Photo Attribution The 56th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2019 Conference Program

Saturday, March 16, 2019



Session Chair: Conor Lennon
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Minimum Wages, Morality, and Efficiency: A Choice Experiment
Presenter: Conor Lennon
Co-Author(s): Fernandez, Jose; Gohmann, Stephan; Teltser, Keith
Discussant: Corey DeAngelis

The Effects of Regulations on Private School Choice Program Participation: Experimental Evidence from California and New York
Presenter: Corey DeAngelis
Co-Author(s): Burke, Lindsey; Wolf, Patrick
Discussant: Douglas Norton

The Backward Hustle: An Experimental Investigation of Tax Code Notches and Labor Supply
Presenter: Douglas Norton
Co-Author(s): John Gibson and Robert White
Discussant: Conor Lennon

Kentucky Suite

Virginia Political Economy

Session Chair: gordon brady
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

George J. Stigler’s relationship to the Virginia school of political economy
Presenter: gordon brady
Co-Author(s): Brady, Gordon L.; Forte, Francesco
Discussant: Kazunobu Okubo

Abstract James M. Buchanan from Chicago to Virginia: Knight’s influence on Buchanan
Presenter: gordon brady
Co-Author(s): Gordon L. Brady and Francesco Forte
Discussant: Dwight Lee

An alternative diagrammatic exposition of Clarke tax
Presenter: Kazunobu Okubo
Discussant: Dwight Lee

The Bitter Angels of our Nature
Presenter: Dwight Lee
Discussant: gordon brady

Churchill Downs

Federalism II

Session Chair: James Klingensmith
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Legislation vs. Movements: A Difference-in-Difference Analysis of their impact on the Wage Gap
Presenter: Patricia Saenz-Armstrong
Discussant: Luke Rodgers

Housing values and jurisdictional fragmentation
Presenter: Luke Rodgers
Co-Author(s): Hatfield, John William; Kosec, Katrina
Discussant: James Klingensmith

Does Playing Chicken Work? Budget Impasses and Gubernatorial Elections
Presenter: James Klingensmith
Discussant: Patricia Saenz-Armstrong


Public Policy and Economic Consequences I

Session Chair: Ray March
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Monitoring and the Formalization of Schools
Presenter: Dillon Tauzin
Discussant: Yancheng Xiao

Network Centrality and Vaccination Probability
Presenter: Yancheng Xiao
Discussant: Ray March

From neglect to control: Medical rent-seeking and the feeble-minded in the United States, 1880 to 1923
Presenter: Ray March
Co-Author(s): Vincent Geloso; Ray March
Discussant: Noah Trudeau

To Death: The Cost to Consumers of Regulation of the Funeral Industry
Presenter: Noah Trudeau
Discussant: Dillon Tauzin


Analytical Narratives

Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Ostrom vs. Habraken: Contrasting Views of Economic and Environmental Governance
Presenter: John Horowitz


Voting Behavior

Session Chair: Luis Aguiar-Conraria
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Quorum in the laboratory when electors enjoy voting
Presenter: Luis Aguiar-Conraria
Co-Author(s): Magalhães, Pedro; Vanberg, Christoph
Discussant: liza charroin

Log-rolling under majority and unanimity rule
Presenter: liza charroin
Co-Author(s): Vanberg, Christoph
Discussant: D. Marc Kilgour

The Prevalence and Consequences of Ballot Truncation in Ranked-Choice Elections
Presenter: D. Marc Kilgour
Co-Author(s): Grégoire, Jean-Charles; Foley, Angèle M.
Discussant: Wilson Law

Issue Importance and Voting Behavior
Presenter: Wilson Law
Co-Author(s): Flavin, Patrick
Discussant: Luis Aguiar-Conraria

Regency South A

Juries and the Law

Session Chair: Garrett Petersen
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Three Angry Men: A Framed Jury Experiment
Presenter: Garrett Petersen
Discussant: Thomas Apolte

The Dynamics of Political Myths and Ideologies
Presenter: Thomas Apolte
Co-Author(s): Julia Müller
Discussant: Sultan Mehmood

Judiciary’s Achilles Heel: Executive Control via Appointment Power
Presenter: Sultan Mehmood
Discussant: Julia Norgaard

The Decline of the Court Martial
Presenter: Julia Norgaard
Discussant: Garrett Petersen

Regency South B

Theory and Elections I

Session Chair: Nicolaus Tideman
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Evaluating Algorithms for Replicating Voting Data
Presenter: Nicolaus Tideman
Co-Author(s): Song, Chang Geun
Discussant: Dmitriy Vorobyev

Information Disclosure in Elections with Sequential Costly Participation
Presenter: Dmitriy Vorobyev
Discussant: Keith Dougherty

The Probability of Sen's Liberal Paradox
Presenter: Keith Dougherty
Co-Author(s): Edward, Julian
Discussant: Jac Heckelman

Symmetrical Positional Scoring Rules
Presenter: Jac Heckelman
Co-Author(s): Ragan, Robi
Discussant: Nicolaus Tideman


Legislative Processes

Session Chair: Jonathan Ernest
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Sunsetting Yourself Up for Success: A Model of Legislative Usage of Sunset Provisions
Presenter: Jonathan Ernest
Discussant: Mark Crain

Durable Diversity in State Legislative Actions
Presenter: Mark Crain
Co-Author(s): Crain, Nicole; Clark, Judson; Clark, Kiley
Discussant: Fabio Padovano

Political Legislation Cycles in a Country in Transition Towards Democracy: The Case of South Korea
Presenter: Fabio Padovano
Co-Author(s): Lagona, Francesco
Discussant: Franck Viroleau

A Model of Influence on Trade Policy in a General Equilibrium Model
Presenter: Franck Viroleau
Discussant: Jonathan Ernest