective
Presenter: Randall Holcombe
Discussant: William Shughart

Excise Tax Rates and Smuggling
Presenter: Todd Nesbit
Discussant: Adam Hoffer

Room: Frio

Party and Legislative Decisions

Session Chair: Bernard Grofman

Party Discipline and Government Spending
Presenter: Marta Curto-Grau
Co-Author(s): Galina Zudenkova
Discussant: Monika Koeppl-Turyna

Components of Party Polarization in the U.S. House of Representatives
Presenter: Bernard Grofman
Co-Author(s): Thomas L. Brunell and Samuel Merrill, III
Discussant: Qinping Feng

How public funding of parties can lead to political polarization
Presenter: Monika Koeppl-Turyna
Discussant: Marta Curto-Grau

Demographic Structure and the Political Economy of Immigrant Public Benefit Access
Presenter: Qinping Feng
Discussant: Bernard Grofman

Room: Mesquite

Public Finance and Leviathan

Session Chair: Benjamin Powell

War and the Growth of Government: A Cross-Country Examination of the Higgsian Ratchet
Presenter: Benjamin Powell
Co-Author(s): Colin O'Reilly
Discussant: Yaniv Reingewertz

The Vertical Tax Externality: Evidence from Narrative Federal Tax Shocks
Presenter: Yaniv Reingewertz
Co-Author(s): Ohad Raveh

Is the Argument by Alesina regarding the Mix of Revenue-Increasing Measures and Expenditure Cuts in Fiscal Consolidation Applicable to Japan?
Discussant: Benjamin Powell

Short-run and Long-run Fiscal Effects of Supermajority Rule to Raise Taxes: Strategic Responses of State Legislators
Presenter: Soomi Lee
Discussant: Peter Calcagno

Room: Garden Terrace #1

Roundtable Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Classics of Social Choice by Arnie Urken and Iain McLain

Session Chair: Edward Lopez

Did the Classical Theorists Miss Something?
Presenter: Steven Brams

Video Remarks: "From a dropped canapé in the Institut de France to a frozen yogurt in Tucson: The making of Classics of Social Choice"
Presenter: Iain McLean

Time, Communication, and Voting Theory
Presenter: Arnold Urken

Remarks on the Classics of Social Choice
Presenter: Nicholas Miller

Room: Garden Terrace #2

Christian Perspectives on Cronyism and State-Run Enterprises

Session Chair: Anne Bradley
Session Organizer: Anne Bradley

How Cronyism Makes the Rich Richer at the Expense of the Poor: A Moral Case Against Cronyism
Presenter: Anne Bradley
Discussant: Joy Buchanan

Institutions Exposed through Natural Resource Governance Structures
Presenter: Joy Buchanan
Discussant: Joseph Connors

A Christian Perspective on Cronyism
Presenter: Joseph Connors
Discussant: Anne Bradley

1:00pm – 2:40pm

Room: Regency Ballroom East

Awards Luncheon

Session Chair: Roberta Herzberg
Session Organizer: Edward Lopez

2:40pm – 4:10pm

Room: Frio

Health Economics

Session Chair: Joshua Hall
Session Organizer: Joshua Hall

Economic Freedom, Ethnicity, and Health Disparities: Evidence from the 50 States
Presenter: Joshua Hall
Co-Author(s): Brad Humphreys , Jane Ruseski
Discussant: James Bailey

Do Big Box Grocers Improve Food Security?
Presenter: Art Carden
Co-Author(s): Charles Courtemanche , Murugi Ndirangu , Zhou Xilin
Discussant: Anna Chorniy

Do Health Insurance Mandates Discourage Employment?
Presenter: James Bailey
Co-Author(s): Douglas Webber
Discussant: Art Carden

Employer-Provided Health Insurance and Job Mobility
Presenter: Anna Chorniy
Co-Author(s): James Bailey
Discussant: Joshua Hall

Room: Rio Grande East

The Legacy of Thomas Borcherding (1939-2014)

Session Organizer: Soomi Lee

Talking About Not Talking: Applying Deming’s New Economics and Denzau and North’s New Institutional Economics to improve inter-organizational systems thinking and performance
Presenter: Art Denzau
Co-Author(s): Ravi Roy, Henrick Minassians

Local Public Education Expenditures: Do Voters Propose and Teachers’Unions Dispose
Presenter: Padmapriya Gollapudi
Discussant: Ravi Roy

The Reservation Cost of Voting: The Differential Cost of Collecting and Casting Votes for Voters Living on and off Reservations in Montana
Presenter: Moana Vercoe
Co-Author(s): Andrea Walters,Colleen Mahoney

Popular Music And Crime “The Cop-Killer Eras in Popular Music”
Presenter: Bret Thompson

Room: Rio Grande Center

50 Years of the Logic of Collective Action: Extensions and Criticisms

Session Chair: Jac Heckelman
Session Organizer: Jac Heckelman

The Logic of Collective Action and Beyond
Presenter: Roger Congleton
Discussant: Michael Munger

Tuck on Olson: Does Olson mischaracterize the free-rider problem as a Sorites problem?
Presenter: Geoffrey Brennan
Discussant: Dennis Coates

The Logic of Collective Action and Technology-Enabled Forms of Association
Presenter: Dinissa Duvanova
Discussant: Marek Kaminski

Room: Blanco

Economic Thought in Public Choice

Session Chair: David Levy

From clientelism to authoritarianism: a 21st century road to serfdom?
Presenter: Nick Cowen
Co-Author(s): Aris Trantidis
Discussant: Alex Gill

Information and Evolution in Economics: Stiglitz versus Hayek
Presenter: Alex Gill
Co-Author(s): Peter J. Boettke
Discussant: David Levy

Ronald Coase and the Fabian Society: Competitive Discussion in Liberal Ideology
Presenter: David Levy
Co-Author(s): Sandra J. Peart
Discussant: Nick Cowen

Room: Garden Terrace #1

Fiscal Policy

Session Chair: Nimah Mazaheri

The Specialization Curse: Economic Specialization and its Effect on Public Goods Provision
Presenter: Nimah Mazaheri
Co-Author(s): Benjamin S. Barber IV
Discussant: Haldun Evrenk

Political business cycles in Armenia: the concept and measurability
Presenter: Arsen Manukyan
Co-Author(s): Rustem M. Nureev
Discussant: Nimah Mazaheri

Room: Garden Terrace #2

Social Welfare Policy

Session Chair: Meg Patrick Tuszynski

From an Art and Science of Association to a Science of Alms: The Evolution of Public Aid Dependency in the US
Presenter: Meg Patrick Tuszynski
Discussant: Tetsuro Okazaki

Valence and Media Influence on Elections
Presenter: Tetsuro Okazaki
Discussant: Alexander Karpov

Patient mobility, health care quality, welfare and regulation
Presenter: Alexander Karpov
Discussant: Meg Patrick Tuszynski

Room: Rio Grande West

Political Economy of Fiscal Policy

Session Chair: Stephen Coate

To be rather than to seem: Fiscal illusion and state expenditures in North Carolina
Presenter: Stephen Miller
Co-Author(s): Zachary Gochenour
Discussant: Stephen Coate

Do Majority Governments Lead to Lower Fiscal Deficits? A Regression Discontinuity Approach
Presenter: Joaquin Artes
Co-Author(s): Ignacio Jurado
Discussant: Eunji Kim

Optimal Fiscal Limits
Presenter: Stephen Coate
Discussant: Stephen Miller

Room: Nueces

Democracy and Economics

Session Chair: Aziz Berdiev

Democracy and High-Quality Policy Achievement: An Empirical Examination.
Presenter: Dina Balalaeva
Co-Author(s): Olga Shvetsova
Discussant: Marie-Ange Veganzones-Varoudakis

The Determinants of Emergency Constitutions
Presenter: Stefan Voigt
Co-Author(s): Christian Björnskov
Discussant: Francisco Alberto Castellanos Sosa

Financial Vulnerability and Export Dynamics in Developing Countries
Presenter: Marie-Ange Veganzones-Varoudakis
Co-Author(s): Youssouf Kendrebeogo, Melisse Jaud, and Marie-Ange Véganzonès-Varoudakis***
Discussant: Dina Balalaeva

Democracy and Economic Growth: Analysis by Regions, Country Groups and Income Levels
Presenter: Francisco Alberto Castellanos Sosa
Discussant: Stefan Voigt

Room: Mesquite

Prospects for Reforming Deficits and Debt

Session Chair: Edward Lopez
Session Organizer: Peter Calcagno

Pursuing Budget Process Reform: Navigating Competing Political and Economic Interests
Presenter: Baker Spring

The Economics of Budget Deficits
Presenter: William Shughart

Evolution of Budget Rules and Effects on Fiscal Policy
Presenter: Peter Calcagno
Co-Author(s): Edward Lopez

Successful Legislation to Curb Federal Debt: Can We Learn from the States?
Presenter: Thomas Garrett

4:10pm – 4:20pm

4:20pm – 5:30pm

Room: Rio Grande Center

7:00pm – 11:59pm