53rd Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2016 Public Choice Society, March 10-12, Ft. Lauderdale Florida March 10-12, Hyatt Regency Pier 66, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Thursday, March 10, 2016

7:20pm – 11:59pm

Friday, March 11, 2016

7:00am – 8:30am

Room: Crystal Atrium

7:00am – 5:00pm

Room: Crystal Atrium

Room: Crystal Atrium

8:00am – 9:30am

Room: Chart Room

Political Theory

Session Chair: Colin Jennings
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Markets and Fairness: Folk Intuitions about Economic Justice in the United States
Presenter: Daniela Goya-Tocchetto
Co-Author(s): Brock, Schylar; Wright, Jen
Discussant: Piotr Swistak

The Tolerance of the Intolerant
Presenter: Colin Jennings
Discussant: Brian Kogelmann

Minimal Liberalism and the Nature of Rights
Presenter: Brian Kogelmann
Discussant: Colin Jennings

Democracy, Hierarchy and Modern Institutions
Presenter: Piotr Swistak
Co-Author(s): Bendor, Jonathan
Discussant: Daniela Goya-Tocchetto

Room: Captains Boardroom

Economic Institutions

Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Poor Institutions as a Comparative Advantage
Presenter: Cort Rodet
Discussant: Ash Navabi

Free Trade in Things, But Not Ideas: The Rise of Intellectual Property Protectionism in Free Trade Agreements
Presenter: Ash Navabi
Co-Author(s): Goodman, Nathan.
Discussant: Cort Rodet

Young Startup Firm Exports and Productive Efficiency
Presenter: Florence Neymotin
Co-Author(s): Baek, H. Young

Rent-seeking and the Logic of the California Water Game
Presenter: James Caton
Co-Author(s): Richard Wagner
Discussant: Florence Neymotin

Room: Commodore Room

Economic Freedom and Size of Government

Session Chair: Daniel Green
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Post-Socialist Constitutions: The De Jure – De Facto Gap, Its Effects and Determinants
Presenter: Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska
Discussant: Daniel Green

Economic Freedom and Quality of Life: Global Evidence and Comparisons
Presenter: Al Kamienski
Discussant: Arthur Nelson

Political transitions and growth of government in emerging democracies
Presenter: Dekuwmini (Dee) Mornah
Discussant: Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska

On Economic and Political Freedom: A Vector Autoregression Approach
Presenter: Arthur Nelson
Co-Author(s): Montesinos, Hugo
Discussant: Al Kamienski

Room: Chairmans Boardroom

Federalism I

Session Chair: Monica Escaleras
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Does Fiscal Decentralization Affect Infrastructure Quality?: An Examination of U.S. States
Presenter: Monica Escaleras
Co-Author(s): Calcagno, Peter
Discussant: Yukun Sun

Spatial Corporate Tax Competition among County Level Governments
Presenter: Yukun Sun
Co-Author(s): Ren, Chaoran
Discussant: Monica Escaleras

Majority Voting and Endogenous Timing in Tax Competition
Presenter: Taiki Susa
Co-Author(s): Ogawa, Hikaru
Discussant: Zhilong Ge

Room: Salon 1

Fiscal Policy and Economic Viability

Session Chair: Richard Salsman
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

New methods for testing the sustainability of the government debt
Presenter: Kazuki Hiraga
Discussant: Markus Reischmann

Test of Fiscal Sustainabity For Some EU Member States: Case of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain (PIGS)
Co-Author(s): Veli Yilanci
Discussant: Kazuki Hiraga

Expert opinions on the Grexit
Presenter: Markus Reischmann
Co-Author(s): Potrafke, Niklas
Discussant: Richard Salsman

The Paradox of Public Profligacy
Presenter: Richard Salsman
Discussant: HAKKI ODABAS

Room: Salon 2

Structure, Scope and Growth of Government I

Session Chair: Jan Schnellenbach
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Performance Differences in Public Sector
Presenter: Maria Droganova
Discussant: Jan Schnellenbach

The Organization of Central Banks
Presenter: Volker Nitsch
Co-Author(s): Weidner, Jan
Discussant: Andrew Young

A Constitutional Economics Perspective on Soft Paternalism
Presenter: Jan Schnellenbach
Discussant: Maria Droganova

Did Women's Suffrage Change the Size of Government? A Spatial Approach
Presenter: Andrew Young
Co-Author(s): Maria Y. Tackett
Discussant: Volker Nitsch

Room: Salon 3

Coalitions and Policymaking in Parliamentary Democracies

Session Chair: Georg Vanberg
Session Organizer: Georg Vanberg

Appointing ministers in multiparty cabinets: a balancing act between intraparty and inter-party competition
Presenter: Despina Alexiadou
Discussant: Thomas Koenig

Competitive Agenda Setting in Parliamentary Democracies
Presenter: Thomas Koenig
Co-Author(s): Nick Lin Katsunori Seki
Discussant: David Fortunato

Coalition Agenda-Setting
Presenter: David Fortunato
Co-Author(s): Mariyana Angelova
Discussant: Georg Vanberg

Government Responsiveness, Legislative Institutions, and Unemployment Policy in Parliamentary Democracies
Presenter: Georg Vanberg
Co-Author(s): Lanny Martin
Discussant: Despina Alexiadou

Room: Tasting Room

The Law and Economics of Marriage

Session Chair: Pavel Kuchař
Session Organizer: Joshua Hall

The Birth of Surrogate Motherhood Law: An Economic Analysis of Institutional Reform
Presenter: Pavel Kuchař
Discussant: Ho-Po Crystal Wong

Credible Commitments and Marriage: When the Homemaker Gets Her Share at Divorce
Presenter: Ho-Po Crystal Wong
Discussant: Paola Suarez

Child Brides
Presenter: Paola Suarez
Co-Author(s): Peter Leeson
Discussant: Pavel Kuchař

Marital Regulation, Avoidance, and Equality: Who Still Gives "The Best Years of My Life"?
Presenter: Antony Dnes
Discussant: Pavel Kuchař

Room: Salon 4

Public Goods I

Session Chair: Trey Carson
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Public Health and Private Incentives: Federal Malaria Prevention in the United States, 1910-1950
Presenter: Trey Carson
Discussant: Biplab Datta

Efficiency of Government Expenditure on Health Care of Asian Countries
Presenter: Zhenyu Cui
Co-Author(s): Akai, Nobuo
Discussant: Maria Tackett

Is there a school finance channel? Effects of ambient air pollution on K-12 education in USA
Presenter: Biplab Datta
Discussant: Zhenyu Cui

Nonpublic Competition and Public School Performance: Evidence from West Virginia
Presenter: Maria Tackett
Co-Author(s): Cebula, Richard;Hall, Joshua
Discussant: Trey Carson

9:30am – 10:00am

Room: Crystal Atrium

11:20am – 1:30pm

Room: Lobby Restaurant A

11:20am – 1:00pm

1:00pm – 2:30pm

Room: Chart Room


Session Chair: Arthur Denzau
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Talking about not talking: Deming and New Institutional Economics applied to interorganizational cooperation
Presenter: Arthur Denzau
Co-Author(s): Minassians, Hendrik P.; Roy, Ravi K.
Discussant: Kritee Gujral

Estimating Leakage due to Maladministration in India’s Food Security Program: Case Study for the State of Karnataka, 2010
Presenter: Kritee Gujral
Co-Author(s): Gujral, Kritee; Balasubramaniam, R.; Karpur, Arun
Discussant: Arthur Denzau

The Study of Port Governance System on Port : Comparison Analysis Between America and Japan
Presenter: Toshihiro Watanabe
Discussant: Arthur Denzau

Room: Captains Boardroom

Legal Applications

Session Chair: Roee Sarel
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Judicial errors, crime deterrence and everything in between: evidence from U.S. federal courts
Presenter: Roee Sarel
Discussant: Darwyyn Deyo

A public choice analysis of the general duty of good faith in contractual performance: on a recent decision by the Supreme Court of Canada
Presenter: daniele bertolini
Discussant: Abraham Aldama Navarrete

Justice for Some: How Does Inequality Undermine the Rule of Law?
Presenter: Abraham Aldama Navarrete
Discussant: daniele bertolini

The Effect of Judicial Market Planning on Labor Market Distribution and the Right to Contract
Presenter: Darwyyn Deyo
Discussant: Roee Sarel

Room: Commodore Room

Political Economy Models

Session Chair: Ronald Batchelder
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The Venetian Investor-Dominated Democracy and the Colleganza Maritime Partnership
Presenter: Ronald Batchelder
Discussant: Marina Riem

Comparing Investment Patterns of Foreigners and Locals
Presenter: Seungjun Kim
Discussant: Daniel Morales

Revisiting the Latin American growth puzzle: new evidence
Presenter: Daniel Morales
Co-Author(s): Faria, Hugo; Montesinos, Hugo
Discussant: Seungjun Kim

Corporate investment decisions under political uncertainty
Presenter: Marina Riem
Discussant: Ronald Batchelder

Room: Chairmans Boardroom

Historical Perspectives

Session Chair: Daniel D'Amico
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Fragmentation of an Empire: The Political Economy of Spain and its Colonies in the Late Bourbon Period
Presenter: Fernando Arteaga
Discussant: Zachary Gochenour

Punitive Consequences of Legal Origins
Presenter: Daniel D'Amico
Co-Author(s): Claudia Williamson
Discussant: Roland Vaubel

Putting a lid on the melting pot: American immigration policy 1875-1924
Presenter: Zachary Gochenour
Discussant: Fernando Arteaga

The Making of State Religion: Public Choice Theory and Historical Evidence
Presenter: Roland Vaubel
Discussant: Daniel D'Amico

Room: Tasting Room

Game Theory

Session Chair: Steven Slutsky
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Individual Welfare and the Group Size Paradox
Presenter: Paul Pecorino
Discussant: Steven Slutsky

Optimal income taxation with no government commitment
Presenter: Steven Slutsky
Co-Author(s): Hamilton,Jonathan
Discussant: Stefano Carattini

Green taxes in a post-Paris world: are millions of nays inevitable?
Presenter: Stefano Carattini
Co-Author(s): Baranzini, Andrea; Thalmann, Philippe; Varone, Frédéric; Vöhringer, Frédéric
Discussant: Paul Pecorino

Room: Crystal Salon 1

Monetary Policy

Session Chair: Pierre Siklos
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Solving Milton Friedman’s Conundrum on Price Stability - The Impact of Reserve Requirements Deregulation
Presenter: Kai Jäger
Discussant: Pierre Siklos

Sixty Years of FOMC Minutes: Quantifying and Estimating Their Macroeconomic Impact
Presenter: Pierre Siklos
Discussant: Bonnie Wilson

To Target or Not to Target? Who Decides?
Presenter: Bonnie Wilson
Co-Author(s): Heckelman, Jac C.
Discussant: Kai Jäger

Room: Crystal Salon 2

Regulatory Cases and Economic Behavior

Session Chair: Andreas Bergh
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Does country level social trust predict the size of the sharing economy?
Presenter: Andreas Bergh
Co-Author(s): Alexander Funcke
Discussant: Patrick O'Reilly

Drunk Driving, Traffic Accidents, and Uber
Presenter: Sean Mulholland
Co-Author(s): Angela K. Dills
Discussant: Caleb Watney

Backfire Effect Dynamics in Recycling Subsidies for Durable Goods
Presenter: Patrick O'Reilly
Co-Author(s): Kaffine, Daniel
Discussant: Andreas Bergh

Regulation, Regime Uncertainty, and Daily Fantasy Sports
Presenter: Caleb Watney
Co-Author(s): Watney, Caleb; Koopman, Chris; Pagels, Jim
Discussant: Sean Mulholland

Room: Mariners

Rent Seeking I

Session Chair: Lucas Rentschler
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Duality and Optimal Political Survival
Presenter: Kelly Nelson
Co-Author(s): Rudbeck, Jens
Discussant: Zhe Yang

Two-bidder all-pay auctions with interdependent valuations, including the highly competitive case
Presenter: Lucas Rentschler
Co-Author(s): Turocy, Theodore
Discussant: Kelly Nelson

Risk Attitudes and Heterogeneity in Simultaneous and Sequential Contests
Presenter: Zhe Yang
Co-Author(s): Jindapon, Paan.
Discussant: Lucas Rentschler

Room: Crystal Salon 3

Handbook of Social Choice and Voting: Related Papers

Session Chair: Nicholas Miller
Session Organizer: Nicholas Miller

Endogenous Competence and a Limit to the Condorcet Jury Theorem
Presenter: Bryan McCannon
Co-Author(s): Paul Walker
Discussant: Nicolaus Tideman

Further Tests of a Spatial Model of Distributions of Voters' Rankings of Candidates
Presenter: Nicolaus Tideman
Co-Author(s): Thorsten Matje
Discussant: Itai Sened

Room: Crystal Salon 4

Taxing More Choice I

Session Chair: Adam Hoffer
Session Organizer: Adam Hoffer

The Language of Taxation: Ideology Masquerading as Science
Presenter: Richard Wagner
Discussant: Adam Hoffer

Stadium Taxes
Presenter: Dennis Coates
Co-Author(s): Craig Depken
Discussant: Richard Wagner

Tax Reform as a Discovery Process
Presenter: Dwight Lee
Co-Author(s): J.R. Clark
Discussant: Dennis Coates

Earmarking and Government Growth
Presenter: Adam Hoffer
Co-Author(s): George Crowley
Discussant: Dwight Lee

2:30pm – 2:40pm

2:40pm – 4:10pm

Room: Commodore Room

Voting and Elections V

Session Chair: Benjamin Ogden
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Myopic Voters?: An Empirical Defense of Democratic Voting
Presenter: Richard Jankowski
Discussant: Friedrich Schneider

Ethical voting in multicandidate elections
Presenter: Benjamin Ogden
Co-Author(s): Bouton, Laurent
Discussant: Mahendra Prasad

On the Normative Uniqueness of Majority Rule: Generalizing May's Theorem to Infinitely Many Voting Systems
Presenter: Mahendra Prasad
Discussant: Benjamin Ogden

The Popularity Function: A Spurious Regression? The Case of Austria
Presenter: Friedrich Schneider
Co-Author(s): Neck, Reinhard
Discussant: Richard Jankowski

Room: Tasting Room

Public Policy Provision

Session Chair: Michelle Lofton
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Death, children and pensions
Presenter: Vincenzo Alfano
Co-Author(s): Capasso Salvatore
Discussant: Michelle Lofton

The Impact of Citizen Initiatives and Public Government Distrust on Local Public Pensions
Presenter: Michelle Lofton
Co-Author(s): Hou, Yilin; Thomas, Jason
Discussant: Junichi Nagamine

Renewal Investment in Water Infrastructure and Sustainability of Water Utility: A Case Study in Japan
Presenter: Junichi Nagamine
Discussant: Michelle Lofton

Room: Mariners

Political Institutions II

Session Chair: Irina Mirkina
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

FDI and Sanctions: Being Good Guys or Good Investors?
Presenter: Irina Mirkina
Discussant: Raymond March

Skin In the Game: Comparing The Private and Public Regulation of Isotrentinoin
Presenter: Raymond March
Discussant: Lukas Schötz

Mayor Games in Bavaria: Self Selection of Local Politicians is not influenced by constitutionally defined remuneration increases! Quasi-experimental evidence from Germany.
Presenter: Lukas Schötz
Discussant: Irina Mirkina

Room: Crystal Salon 3

Regulation and Entrepreneurship II

Session Chair: Joshua Hall
Session Organizer: Joshua Hall

Is it Scotchy Scotch Scotch: The Political Economy of Japanese Entry to the Scotch Whiskey Industry
Presenter: Michelle Vachris
Co-Author(s): Kyle Vachris
Discussant: Shree Pokharel

Barber Licensure and the Supply of Barber Shops: Evidence from US States
Presenter: Shree Pokharel
Co-Author(s): Joshua Hall
Discussant: Joshua Hall

Regulation and Entrepreneurial Intention
Presenter: Sriparna Ghosh
Co-Author(s): Joshua Hall
Discussant: Michelle Vachris

Entrepreneurship, Corruption, and Economic Freedom
Presenter: Justin Isaacs
Co-Author(s): Justin Isaacs
Discussant: Sriparna Ghosh

Room: Crystal Salon 1

Macro Economic Freedom Studies

Session Chair: Daniel Bennett
Session Organizer: Daniel Bennett

Growth, Inequality and Economic Freedom: Evidence from the US States
Presenter: Christian Bjørnskov
Discussant: Daniel Bennett

Poor Institutions as a Comparative Advantage
Presenter: Cort Rodet
Discussant: Christian Bjørnskov

On the Hypotheses of Lipset and Friedman. A Logit Approach
Presenter: Hugo Moises Montesinos-Yufa
Co-Author(s): Daniel L. Bennett
Discussant: Cort Rodet

Economic Freedom & Happiness Inequality: Friends or Foes?
Presenter: Daniel Bennett
Co-Author(s): Boris Nikolaev
Discussant: Hugo Moises Montesinos-Yufa

Room: Crystal Salon 4

Empirical State and Local Political Economy

Session Chair: Dean Stansel
Session Organizer: Dean Stansel

Alabama at the Crossroads: An Economic Guide to a Fiscally Sustainable Future
Presenter: John Dove
Co-Author(s): Daniel J. Smith
Discussant: Adam Millsap

Local Governments and MSA Economic Freedom: A Test of the Leviathan Hypothesis
Presenter: Adam Millsap
Co-Author(s): Adam Millsap, Bradley Hobbs
Discussant: Jeremy Jackson

Economic Freedom of North America at State Borders
Presenter: Ryan Murphy
Discussant: John Dove

Room: Chairmans Boardroom

Taxing More Choice II

Session Chair: Todd Nesbit
Session Organizer: Adam Hoffer

Taxation as Nudge: The Failure of Anti-Obesity Paternalism
Presenter: Michael Marlow
Co-Author(s): Sherzod Abdukadirov
Discussant: Todd Nesbit

Tax Incentives: Market vs. Business Friendly
Presenter: Frank Hefner
Co-Author(s): Peter Calcagno
Discussant: Michael Marlow

Persecuting Plastic Bags
Presenter: Frank Stephenson
Discussant: Frank Hefner

Excise taxation, quality substitution, and rent seeking
Presenter: Todd Nesbit
Discussant: Frank Stephenson

Room: Crystal Salon 2

The Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Prize: Finalists' Presentations

Session Chair: Roberta Herzberg
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Prosperity-enhancing Institutions: Towards a comprehensive composite Index
Presenter: Helena Helfer
Discussant: Joshua Hall

Political budget cycles: Manipulation of leaders or bias from research?
Presenter: Pierre Mandon
Co-Author(s): Cazals, Antoine.
Discussant: Michael Munger

Endowment Effects in Evolutionary Game Theory: Enhancing Property Rights
Presenter: Eric Hammer
Discussant: Georg Vanberg

4:10pm – 4:20pm

4:20pm – 5:50pm

Room: Chairmans Boardroom


Session Chair: Roger Congleton
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Democratic Societies are Trusting Societies
Presenter: Andrew Heritage
Discussant: Robert Warren Anderson

Determinants and Effects of Indian Reservation Constitutions
Presenter: Robert Warren Anderson
Discussant: Andrew Heritage

Does rational choice politics need ethics?
Presenter: Roger Congleton
Discussant: Stephan Michel

Room: Captains Boardroom

Gender and Culture

Session Chair: Mark Crain
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Does religion make you sick? Evidence that a secular background promotes health
Presenter: Niclas Berggren
Co-Author(s): Ljunge, Martin
Discussant: Dagobert Brito

What aspects of society affect the quality of life of a minority? Global evidence from the new Gay Happiness Index
Presenter: Therese Nilsson
Co-Author(s): Berggren, Niclas; Bjørnskov, Christian
Discussant: Mark Crain

Presenter: Dagobert Brito
Co-Author(s): Robert F. Curl
Discussant: Niclas Berggren

Regulatory Impediments to Gender Equality and Global Economic Performance
Presenter: Mark Crain
Co-Author(s): Crain, Nicole
Discussant: Therese Nilsson

Room: Chart Room

Political Cycles

Session Chair: Fabiano Barros
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Elections Cycles and Exchange Rates in Brazil
Presenter: Fabiano Barros
Co-Author(s): Covre, Julyana
Discussant: Darren Grant

Do Robocalls Increase Voter Turnout: Evidence from Repeat Calling
Presenter: Thomas Stratmann
Co-Author(s): Daniel Kling
Discussant: Fabiano Barros

The Ballot Order Effect Is Huge: Evidence from Texas
Presenter: Darren Grant
Discussant: Thomas Stratmann

Room: Commodore Room

Rent Seeking II

Session Chair: Randall Holcombe
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The Returns to Lobbying: Evidence from Local Governments in the "Age of Earmarks"
Presenter: Steven Gordon
Discussant: Brian Richter

Rent Seeking Institutions
Presenter: Randall Holcombe
Discussant: Andrea Walters

Disguised Contributions from Corporations to Political Campaigns
Presenter: Brian Richter
Co-Author(s): Fremeth, Adam; Richter, Brian
Discussant: Steven Gordon

Unintended Consequences and Rent Seeking on the Reservation; How Expansion of the Dawes Act Inhibited Native American Development
Presenter: Andrea Walters
Co-Author(s): Vercoe, Moana
Discussant: Randall Holcombe

Room: Crystal Salon 1

Political Institutions

Session Chair: Burton Abrams
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The impact of basic performance feedback on the gender tournament gap
Presenter: Sabrina Jeworrek
Discussant: JIABIN WU

The Political economy of wage and price controls: Evidence from the Nixon Tapes
Presenter: Burton Abrams
Co-Author(s): Butkiewicz, James
Discussant: Nathanael Snow

Homo-Politicus: Evolution of Behavior under Political Institutions
Presenter: JIABIN WU
Discussant: Sabrina Jeworrek

Electoral Chaos Within the Evangelical Coalition: An Example of Public Choice Politlcal Theology
Presenter: Nathanael Snow
Discussant: Burton Abrams

Room: Crystal Salon 2

Collective Action

Session Chair: Marek Kaminski
Session Organizer: Keith Dougherty

Collective Action in an Asymmetric World
Presenter: Cuicui Chen
Co-Author(s): Richard Zeckhauser
Discussant: Carole Uhlaner

Coalitional Stability: Apportioning the Legislature at the U.S. Constitutional Convention
Presenter: Keith Dougherty
Co-Author(s): Gordon Ballingrud
Discussant: Cuicui Chen

Non-standard Game-theoretic Models of Collective Action
Presenter: Marek Kaminski
Discussant: Keith Dougherty

Relational Goods as Solutions to Collective Action
Presenter: Carole Uhlaner
Discussant: Marek Kaminski

Room: Crystal Salon 3

Financial Regulation

Session Chair: Massimiliano Neri
Session Organizer: Massimiliano Neri

Assessing the Systemic Importance of Asset Managers and Investment Funds
Presenter: Massimiliano Neri
Co-Author(s): Gustave Laurent

K for Underperformance: Agency problems, moral hazard and adverse selection under a compulsive investment regime in Argentina
Presenter: Stephanie Kartzmark
Co-Author(s): Ernesto Edwards
Discussant: Leonidas Zelmanovitz

Narrow Banking’ as an Institutional Improvement
Presenter: Leonidas Zelmanovitz
Discussant: Alexander Salter

Polycentric Banking and Financial Stability
Presenter: Alexander Salter
Co-Author(s): Vlad Tarko
Discussant: Massimiliano Neri

Room: Crystal Salon 4

The Causes and Consequences of Legal and Regulatory Complexity

Session Chair: Patrick McLaughlin
Session Organizer: Patrick McLaughlin

Regulatory Complexity as a Negative Externality
Presenter: Patrick McLaughlin
Co-Author(s): Stephen Jones
Discussant: Stephen Jones

The Incentives for and Consequences of Increasing Complexity of Laws and Regulations: A Case Study of Dodd-Frank
Presenter: Scott King
Co-Author(s): Patrick McLaughlin
Discussant: Scott King

Reading Between the Lines: Measuring Bureaucratic Drift
Presenter: Stephen Jones
Discussant: Richard Brown

Corporate Political Action and the Public Goods Problem: Franchise Systems as a Change in Context
Presenter: Richard Brown
Discussant: Patrick McLaughlin

Room: Tasting Room

Regulation, Subsidies and Entrepreneurship

Session Chair: Nils Karlson
Session Organizer: Peter Calcagno

The Sugar Rush from Innovation Subsidies - A Robust Political Economy Perspective
Presenter: Nils Karlson
Co-Author(s): Anders Gustafsson, Andreas Stephan, Alice Hallman
Discussant: Sara Sutherland

Firm Support Programs Towards Innovative small and Medium Enterprises: Do They Work?
Presenter: Sven-Olov Daunfeldt
Co-Author(s): Patrik Gustavsson-Tingvall
Discussant: Nils Karlson

Crisis, Ideology, and Interventionist Policy Ratchets
Presenter: Christian Bjørnskov
Co-Author(s): Martin Rode
Discussant: Sven-Olov Daunfeldt

Room: Mariners

Polycentricity and Political Economy

Session Chair: Richard Wagner
Session Organizer: Richard Wagner

Samaritan’s Dilemmas, Wealth Redistribution, and Polycentricity
Presenter: Richard Wagner
Co-Author(s): Meg Patrick Tuszynski
Discussant: David Hebert

“Limits of Polycentric Adjustment: the State as Jekyll and Hyde”
Presenter: Yong Yoon
Discussant: Akira YOKOYAMA

“Community, State and Polycentric Tasks”
Presenter: Akira YOKOYAMA
Discussant: Yong Yoon

“Politics as a Polycentric Order in Practice”
Presenter: David Hebert
Discussant: Meg Patrick Tuszynski