53rd Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2016 Public Choice Society, March 10-12, Ft. Lauderdale Florida March 10-12, Hyatt Regency Pier 66, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Saturday, March 12, 2016

7:00am – 8:30am

7:00am – 5:00pm

Room: Crystal Atrium

Room: Crystal Atrium

8:00am – 9:30am

Room: Chart Room

Public Goods III

Session Chair: Jennifer Dirmeyer
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Private Security and the Provision of International Public Goods
Presenter: Gregory DeAngelo
Co-Author(s): Leland Taylor Smith
Discussant: Josef Montag

Policing the Police: The Influence of Law, Policy and Culture on Police Brutality
Presenter: Jennifer Dirmeyer
Co-Author(s): Cartwright, Alexander
Discussant: Gregory DeAngelo

The Marginal Cost of Justice: A Theory of Optimal Use of Alternative Criminal Procedures
Presenter: Josef Montag
Co-Author(s): Dusek, Libor
Discussant: Jennifer Dirmeyer

Room: Captains Boardroom

Voting and Elections III

Session Chair: Steven Brams
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The Paradox of Grading Systems
Presenter: Steven Brams
Co-Author(s): Potthoff, Richard F.
Discussant: Tzu-Chang Forrest Cheng

Vote-Buying for Council Seats: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Taiwan
Presenter: Tzu-Chang Forrest Cheng
Discussant: Steven Brams

Paths to victory in Presidential elections: The setup power of noncompetitive states
Presenter: D. Marc Kilgour
Co-Author(s): Brams, Steven J.
Discussant: Minoru Kitahara

On Candidate's Strategic Response to the Margin of Victory in Elections
Presenter: Minoru Kitahara
Co-Author(s): Koichi Miyazaki
Discussant: D. Marc Kilgour

Room: Commodore Room

Federalism III

Session Chair: Nathan Ashby
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The Minimum Wage and Undocumented Immigration from Mexico
Presenter: Nathan Ashby
Co-Author(s): Martinez, Deborah
Discussant: Samuel Hammond

Global Innovation Arbitrage
Presenter: Samuel Hammond
Co-Author(s): Adam Thierer
Discussant: Nathan Ashby

Do politicians gratify core supporters? Evidence from a discretionary grant program
Presenter: Bjoern Kauder
Co-Author(s): Potrafke, Niklas; Reischmann, Markus
Discussant: Adam Millsap

Can power be restored in the Electric City?: A Case Study of Scranton, PA
Presenter: Adam Millsap
Co-Author(s): Norcross, Eileen
Discussant: Bjoern Kauder

Room: Chairmans Boardroom

Political Economy

Session Chair: Jason Saving
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Creative Capital in Production, Inefficiency, and Inequality: A Theoretical Analysis
Presenter: Amit Batabyal
Co-Author(s): Nijkamp, Peter
Discussant: Yiming Liu

The Impact of Minimum Wage on Crime: How Minimum Wage Affects Crime Rates Through Its Effects on Income Inequality and Unemployment
Presenter: Brandon Brice
Co-Author(s): Montesinos, Hugo
Discussant: Jason Saving

Income inequality and political polarization
Presenter: Yiming Liu
Discussant: Amit Batabyal

Income Inequality, Media Fragmentation and Increased Political Polarization
Presenter: Jason Saving
Co-Author(s): Duca, John
Discussant: Brandon Brice

Room: Crystal Salon 1

Political Representation

Session Chair: Stephan Gohmann
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The Bergson-Samuelson social welfare function and the controversy around the death of (new) welfare economics
Presenter: Herrade Igersheim
Discussant: David Hughes

Does Economic Freedom Win or Lose with a Trifecta?
Presenter: Stephan Gohmann
Discussant: David Hughes

An Information-Based Theory of Judicial Choice with Applications to State Supreme Courts
Presenter: David Hughes
Discussant: Stephan Gohmann

Room: Crystal Salon 2

Fiscal Policy III

Session Chair: Georgeanne Artz
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Do Differences in Marginal Tax Rates at State Borders Affect Economic Activity?
Presenter: Georgeanne Artz
Co-Author(s): Orazem, Peter
Discussant: Anna Welander

The Effects of Compliance Reminders on Tax Payments; Quasi-experimental Evidence from Greece
Presenter: Antonios M. Koumpias
Discussant: Georgeanne Artz

Does Debt Relief Improve Child Health? Evidence from Cross-Country Micro Data
Presenter: Anna Welander
Discussant: Antonios M. Koumpias

Room: Crystal Salon 3

Rent Seeking III

Session Chair: George Clarke
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The effect of corruption on TFP after correcting for badly measured variables
Presenter: George Clarke
Discussant: Kathleen Sheehan

The Varied Effect of Different Types of Corruption on Economic Activity
Presenter: Kanybek Nur-tegin
Discussant: Amjad Toukan

Aiding the Underground: Foreign Aid and the Shadow Economy
Presenter: Kathleen Sheehan
Co-Author(s): Wiseman, Travis; Jia, Shaomeng
Discussant: George Clarke

Privately Held or Publicly Owned? The Role of Debt Financing
Presenter: Amjad Toukan
Discussant: Kanybek Nur-tegin

Room: Tasting Room

Institutional Analysis

Session Chair: Christopher Boudreaux
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Managing for failure: National Park Service mismanagement of Yellowstone
Presenter: Jordan Lofthouse
Co-Author(s): Yonk, Ryan
Discussant: Christopher Boudreaux

Political Entrepreneurship and Constitutional Amendments in India
Presenter: Shruti Rajagopalan
Discussant: Carl Kitchens

National Policies for Regional Development: Evidence from the Appalachian Development Highway System
Presenter: Carl Kitchens
Co-Author(s): Jaworski, Taylor
Discussant: Shruti Rajagopalan

Entrepreneurial Capital and Innovation: An Institutional Analysis
Presenter: Christopher Boudreaux
Discussant: Jordan Lofthouse

Room: Crystal Salon 4

Regulation and Entrepreneurship III

Session Chair: Bryan McCannon
Session Organizer: Joshua Hall

Potential Entrepreneurs and Regulation: Who Gets Stuck in the Red Tape?
Presenter: James Bailey
Co-Author(s): Diana Thomas
Discussant: Bryan McCannon

Regulation, Entrepreneurship, and Dynamism
Presenter: Patrick McLaughlin
Co-Author(s): Oliver Sherouse
Discussant: James Bailey

Lessons from the Small Business Financing Literature
Presenter: David Wille
Co-Author(s): Stephen Miller, Adam Hoffer
Discussant: Patrick McLaughlin

The RFS mandate in Corn Country; Exploring the economic impacts of Ethanol Policy
Presenter: Landon Stevens
Discussant: Adam Hoffer

9:30am – 10:00am

Room: Panorama Ballroom

11:30am – 1:00pm

Room: Commodore Room


Session Chair: Ahmed Skali
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Riots and the Window of Opportunity for Coup Plotters: Evidence on the Link between Public Protests and Coups d'État
Presenter: Lena Gerling
Discussant: Jozefina Kalaj

Conflict and Urbanization: The Case of Sierra Leone
Presenter: Jozefina Kalaj
Discussant: Lena Gerling

Belief Systems and Armed Conflict
Presenter: Ahmed Skali
Discussant: Trent MacDonald

Theory of non-territorial internal exit
Presenter: Jason Potts
Co-Author(s): Trent MacDonald
Discussant: Ahmed Skali

Room: Chairmans Boardroom


Session Chair: Mario Villarreal-Diaz
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Perverse joint-incentives of faculty unions and administrators in public institutions of higher education
Presenter: Ishuan Li
Discussant: Mario Villarreal-Diaz

Can development aid help a country to escape poverty trap?
Presenter: Thi Kim Cuong PHAM
Co-Author(s): Sang PHAM-NGOC
Discussant: Ishuan Li

The “Sugar Rush” from Innovation Subsidies - A Robust Political Economy Perspective
Presenter: Nils Karlson
Co-Author(s): Anders Gustafsson; Andreas Stephan; Nils Karlson; Alice Hallman
Discussant: Thi Kim Cuong PHAM

Changing the Status Quo: Cooperation, Power and Parity
Presenter: Mario Villarreal-Diaz
Discussant: Nils Karlson

Room: Tasting Room

Health Care

Session Chair: David Chandler Thomas
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Determinants of Sexual Freedom in the United States from 1990 to 2010: Dynamic Panel Data Analysis
Presenter: Feler Bose
Co-Author(s): Jeffry Jacob
Discussant: Viktoria Obolevich

When are Lifestyle Policies Acceptable? A View from Behavioural Political Economy with an Application to Tobacco Policy
Presenter: Viktoria Obolevich
Co-Author(s): Bjørnskov, Christian
Discussant: Feler Bose

Moral Hazard in Healh Care: A Misdiagnosis
Presenter: David Chandler Thomas
Co-Author(s): David Chandler Thomas; David R. Henderson
Discussant: Moiz Bhai

Room: Crystal Salon 1

Comparative Applications

Session Chair: Aziz Berdiev
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Globalization and informal entrepreneurship
Presenter: Aziz Berdiev
Co-Author(s): Saunoris, James
Discussant: Ghanshyam Sharma

Testing The Purchasing Power Parity For G7 Countries
Presenter: hakan eryüzlü
Discussant: veli yilanci

Testing the unemployment hysteresis for g20 countries
Presenter: veli yilanci
Co-Author(s): Sasmaz, Mahmut Unsal
Discussant: hakan eryüzlü

The Political Economy of Automobile Insurance: Elected vs Appointed Regulators
Presenter: Ghanshyam Sharma
Discussant: Aziz Berdiev

Room: Crystal Salon 2

Issues of Technology and Information

Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Internet Availability, Political Information, and Voting: Evidence from Brazil
Presenter: Aline Menezes

Tech Entrepreneurs and the Regulatory State
Presenter: Liya Palagashvili
Discussant: Aline Menezes

Shadow Markets and Hierarchies: Comparing and Modeling Networks in the Dark Net
Presenter: Julia Norgaard
Co-Author(s): Walbert, Harold; Hardy, Robert
Discussant: Atin Basuchoudhary

Modeling  the asymmetric information problem in cyber attacks
Presenter: Atin Basuchoudhary
Co-Author(s): Laura Razzolini
Discussant: Julia Norgaard

Room: Crystal Salon 3

Growth, Development and Land Use

Session Chair: William Fischel
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Do Growth Controls Cause High Housing Prices, or Vice Versa? A Public Choice Explanation for Variation in American Zoning Policies
Presenter: William Fischel
Discussant: Hannah Mead

Testing for the exclusionary motive behind land-use regulations
Presenter: Hannah Mead
Co-Author(s): Jones, Garett; Tabarrok, Alex
Discussant: Emily Washington

The Limits and Potential of Smart City Tools in the Hands of Policymakers
Presenter: Emily Washington
Discussant: Nana Zubek

Social capital, economic development and political knowledge: They not only drive local government performance - in fact they spillover
Presenter: Nana Zubek
Co-Author(s): Christian Henning
Discussant: William Fischel

Room: Crystal Salon 4

Local Institutions

Session Chair: Gunther Markwardt
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Transparency and performance in the Italian Municipalities (2010 and 2014)
Presenter: Emma Galli
Co-Author(s): Galli Emma, Ilde Rizzo, Carla Scaglioni
Discussant: Dmitriy Vorobyev

Self-preserving Leviathans: Evidence from local level data
Presenter: Gunther Markwardt
Co-Author(s): Jan Kluge; Christian Thater
Discussant: Beatriz Maldonado

Identity, Patronage, and Redistribution: The Economic Impact of Evo Morales
Presenter: Beatriz Maldonado
Co-Author(s): Hicks, Daniel L.; Piper, Brian; Goytia Rios, Alejandra
Discussant: Gunther Markwardt

Political Risk, Information and Corruption Cycles: Evidence from Russian Regions
Presenter: Dmitriy Vorobyev
Co-Author(s): Sidorkin, Oleg
Discussant: Emma Galli

Room: Chart Room

Political Thought

Session Chair: Michael Clark
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Positive public economics: reinterpreting "optimal" policies
Presenter: Brian Albrecht
Discussant: Maite Laméris

On the Validation of Political Ideology
Presenter: Maite Laméris
Co-Author(s): Jong-A-Pin, Richard; Wiese, Rasmus
Discussant: Brian Albrecht

Room: Captains Boardroom

Social Norms and Behavior

Session Chair: Alexander Funcke
Session Organizer: Alexander Funcke

Conformist Preferences in Mixed-Motive Games
Presenter: Alessandro Sontuoso
Co-Author(s): Michael Naef
Discussant: Cristina Bicchieri

Positive deviance and social change
Presenter: Cristina Bicchieri
Discussant: Alexander Funcke

Instilling Norms in a Turmoil of Spillovers
Presenter: Alexander Funcke
Discussant: Toshihiro Ihori

International Security and Misperceptions about Threat and Economic Growth
Presenter: Toshihiro Ihori
Co-Author(s): Nakagawa, Shintaro
Discussant: Alessandro Sontuoso

1:00pm – 2:40pm

Room: Panorama Ballroom

2:40pm – 4:10pm

Room: Commodore Room

Public Goods and Taxation

Session Chair: Edward Hoang
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

How to add a public choice perspective to public goods with a classroom experiment
Presenter: Daniel Hall
Co-Author(s): Crofton, Stephanie; Holmes, William
Discussant: Edward Hoang

Can Bureaucrats Defeat Public Demand For Technological Advances in Government?
Presenter: Edward Hoang
Co-Author(s): Craig, Steven; Kohlhase, Janet
Discussant: Daniel Hall

Shale Gas Development and Housing Values over a Decade: Evidence from the Barnett Shale
Presenter: Wesley Burnett
Discussant: xiaobing wang

The Dynamics of Taxation and Habitual Public Spending
Presenter: xiaobing wang
Co-Author(s): Hao, Xin. Madden, Paul
Discussant: Wesley Burnett

Room: Chairmans Boardroom

Free Riding and the Provision of Public Goods

Session Chair: Henrik Jordahl
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

A theory of reciprocity: agents use models to process the real world
Presenter: Paul Bennett
Discussant: Junko Furukawa

Free Ride Paradise -The Logic of the Collective Action of Open Source Software and the Voluntary Provision of International Public Goods-
Presenter: Junko Furukawa
Discussant: Gavin Roberts

Profit in tax-financed services: An experimental opinion survey
Presenter: Henrik Jordahl
Discussant: Paul Bennett

Social capital and the voluntary provision of public goods
Presenter: Gavin Roberts
Co-Author(s): Chakraborti, Rik; Maloney, Matt
Discussant: Henrik Jordahl

Room: Crystal Salon 1


Session Chair: Deborah Fletcher
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Comparing Approaches to Endogeneity in the Returns to Campaign Advertisements
Presenter: Becca Jorgensen
Co-Author(s): Deborah Fletcher
Discussant: Christian Henning

Testing for interest group influence in electoral models: A Bayesian approach
Presenter: Christian Henning
Co-Author(s): Petri, Svetlana; Seide, Laura
Discussant: Deborah Fletcher

Experimental evidence of the effect of issue-specific platform information on voting behavior
Presenter: Thomas Knight
Co-Author(s): Duerr, Isaac; Woodworth, Lindsey
Discussant: Andranik Tangian

Improving policy representation of the German Bundestag by an alternative election method
Presenter: Andranik Tangian
Discussant: Thomas Knight

Room: Crystal Salon 2

Fiscal Policy IV

Session Chair: John Golob
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Political budget cycles and fiscal situation of municipalities between 2002 and 2014
Presenter: Julyana Covre
Co-Author(s): Mattos, Leonardo Bornacki de
Discussant: Christoph Schinke

Is the Federal Debt Raising Corporate Profits and Reducing Labor's Share of National Income?
Presenter: John Golob
Discussant: Bo Zhao

Inter Vivos Transfers and the 2009 German Transfer Tax Reform
Presenter: Christoph Schinke
Discussant: Julyana Covre

Transparency in State Debt Disclosure
Presenter: Bo Zhao
Co-Author(s): Wang, Wen
Discussant: John Golob

Room: Crystal Salon 3

Rent seeking IV

Session Chair: Richard Brown
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Fiscal decentralization and its spillover effect on corruption: evidence from Bayesian spatial analysis
Presenter: Shafiun Shimul
Discussant: Steve Simpson

Corporate Political Action and the Public Goods Problem: Franchise Systems as a Change in Context
Presenter: Richard Brown
Discussant: Shafiun Shimul

The aristocracy of pull: an Objectivist analysis of cronyism
Presenter: Steve Simpson
Discussant: Richard Brown

Room: Crystal Salon 4

Comparative Political Economy

Session Chair: Anna Faria
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The Code of Vendetta: An Economic Analysis of Customary Law in Rural Sardinia
Presenter: Ennio Piano
Discussant: Anna Faria

With a little help from my foes: A model of security spill-over-effects in wars of conquest
Presenter: Soeren Schwuchow
Discussant: WEIJIE LUO

Bittersweet Development: Unequal Outcomes of Commodity Cycles in Brazil
Presenter: Anna Faria
Discussant: Ennio Piano

Inequality and the Size of Government
Presenter: WEIJIE LUO
Co-Author(s): Pickering, Andrew; Santos Monteiro, Paulo
Discussant: Soeren Schwuchow

Room: Chart Room

Public Finance and Public Policy

Session Chair: Peter Calcagno
Session Organizer: Peter Calcagno

Control of inflation through investment and productivity--a comparative study with India
Presenter: Nisha Singh
Discussant: Todd Nesbit

Tax Induced Cigarette Smuggling in the United States
Presenter: Todd Nesbit
Co-Author(s): Robert Lawson
Discussant: Nisha Singh

De Viti de Marco vs. Ricardo on Public Debt: Self Extinction or Default?
Presenter: Richard Wagner
Co-Author(s): Giuseppe Eusepi
Discussant: Adrian Moore

Causes and cures of public pension debt
Presenter: Adrian Moore
Co-Author(s): Randazzo, Anthony
Discussant: Richard Wagner

Room: Mariners


Session Chair: Christian Bjørnskov
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The Asymmetric Role of Social Trust in Political Reform Processes
Presenter: Christian Bjørnskov
Co-Author(s): Berggren, Niclas
Discussant: Andreas Ek

Cross-Country Differences in Preferences for Leisure
Presenter: Andreas Ek
Discussant: Christian Bjørnskov

Is the Effect of Income on Democracy Heterogeneous?
Presenter: Hugo Moises Montesinos-Yufa
Co-Author(s): Faria, Hugo J.
Discussant: Christian Bjørnskov

Room: Captains Boardroom

Individual Level Issues

Session Chair: Dennis Coates
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Individual Learning and Norm Formation
Presenter: Erkan Gurpinar
Co-Author(s): Aydogmus, Ozgur; Cagatay, Hasan; Oguz, Fuat
Discussant: Moana Vercoe

Determinants of Public Support for Business in Russia
Presenter: Dennis Coates
Co-Author(s): Iuliia Naidenova; Petr Parshakov
Discussant: Kai Jäger

Where Does Portfolio Investment Go and Why?
Presenter: Kai Jäger
Discussant: Dennis Coates

No time to vote: A cost benefit ananlysis of distance and time in voting in Montana
Presenter: Moana Vercoe
Co-Author(s): Walters, Andrea.
Discussant: Erkan Gurpinar

4:10pm – 4:20pm

4:20pm – 5:50pm

Room: Commodore Room

Explaining Election Cycles

Session Chair: Bodo Knoll
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Electoral cycles in MPs’ salaries: Evidence from the German states
Presenter: Manuela Krause
Co-Author(s): Kauder, Björn; Potrafke, Niklas
Discussant: Bodo Knoll

Valence and Endorsement: Media Influence on Elections
Presenter: Tetsuro Okazaki
Discussant: Junichiro Wada

Studying unequal representation
Presenter: Junichiro Wada
Co-Author(s): Kamahara, Yuta
Discussant: Tetsuro Okazaki

Room: Captains Boardroom

Federalism in International Arenas

Session Chair: Luigi Moretti
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Intergovernmental Transfers in Mexico: Political Parties and Political Ambitions
Presenter: Rene Cabral
Co-Author(s): Abbot, Andrew; Jones, Philip
Discussant: Danko Tarabar

European Institutional Integration and Income Inequality
Presenter: Danko Tarabar
Co-Author(s): Tarabar, Danko
Discussant: Rene Cabral

Allocation of European structural funds, decentralization and strategic spatial interactions
Presenter: Lionel VEDRINE
Discussant: Luigi Moretti

Norwegian Rhapsody? The Political Economy Benefits of Regional Integration
Presenter: Luigi Moretti
Co-Author(s): Campos, Nauro; Coricelli, Fabrizio
Discussant: Lionel VEDRINE

Room: Captains Boardroom

Social Policy Provision

Session Chair: Bradley Hobbs
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Presenter: Carolina Gonzalez Rodriguez
Discussant: Jason Potts

Political-economic determinants of education reform: Evidence on interest groups and student outcomes
Presenter: Vigile Marie Fabella
Discussant: Bradley Hobbs

Economics of Blockchain – A public choice perspective
Presenter: Jason Potts
Co-Author(s): De Filippi, Primavera; Davidson, Sinclair
Discussant: Carolina Gonzalez Rodriguez

Room: Chairmans Boardroom

Structure, Scope and Growth of Government II

Session Chair: Vlad Tarko
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Financial Development and Underground Economy in the Transition Economies of European Union
Co-Author(s): Ozturk, Omer Faruk
Discussant: Thi Kim Cuong PHAM

Organized White Collar Crime (OWCC) and Punishment in Italy:The Unvarnished Truth of a “Legislative Intention”
Presenter: Roberto Peroncini
Discussant: Vlad Tarko

Can development aid help a country to escape poverty trap?
Presenter: Thi Kim Cuong PHAM
Co-Author(s): Sang PHAM-NGOC
Discussant: YILMAZ BAYAR

Polycentricity: What it is and why it matters?
Presenter: Vlad Tarko
Co-Author(s): Sterpan, Ion
Discussant: Roberto Peroncini

Room: Crystal Salon 1

Risk and Policymaking

Session Chair: Nakul Kumar
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The interdependence of independent judiciaries
Presenter: Marek Endrich
Discussant: Nakul Kumar

It’s No Spring Break in Cancun: The Effects of Exposure to Violence on Risk Preferences, Pro-Social Behavior, and Mental Health
Presenter: Muhammad Nasir
Co-Author(s): Rockmore, Marc; Tan, Chih Ming
Discussant: Sevgi Ineci

Good governance and economic efficiency: The flooding risk and its economic impacts on SME in developping countries
Presenter: Sevgi Ineci
Discussant: Muhammad Nasir

Political Transitions and Disaster Relief in Afghanistan
Presenter: Nakul Kumar
Co-Author(s): Masoudnia-Saleh, Homa
Discussant: Marek Endrich

Room: Chart Room

Market Failures

Session Chair: Javier Portillo
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Principal-agent conflicts in global union federations
Presenter: Felix Hadwiger
Discussant: Julia Norgaard

The Choice of Remedy to the Common Pool: The Case of Groundwater Management
Presenter: Eric Edwards
Co-Author(s): Andrew B. Ayres, Gary D. Libecap
Discussant: Alex Moyem Kombat

The Effect of Tor Client Traffic on The Price of Bitcoin
Presenter: Julia Norgaard
Discussant: Felix Hadwiger

The emergence of environmental taxes in Ghana – a Public Choice analysis
Presenter: Alex Moyem Kombat
Co-Author(s): Wätzold Frank

Room: Tasting Room

Social Interactions and Political Legitimacy

Session Chair: Peter Miller
Session Organizer: Peter Miller

From the Tread Mill to my Own Pace: On Motivation as Explanation for Social Mobility
Presenter: francesca lipari
Co-Author(s): Sebastiano Bavetta, Paola Sama
Discussant: Peter Miller

Autonomy and Tolerance
Presenter: Peter Miller
Co-Author(s): Sebastiano Bavetta
Discussant: Carlo Cordasco

Explaining the Taste for Revolt: The Role of Autonomy, Religious Diversity, and Fanaticism
Presenter: Alba Marino
Co-Author(s): Dario Maimone Ansaldo Patti , Pietro Navarra
Discussant: francesca lipari

Room: Crystal Salon 2

Politics and Knowledge (Political Processes in the Context of the Assembly of Knowledge)

Session Chair: Pavel Kuchař
Session Organizer: Pavel Kuchař

Regarding the Use of Knowledge in Political Economy: Paretian Insight into a Hayekian Challenge
Presenter: Richard Wagner
Discussant: Georg Vanberg

Market Failure and Government Failure
Presenter: Michael Munger
Discussant: Edward Lopez

Corporatism and Constitutional Political Economy
Presenter: Erwin Dekker
Discussant: Michael Munger

Entrepreneurship and Institutional Change: The Case of Surrogate Motherhood
Presenter: Pavel Kuchař
Discussant: Richard Wagner

Room: Crystal Salon 3

Governance and Public Choice: Ostromian Themes and Interpretations

Session Chair: Lenore Ealy
Session Organizer: Paul Dragos Aligica

Club Women and the Provision of Local Public Goods
Presenter: Jayme Lemke
Co-Author(s): Julia Norgaard
Discussant: Paul Dragos Aligica

The Evolution of Governance Structures in a Polycentric System
Presenter: Vlad Tarko
Co-Author(s): McPhail, Edward
Discussant: Jayme Lemke

Vertical Fiscal Gaps and Economic Performance: A Theoretical Review and Empirical Meta-Analysis
Presenter: Jason Sorens
Discussant: Vlad Tarko

Public Entrepreneurship and Collective Action: Conceptual Framework and Analytical Implications
Presenter: Paul Dragos Aligica
Co-Author(s): Ion Sterpan
Discussant: Jason Sorens

Room: Crystal Salon 4

Experimental Public Choice

Session Chair: Keith Dougherty
Session Organizer: Keith Dougherty

Getting the Kids (with disabilities) to School: A Mechanism Designed for Efficient Government Procurement
Presenter: Charles Plott
Discussant: Mark Isaac

Can Buyer ‘Mobility’ Reduce Aggregation Failures in Land-¬Assembly?
Presenter: Mark Isaac
Co-Author(s): Carl Kitchens
Discussant: Richard Jong-A-Pin

Primaries, Strategic Expectations, and Candidate Polarization
Presenter: Jonathan Woon
Discussant: Charles Plott

Expressive voting and political ideology in a laboratory experiment
Presenter: Richard Jong-A-Pin
Co-Author(s): Wiese, Rasmus
Discussant: Jonathan Woon