The Public Choice Society is thankful for the organizational, intellectual, and pecuniary partnership of several sponsoring organizations at the Annual Meetings.

Center for Market Process and Public Choice at College of Charleston
Sponsor of Opening Plenary Session at 2018 Annual Meetings

The BB&T Distinguished Professorship of Capitalism at Western Carolina University
Annual Sponsor of Society Operations

Institute for Humane Studies
Annual Sponsor of Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Prize for Best Combined Paper & Presentation by a Graduate Student

Springer Nature
Publisher of Public Choice and the Review of Austrian Economics
Annual Sponsor of the Gordon Tullock Prize for Best Paper by a Junior Scholar

The Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business at The Citadel
Sponsor of 2018 Breakfasts and 2014 Opening Reception

The College of Charleston School of Business
Local Host University for 2018 Annual Meetings

Center for Study of Public Choice
Annual Sponsor of Program Events

F.A. Hayek Program in PPE at Mercatus Center
Annual Sponsor of Program Events

Duke PPE Program
Annual Sponsor of Program Events

Duke Political Science Department
2018 Plenary Session Sponsor

The William E. Simon Professorship of Political Economy at Lafayette College
W. Mark Crain, Chair
Benefactor during 2017 Annual Meetings Sponsor of 2016 Plenary Session 2 with Robert D. Cooter