Photo Attribution The 54th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2017 Conference Program

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Beauregard Room


Session Chair: Amir Borges Ferreira Neto
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Busy Doing Nothing - A Model of Unwanted, Unproductive and Obfuscating Policies
Presenter: Anders Gustafsson
Discussant: Jeremy Horpedahl

Good and Hard: Do US Voters Get the Policies They Prefer?
Presenter: Jeremy Horpedahl
Discussant: Amir Borges Ferreira Neto

Demand for Public Library Efficiency: An Interest Group versus Median Voter Approach
Presenter: Amir Borges Ferreira Neto
Co-Author(s): Hall, Josh
Discussant: Phillip Magness

Do teachers’ unions fit the median voter framework?
Presenter: Michelle Phillips
Co-Author(s): Merkle, Jessica
Discussant: Anders Gustafsson

Gallier Room

Fiscal Policy in Comparative Perspective

Session Chair: Real Arai
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Public Capital and Asset Prices: Time-series Evidence from Japan
Presenter: Tomomi Miyazaki
Co-Author(s): Kazuki Hiraga; Masafumi Kozuka
Discussant: Laura Rondi

Ex-ante and ex-post outsourcing in public procurement: Temporary Partnership vs subcontracting
Presenter: Laura Rondi
Co-Author(s): Rondi, Laura; Valbonesi, Paola
Discussant: Moshe Yanovskiy

Political Factors Behind Cuts and Surges in Government Spending: The Effects on Old Market Democracies and Post-Communist Countries
Presenter: Moshe Yanovskiy
Co-Author(s): Zhavoronkov Sergei; Rodionov Kirill
Discussant: Tomomi Miyazaki

Royal Salon A

Social Trust

Session Chair: Pedro Camões
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The Interaction between Formal and Informal Institutions: Evidence from Latin American Wellbeing
Presenter: Andrea Paramo Florencio
Co-Author(s): Bjørnskov, Christian; Agbenyega, Ruby Elorm
Discussant: Pedro Camões

Citizens' Attitudes Towards Governmental Institutions Across Political Generations: Testing the Effect of individuals' Prior Political Experiences
Presenter: Pedro Camões
Co-Author(s): Mendes, Silvia M.
Discussant: Andreas Bergh

The moldable young: How institutions impact social trust
Presenter: Andreas Bergh
Co-Author(s): Richard Öhrvall
Discussant: Julia Norgaard

Trust Development and Self-Enforcing Exchange in Anonymous Internet Markets
Presenter: Julia Norgaard
Discussant: Andrea Paramo Florencio

Pontalba Room

Political Consequences of Corruption

Session Chair: M. Kadir Dogan
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Voters' Information, Corruption, and the Effciency of Local Public Services
Presenter: Davide Vannoni
Co-Author(s): Abrate, Graziano; Boffa, Federico; Erbetta, Fabrizio
Discussant: M. Kadir Dogan

Why support a corrupt politician? The role of information, politician's performance and ideology on voting for a corrupt politician
Presenter: M. Kadir Dogan
Co-Author(s): Evrenk, Haldun
Discussant: Umberto Mignozzetti

When does clientelism pay off? Legislature Size and Welfare with Evidence from Brazil
Presenter: Umberto Mignozzetti
Co-Author(s): Cepaluni, Gabriel

Inspection strategies, Corruption and Common Pool Resources
Presenter: Chenyang Xu
Co-Author(s): Klaas van 't Veld
Discussant: Davide Vannoni

Ursuline Room

Institutions and Fiscal Outcomes

Session Chair: Monika Koeppl-Turyna
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Public Debt Sustainability under Fiscal Federalism: An Analysis of Indian States
Presenter: Sandhya Garg
Discussant: Marcos Nazareth

Market-preserving federalism: does it really increase Brazil's economic performance?
Presenter: Marcos Nazareth
Co-Author(s): Gurgel, Ângelo Costa; Vieira, Wilson da Cruz
Discussant: Devin Stein

Burning Budgets
Presenter: Devin Stein
Co-Author(s): Stein, Devin; Harmer, Camille
Discussant: Anna Faria

Ideas and Policy-Making in Early Twentieth Century São Paulo, Brazil
Presenter: Anna Faria
Discussant: Sandhya Garg

Cabildo Room

Size of Government

Session Chair: William B. Hankins
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The Influence of Air Conditioning on the Growth of State Government Expenditures
Presenter: Natalia Kolesnikova
Co-Author(s): Garrett, Thomas A.
Discussant: William B. Hankins

Finally, Nebraska: A Synthetic Control Analysis of Legislative Structure
Presenter: William B. Hankins
Discussant: Paul Pecorino

The Effects of a Supermajority Voting Requirement on Government Spending
Presenter: Paul Pecorino
Discussant: Natalia Kolesnikova

Cathedral Room

Models of Voting and Legislative Decision Making

Session Chair: Yasushi Asako
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Voter Decision Making Models: Predetermined or Primed?
Presenter: Libby Jenke
Discussant: Yasushi Asako

Condorcet Winner with Political Ambiguity
Presenter: Yasushi Asako
Discussant: Orestis Troumpounis

Electoral competition with primaries and quality asymmetries
Presenter: Orestis Troumpounis
Co-Author(s): Grofman, Bernard ; Xefteris, Dimitrios
Discussant: Libby Jenke

Iberville Room

Sportometrics in Honor of Robert D. Tollison

Session Chair: Raymond Sauer
Session Organizer: Raymond Sauer

Monitoring and Bureaucratic Discretion: Evidence from MLB Umpires
Presenter: John Bradbury
Discussant: Dennis Coates

Reflections on the Intersection of Sports Economics and Public Choice
Presenter: Dennis Coates
Discussant: Brian Goff

Revisiting Romer: Digging Deeper into What NFL Coaches Maximize
Presenter: Brian Goff
Discussant: Raymond Sauer

Sportometrics & NFL Coaching Decisions
Presenter: Raymond Sauer
Discussant: Carl Kitchens

Parallel Lives of Hard Hitting Criminals: Evidence from NCAA Football
Presenter: Carl Kitchens
Co-Author(s): Makofske, Matthew; Wang, Le
Discussant: John Bradbury



Session Chair: Jayme Lemke
Session Organizer: Peter Calcagno

The Progressive Era Regulation of Women’s Labor: A Case Study in Institutional Entrepreneurship
Presenter: Jayme Lemke
Discussant: Rosolino Candela

The Political Economy of Italian Unification in Sicily: Insecurity of Property Rights and the Role of Land Reform
Presenter: Rosolino Candela
Discussant: Jayme Lemke

Privacy Law as Price Control
Presenter: Caleb Fuller
Discussant: Art Carden

More and Better: Resources Defined Through Property and Exchange
Presenter: Art Carden
Discussant: Caleb Fuller