Photo Attribution The 56th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2019 Conference Program

Friday, March 15, 2019

Regency South A

Theory of Rent Seeking

Session Chair: Paan Jindapon
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Network Spillovers in Tullock's Contests
Presenter: Michael Smith
Co-Author(s): Dr. Paan Jindapon
Discussant: Wolfgang Leininger

Rent-Seeking in Nature: a Reassessment of Evolutionary Stability in Contests
Presenter: Wolfgang Leininger
Discussant: Cheng Li

Centralized Policymaking and Informational Lobbying
Presenter: Cheng Li
Discussant: Jeremy Kidd

Collusive Rent-Seeking in Cy Pres Class Action Settlements
Presenter: Jeremy Kidd
Co-Author(s): Whitehead, Michael
Discussant: Paan Jindapon


How Policies Affect Growth, Productivity, and Trade

Session Chair: Scott Baier
Session Organizer: Patrick McLaughlin

Using Machine Learning to Quantify Trade Agreements
Presenter: Scott Baier
Co-Author(s): Narendra Regmi
Discussant: Bentley Coffey

Regulatory Budgeting and Economic Growth: Evidence from British Columbia
Presenter: Bentley Coffey
Co-Author(s): McLaughlin, Patrick; Peretto, Pietro
Discussant: Tyler Richards

Regulation and Productivity in US Manufacturing
Presenter: Tyler Richards
Co-Author(s): Patrick McLaughlin; Bentley Coffey
Discussant: Toshihiro Ihori

National Emergency and Security Spending
Presenter: Toshihiro Ihori
Discussant: Scott Baier


Experimental Public Choice I

Session Chair: Lucas Rentschler
Session Organizer: Gregory DeAngelo

Tilting the playing field in all-pay auctions
Presenter: Lucas Rentschler
Co-Author(s): Dan Kovenock
Discussant: Daniel Kling

Observability without observation: The effect of impersonal social pressure messages in a GOTV experiment
Presenter: Daniel Kling
Co-Author(s): Stratmann, Thomas
Discussant: Evan Calford

Law enforcement and strategic uncertainty
Presenter: Evan Calford
Co-Author(s): DeAngelo, Greg
Discussant: Bryan McCannon

Moral Cost in Weighted Committee Decisions
Presenter: Thomas Stratmann
Co-Author(s): Nicola Maaser
Discussant: Lucas Rentschler


Domestic and International Federalism: Game Theoretic Properties

Session Chair: Yukari Iwanami
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Burden-Sharing among Alliance Members and the Reassurance Effect of Military Alliances
Presenter: Yukari Iwanami
Discussant: Shigeo Morita

Endogenous timing in tax competition and tax revenue orientation
Presenter: Shigeo Morita
Discussant: Ajay Sharma

Nash Equilibrium in Tax and Public Investment Competition
Presenter: Ajay Sharma
Co-Author(s): Pal, Rupayan
Discussant: Alex Theisen

Carrots, Sticks, and Words: Characterizing Soft and Hard Power in International Relations
Presenter: Alex Theisen
Discussant: Yukari Iwanami

Kentucky Suite

Artificial Intelligence and Public Choice Roundtable

Session Chair: Steven Brams
Session Organizer: Mahendra Prasad

AI Research Needs Public Choice
Presenter: Mahendra Prasad
Discussant: Baobao Zhang

Artificial Intelligence: American Attitudes and Trends
Presenter: Baobao Zhang
Co-Author(s): Allan Dafoe
Discussant: Allan Dafoe

Governing AI
Presenter: Allan Dafoe
Discussant: Roman Yampolskiy

Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security
Presenter: Roman Yampolskiy
Discussant: Mahendra Prasad


Industrial Organization

Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Regulation and Industry-Level Competitive Balance
Presenter: Todd Nesbit
Discussant: Jonas Grafström

An Anatomy of Failure – China´s Wind Power Program
Presenter: Jonas Grafström
Discussant: Todd Nesbit

Churchill Downs

International Political Economy

Session Chair: Friedrich Schneider
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Are Fiscal Multiplier Estimates Politically Biased?
Presenter: Friedrich Heinemann
Co-Author(s): Asatryan, Zareh; Havlik, Annika; Heinemann, Friedrich; Nover, Justus
Discussant: Friedrich Schneider

Cash in Circulation and the Shadow Economy: An Empirical Investigation
Presenter: Friedrich Schneider
Co-Author(s): Seitz, Franz and Reimrers Hans-Eggert
Discussant: Katsuzo Yamamoto

Spatial Model Analysis and the Rational Choice Approach about Brinkmanship and Inadvertent War
Presenter: Katsuzo Yamamoto
Discussant: Friedrich Heinemann


Federalism I

Session Chair: Nathan Dong
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Budget Constraints, Market Opportunities and Off-Budget Financing of Local Governments in China
Presenter: Nathan Dong
Co-Author(s): Wang, Zigan
Discussant: Arijit Ray

Conditional Cash Incentives and Sex-Ratio at Birth in India
Presenter: Arijit Ray
Discussant: Nathan Dong

Regency South B

Fifth Annual Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Prize for Best Combined Paper and Presentaiton by a Graduate Student

Session Chair: Edward Lopez
Session Organizer: Lynne Kiesling

Why Do States Privatize their Prisons? The Unintended Consequences of Inmate Litigation
Presenter: Anna Gunderson
Discussant: David Skarbek

The Effect of State-Level Welfare Policy on Disability Acceptance Rates
Presenter: Steven Johnson
Discussant: Roberta Herzberg

The Fiscal Truth: Personal Fiscal Information Curbs Enthusiasm for Tax and Spend
Presenter: Kaetana Leontjeva
Discussant: Richard Wagner