Photo Attribution The 54th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2017 Conference Program

Legislative Politics in the States

Friday, March 3
2:40pm — 4:10pm

Cabildo Room

Legislative Politics in the States

Session Chair: Mark Crain
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The Public Choice of Certificate of Needs: Evidence from Ohio
Presenter: Bryan McCannon
Co-Author(s): Jane Ruseski
Discussant: Steven Monaghan

The Effect of Interest Group Pressure on the Likelihood of a Successful Certificate-of-Need Application
Presenter: Steven Monaghan
Co-Author(s): Steven Monaghan
Discussant: Mark Crain

Causes of Consensus in American State Legislatures
Presenter: Mark Crain
Co-Author(s): Nicole Crain
Discussant: Feler Bose

Sunset Laws: An Empirical Analysis
Presenter: Feler Bose
Co-Author(s): Baugus, Brian; Jacob, Jeffry
Discussant: Bryan McCannon