Photo Attribution The 56th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2019 Conference Program

Saturday, March 16, 2019



Ignorance, Illusions, and Politics I

Session Chair: Scott King
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Cults of Personality
Presenter: Scott King
Discussant: Nobuhiro Mizuno

Why do voters elect less qualified candidates?
Presenter: Nobuhiro Mizuno
Co-Author(s): Okazawa, Ryosuke
Discussant: James Endersby

Political Information Costs and Turnout: Reconsidering the Calculus of Voting
Presenter: James Endersby
Co-Author(s): Kim, Gidong
Discussant: Shane Sanders

Informed Voters, Uninformed Voters, and Electoral Outcomes: A Natural Experiment from Major League Baseball MVP Voting
Presenter: Shane Sanders
Co-Author(s): Joel Potter
Discussant: Scott King


Corruption and Governance

Session Chair: Robert Gillanders
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Greasing the Turbines? Corruption and Access to Electricity in Africa
Presenter: Robert Gillanders
Co-Author(s): Cummins, Mark
Discussant: Gamze Kargın-Akkoç

Rule of Law, Regulatory Capture and Electricity Theft
Presenter: Gamze Kargın-Akkoç
Co-Author(s): Oğuz, Fuat
Discussant: Andre Assumpcao

Estimating the Effect of Discretion in Public Spending on Government Performance: Evidence from Brazilian Municipalities
Presenter: Andre Assumpcao
Co-Author(s): Biderman, Ciro; Avelino, George
Discussant: Vitezslav Titl

Political Connections and Competition on Public Procurement Markets
Presenter: Vitezslav Titl
Co-Author(s): Baranek, Bruno
Discussant: Robert Gillanders


International Panel Data Studies

Session Chair: Marcelin Joanis
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Do fiscal rules cause fiscal discipline over the electoral cycle?
Presenter: Marcelin Joanis
Co-Author(s): Eklou, Kodjovi M.
Discussant: Imran Arif

The determinants of international migration: Unbundling the role of political, economic, and social institutions
Presenter: Imran Arif
Discussant: Pablo Garofalo

Broken promises: regime announcements and exchange rates around elections
Presenter: Pablo Garofalo
Co-Author(s): Jorge M. Streb
Discussant: Marcelin Joanis

Strategic use of debt: Evidence from presidential transitions in Latin America
Presenter: Pablo Garofalo
Discussant: Marcelin Joanis


Law & Econ III

Session Chair: Bryan McCannon
Session Organizer: kevin grier

The Political Economy of Death: Do Elected Coroners perform as well as Medical Examiners in determining suicide?
Presenter: Jose Fernandez
Discussant: Shannon Graham

Forfeit Efficiency for Revenue Generation? A Frontier Approach to Police Efficiency
Presenter: Shannon Graham
Discussant: Bryan McCannon

Informational Value of Challenging an Incumbent Prosecutor
Presenter: Bryan McCannon
Discussant: Alexander Cardazzi

The Efficacy of Newly Deployed Law Enforcement Resources
Presenter: Alexander Cardazzi
Co-Author(s): DeAngelo, Gregory; Harvey, Anna
Discussant: Jose Fernandez

Regency Ballroom South

A Tribute to James Gwartney

Session Chair: Joseph Connors
Session Organizer: Daniel Bennett

Jim Gwartney: Happy Warrior and the Public Choice Revolution
Presenter: Joseph Connors

Jim Gwartney – Champion of Freedom, Markets, and Economic Education
Presenter: Brandon Brice

Honoring my intellectual father (and personal role model)
Presenter: Daniel Bennett

The Impact of James Gwartney on the Promotion of Freedom in Society, Economic Education, and his Students
Presenter: Hugo Moises Montesinos-Yufa

Notes on economic education: Comments in celebration of Jim Gwartney
Presenter: Douglas Norton

Common sense public choice
Presenter: Randall Holcombe

Learning from the Best: A Pedagogical Note on James Gwartney's Approach to Economics Education
Presenter: Rosemarie Fike

Kentucky Suite

Trust and Governance I

Session Chair: George Clarke
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The impact of social capital on an MSE's productivity: evidence from Zambia
Presenter: George Clarke
Co-Author(s): Boudreaux, Chris; Jha, Anand
Discussant: Qijun Liu

How particularized trust spills over to generalized trust
Presenter: Qijun Liu
Discussant: Georgios Melios

Corruption and political trust in Europe in the era of austerity
Presenter: Georgios Melios
Discussant: Daniel Rothschild

Churchill Downs

Public Policy and Economic Consequences II

Session Chair: Emily Hamilton
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The Effects of Inclusionary Zoning in the Baltimore-Washington Region
Presenter: Emily Hamilton
Discussant: Robert Hazel

Explaining an Outlier – Why does the U.S. System of Airport Governance and Economic Regulation Persist?
Presenter: Robert Hazel
Discussant: Zachary Bartsch

Separating Uncertainties
Presenter: Zachary Bartsch
Discussant: Feler Bose

Perverse Ecology in Opioid Addiction Treatments & Innovations around them
Presenter: Feler Bose
Co-Author(s): Punyamurtula Kishore
Discussant: Emily Hamilton


Regressive Effects of Regulation

Session Chair: Diana Thomas
Session Organizer: Diana Thomas

Don’t TREAD on me: Investigating the effectiveness of tire pressure monitoring systems on vehicle crashes
Presenter: Sean Mulholland
Discussant: Patrick McLaughlin

The Supply of Regulation and the Extent of the Industry
Presenter: James Bailey
Discussant: Dustin Chambers

Regulation, entrepreneurship, and firm size
Presenter: Dustin Chambers
Co-Author(s): McLaughlin, Patrick; Richards, Tyler
Discussant: James Bailey

The Regulatory Census, Version 0.1
Presenter: Patrick McLaughlin
Discussant: Sean Mulholland