Photo Attribution The 54th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2017 Conference Program

Friday, March 3, 2017

Royal Salon A

Economic Consequences of Regulation

Session Chair: Alex Moyem Kombat
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Law reform and management control in the Brazilian sugarcane industry
Presenter: André Bastos
Co-Author(s): Mirian Bacchi; Marcia de Moraes
Discussant: Jacob Burgdorf

Mandated exclusive territories and beer franchise laws: evidence from scanner level data
Presenter: Jacob Burgdorf
Discussant: Alex Moyem Kombat

The Emergence of Environmental Taxes in Ghana: A Public Choice Analysis
Presenter: Alex Moyem Kombat
Co-Author(s): Frank Wätzold
Discussant: Sevgi Ineci

Climate change and optimal design problem of agricultural insurance for developping countries
Presenter: Sevgi Ineci
Discussant: Jonathan Ernest

Ensuring Compliance: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Auto Insurance Regulation on Uninsured Motorist Rates
Presenter: Jonathan Ernest
Discussant: André Bastos

Cathedral Room

Economic Freedom and Its Consequences

Session Chair: Jeremy Jackson
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Historical influences on entrepreneurship
Presenter: Stephan Gohmann
Co-Author(s): McCrickard, Myra
Discussant: Jeremy Jackson

Economic Freedom and Philanthropy
Presenter: Jeremy Jackson
Co-Author(s): Ian Pritchard
Discussant: Vivek Moorthy

Economic Freedom within Russia
Presenter: Vivek Moorthy
Co-Author(s): Coates, Dennis; Mirkina, Irina
Discussant: Stephan Gohmann

Gallier Room

Policy, Unemployment, and Poverty

Session Chair: Josef Montag
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Job Security and Employment Prospects of the Unemployed and Participants in Active Labor Market Programs
Presenter: Carl Magnus Bjuggren
Co-Author(s): Skedinger, Per
Discussant: Jason Saving

What Drives Economic Policy Uncertainty?
Presenter: Jason Saving
Discussant: Josef Montag

Homeownership, Mobility, and Unemployment: Evidence from Housing Privatization
Presenter: Josef Montag
Co-Author(s): Peter Huber, Hana M. Smrčková, Petr Sunega
Discussant: Pierre Mandon

Give a Fish or Teach Fishing? Political Affiliation of U.S. Governors and the Poverty Status of Immigrants.
Presenter: Pierre Mandon
Co-Author(s): Keita, Sekou
Discussant: Carl Magnus Bjuggren

Beauregard Room

Policing and Crime

Session Chair: Ennio Piano
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Mining and Crime: Evidence from Chile
Presenter: Matteo Pazzona
Co-Author(s): Corvalan, Alejandro
Discussant: Ennio Piano

Free Riders: The Economics of 1% Organized Motorcycle Clubs
Presenter: Ennio Piano
Discussant: Gonzalo Macera

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires: Police Force decentralization, a work in progress.
Presenter: Gonzalo Macera
Discussant: Matteo Pazzona

Cabildo Room

Financial Market Regulatory Reform

Session Chair: Norbert Michel
Session Organizer: Peter Calcagno

Extended Shareholder Liability as a Means to Constrain Moral Hazard in Insured Banks
Presenter: Alexander Salter
Co-Author(s): Larry White; Vipin Veetil
Discussant: Gerald Dwyer

A Proposal for a New Federal Charter
Presenter: Gerald Dwyer
Co-Author(s): Michel, Norbert.
Discussant: George Selgin

Reforming Last-Resort Lending: The Flexible Open Market Alternative
Presenter: George Selgin
Discussant: Jerry Ellig

Improvements in SEC Economic Analysis Since Business Roundtable: A Structured Assessment
Presenter: Jerry Ellig
Discussant: Alexander Salter

Pontalba Room

Independent Judiciary: International Perspectives

Session Chair: Shruti Rajagopalan
Session Organizer: Shruti Rajagopalan

Independent Judiciary, Unconstitutional Legislation and Interest Group Behavior: Evidence from India's Ninth Schedule
Presenter: Shruti Rajagopalan
Discussant: Georg Vanberg

Is judicial independence good for business?
Presenter: Jerg Gutmann
Co-Author(s): Voigt, Stefan
Discussant: Giovanni Battista Ramello

Judicial Independence in the European Court of Humain Rights
Presenter: Alessandro Melcarne
Co-Author(s): Langlais, Eric; Giovanni Battista Ramello
Discussant: Shruti Rajagopalan

Ursuline Room

Empirical Political Economy of U.S. Regulations

Session Chair: Adam Hoffer
Session Organizer: Adam Hoffer

Political Economy of State Healthcare Expenditures: Effects from Tobacco Taxation, Special Interests, and Spatial Spillovers
Presenter: Adam Hoffer
Co-Author(s): Humphreys, Brad; Ruseki, Jane
Discussant: Joshua Matti

The Political Economy of the USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service
Presenter: Joshua Matti
Discussant: Kathleen Sheehan

Civil Asset Forfeiture, Police Incentives and Budgets
Presenter: Kathleen Sheehan
Discussant: Fredrick Bedsworth

Dependent Care Mandates and Moral Hazard
Presenter: Fredrick Bedsworth
Discussant: Adam Hoffer

Iberville Room

Plott Experiments 1

Session Chair: Keith Dougherty
Session Organizer: Keith Dougherty

Divergence, Closed Cycles and Convergence in Scarf Environments: Experiments in the Dynamics of General Equilibrium Systems
Presenter: Ming Hsu
Co-Author(s): Hirota, Masayoshi; Plott, Charles; Rogers, Brian
Discussant: Jonathan Woon

Vetoes and Information Aggregation with Negatively Informed Voters
Presenter: Rebecca Morton
Co-Author(s): Piovesan, Marco; Tyran, Jean-Robert
Discussant: Ming Hsu

Shopping for Trust
Presenter: Rick Wilson
Co-Author(s): Eckel, Catherine C.
Discussant: Rebecca Morton

Public Deliberation, Private Communication, and Collective Choice
Presenter: Jonathan Woon
Co-Author(s): Pronin, Kira
Discussant: Rick Wilson

Orleans Room

Oxford Handbook of Public Choice (1)

Session Chair: Roger Congleton
Session Organizer: Roger Congleton

How should votes be cast and counted?
Presenter: Nicolaus Tideman
Discussant: Randall Holcombe

Why not free trade?
Presenter: Arye Hillman
Discussant: Nicolaus Tideman

Is Government Growth Inevitable?
Presenter: Randall Holcombe
Discussant: Arye Hillman

The politics of central bank independence
Presenter: Jakob de Haan
Co-Author(s): S.C. W. Eijffinger
Discussant: Nicolaus Tideman