Photo Attribution The 54th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2017 Conference Program

Empirical Political Economy of U.S. Regulations

Friday, March 3
8:00am — 9:30am

Ursuline Room

Empirical Political Economy of U.S. Regulations

Session Chair: Adam Hoffer
Session Organizer: Adam Hoffer

Political Economy of State Healthcare Expenditures: Effects from Tobacco Taxation, Special Interests, and Spatial Spillovers
Presenter: Adam Hoffer
Co-Author(s): Humphreys, Brad; Ruseki, Jane
Discussant: Joshua Matti

The Political Economy of the USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service
Presenter: Joshua Matti
Discussant: Kathleen Sheehan

Civil Asset Forfeiture, Police Incentives and Budgets
Presenter: Kathleen Sheehan
Discussant: Fredrick Bedsworth

Dependent Care Mandates and Moral Hazard
Presenter: Fredrick Bedsworth
Discussant: Adam Hoffer