Photo Attribution The 54th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2017 Conference Program

Inequality: Free Market Perspectives

Friday, March 3
4:20pm — 5:50pm

Cabildo Room

Inequality: Free Market Perspectives

Session Chair: Stephen Miller
Session Organizer: G.P. Manish

Capitalism and Inequality: Two Views
Presenter: Randall Holcombe
Discussant: Phillip Magness

A Problem of Measurement: Inequality vs. Tax Incidence in Early 20th Century Tax Data
Presenter: Phillip Magness
Discussant: Stephen Miller

How tax-return data overstate changes in income inequality
Presenter: Stephen Miller
Co-Author(s): George Mechling, Ronald Konecny
Discussant: Young Back Choi

Entrepreneurship as the Prime Force for Social Mobility
Presenter: Young Back Choi
Discussant: Randall Holcombe