Photo Attribution The 54th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2017 Conference Program

Saturday, March 4, 2017



Celebrating Bob Tollison's Life and Works: A Memorial Roundtable - Sponsored by the William E. Simon Professorship of Political Economy at Lafayette College

Session Chair: Mark Crain
Session Organizer: Edward Lopez

Robert's Rules for a Knowledge-Creating Society
Presenter: Mark Crain

A Restless Mind
Presenter: Michael Munger

Bob Tollison, A Personal Remembrance
Presenter: William Shughart

Tollison and the Value of Empirical Bricks
Presenter: Brian Goff

Royal Salon A

The Political Economy of Violence

Session Chair: Toshihiro Ihori
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Violent Conflict and Political Institutional Change
Presenter: Brandon Brice
Discussant: Toshihiro Ihori

National Emergency, Security Spending, and Growth
Presenter: Toshihiro Ihori
Discussant: Murat Mungan

Disenfranchisement and Over-Incarceration
Presenter: Murat Mungan
Discussant: Brandon Brice

Gallier Room


Session Chair: Raymond March
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Unions Rent-Seeking Behavior and the Government's Use of Monopsony Power
Presenter: Priscila Casari
Co-Author(s): Alves, Pamella
Discussant: Raymond March

Does Physician Concentration Reduce Pharmaceutical Payments to Physicians? An Empirical Analysis
Presenter: Raymond March
Discussant: James Strickland

Determinants of Lobbying Activity by Interest Groups: The Population Ecology of Lobbyists
Presenter: James Strickland
Discussant: Ryan Yonk

Exploring the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
Presenter: Ryan Yonk
Co-Author(s): Wardle, Arthur; Smith Josh
Discussant: Priscila Casari

Beauregard Room

Property Rights

Session Chair: Adrian Moore
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Transaction Costs of Property Rights: Evidence from Timber Auctions
Presenter: Colin Doran
Co-Author(s): Stratmann, Thomas
Discussant: Vincent Geloso

Monopsony and Industrial Development in Nineteenth Century Quebec: The Impact of Seigneurial Tenure
Presenter: Vincent Geloso
Co-Author(s): Vadim Kufenko; Alex Arsenault Morin
Discussant: Adrian Moore

Are Government Granted Licenses Property Rights?
Presenter: Adrian Moore
Discussant: Javier Portillo

Land-Assembly and Externalities: How does the prospect of future positive externalities affect land aggregation outcomes?
Presenter: Javier Portillo
Discussant: Colin Doran

Pontalba Room


Session Chair: Edwar Escalante
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

I hope I die before I get old. The supply side of the market for suicide bombers
Presenter: Thomas Apolte
Discussant: Edwar Escalante

A Private Solution to Terrorism
Presenter: Edwar Escalante
Discussant: Thomas Gries

An Economic Theory of 'Destabilization War': Compromise for Peace Versus Conventional, Guerilla, or Terrorist Warfare
Presenter: Thomas Gries
Co-Author(s): Haake, Claus-Jochen
Discussant: Thomas Apolte

Ursuline Room


Session Chair: Matthew Bonick
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The Impact of Economic and Political Institutions on Gender Norms
Presenter: Rosemarie Fike
Discussant: Matthew Bonick

On the Origin and Consequences of Racism
Presenter: Matthew Bonick
Co-Author(s): Farfan-Vallespn,Antonio
Discussant: Niclas Berggren

Roots of Tolerance: What Explains Western Values among Children of Immigrants?
Presenter: Niclas Berggren
Co-Author(s): Ljunge, Martin; Nilsson, Therese
Discussant: Rosemarie Fike

Iberville Room


Session Chair: Conor Lennon
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Regulatory Uncertainty, Employment, and Compensation: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act's Small Group Insurance Marketplace
Presenter: Conor Lennon
Co-Author(s): Sobel, Russell
Discussant: Emily Washington

The Effects of Philadelphia's Zoning Reform on Housing Construction
Presenter: Emily Washington
Discussant: Trey Carson

Presenter: Trey Carson
Co-Author(s): Piano, Ennio
Discussant: Conor Lennon

Orleans Room

Explanatory Theories of Public Debt

Session Chair: Richard Wagner
Session Organizer: Richard Wagner

Autocracy, Democracy and Excessive Public Debt
Presenter: Richard Salsman
Discussant: William Keech

Causality and Institutions in Explaining Public Debt
Presenter: William Keech
Discussant: David Hebert

Taxation and Debt as Emergent Phenomena
Presenter: David Hebert
Discussant: Richard Wagner

Public deb and the corruption of contract
Presenter: Richard Wagner
Discussant: Richard Salsman

Cathedral Room

State and Local Fiscal Policy

Session Chair: Peter Calcagno
Session Organizer: Peter Calcagno

What do Legislators Optimize: The Case of Safety Regulation
Presenter: David Mitchell
Co-Author(s): Tay, Kai Cher
Discussant: Yang Zhou

Does Government Experience Matter? An Analysis of the Fiscal Impact of Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwartznegger
Presenter: Yang Zhou
Co-Author(s): Roger Congleton
Discussant: David Mitchell

The Role of Fiscal Constraints on Economic Freedom in the States
Presenter: Peter Calcagno
Co-Author(s): Hall, Joshua
Discussant: Jacob Bundrick

Do Subsidies for Businesses Increase Economic Activity?
Presenter: Jacob Bundrick
Discussant: Peter Calcagno