Photo Attribution The 56th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2019 Conference Program

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Enforcing the Law

Session Chair: Michael Hasday
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The Rank-Order Method for Appellate Subset Selection
Presenter: Michael Hasday
Discussant: Perry Ferrell

Beat cops and beat reporters: The impact of local press on police behavior
Presenter: Perry Ferrell
Discussant: Julia Norgaard

The Impact of Plea Bargaining on the Reduction of Case Backlog in the Ugandan Judicial System
Presenter: Julia Norgaard
Discussant: Bryan McCannon

Who Wants to Plea Bargain?
Presenter: Bryan McCannon
Discussant: Michael Hasday


Conflict, Elections and Growth

Session Chair: Marek Kaminski
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

PR versus SMDs: Tradeoff between higher turnout and lower quality of votes? Evidence from the Polish local elections of 2014 and 2010.
Presenter: Marek Kaminski
Co-Author(s): Flis, Jarek
Discussant: Kim Leonie Kellermann

Immigration and Anti-Immigrant Sentiments – Evidence from the 2017 German Parliamentary Election
Presenter: Kim Leonie Kellermann
Co-Author(s): Winter, Simon
Discussant: Zachary Schaller

Bargaining and conflict with up-front investments
Presenter: Zachary Schaller
Co-Author(s): Skaperdas, Stergios
Discussant: Marek Kaminski

Kentucky Suite

Smith, Buchanan, and Ethics

Session Chair: Nimai Mehta
Session Organizer: Yong Yoon

The Extent of the Market and Ethics
Presenter: Yong Yoon
Discussant: Nimai Mehta

The Productive-Unproductive Puzzle in Adam Smith: What have we Missed?
Presenter: Nimai Mehta
Discussant: David Coker

"From Convention to Social Contract"
Presenter: David Coker
Discussant: David Levy

James Buchanan and the Return to an Economics of Natural Equals
Presenter: David Levy
Co-Author(s): Peart, Sandra J.
Discussant: Yong Yoon


The Economics of the Past

Session Chair: Ennio Piano
Session Organizer: Ennio Piano

The Role of the Executive Branch’s Settlement Authority in the Interest-Group Theory of Government
Presenter: Bryan Cutsinger
Discussant: Ennio Piano

Inflationary finance in revolutionary France
Presenter: Louis Rouanet
Co-Author(s): Bryan Cutsinger ; Joshua Ingber
Discussant: Rosolino Candela

Productive Specialization, Peaceful Cooperation, and the Problem of the Predatory State: Lessons from Comparative Historical Political Economy
Presenter: Rosolino Candela
Co-Author(s): Boettke, Peter
Discussant: Louis Rouanet

Filling the ranks: The Remplacement Militaire in post-revolutionary France
Presenter: Louis Rouanet
Co-Author(s): Ennio Piano
Discussant: Bryan Cutsinger


Public Finance

Session Chair: Kaetana Leontjeva
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The Fiscal Truth: Personal Fiscal Information Curbs Enthusiasm for Tax and Spend
Presenter: Kaetana Leontjeva
Discussant: Roger Congleton

On the Causes of Social Security: Post Sample Forecasts of the Congleton and Shughart Model
Presenter: Roger Congleton
Co-Author(s): Marsella, Alex; Kim, Youngshin
Discussant: Gary Wagner

Campaigning For Retirement: State Teacher Union Campaign Contributions and Pension Generosity
Presenter: Gary Wagner
Co-Author(s): Elder, Erick M.
Discussant: Kaetana Leontjeva

Churchill Downs

Constitutional Political Economy

Session Chair: Laura Jenkins
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Paradise lost: the effect of judicial review on congressional deliberation over the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate
Presenter: Laura Jenkins
Co-Author(s): Jenkins, Laura
Discussant: Andrew Young

Sovereignty versus Commitment
Presenter: Andrew Young
Discussant: Andrew Jonelis

Signal of Strength? Executive Control of the Legislature and Growth
Presenter: Andrew Jonelis
Discussant: Laura Jenkins

Regency South A

Memorial Session on the Contributions of Larry Kenny

Session Chair: Roger Congleton
Session Organizer: Edward Lopez

Understanding Political Institutions and their Effects: The Intellectual Contributions of Lawrence Kenny
Presenter: Joshua Hall

Empirical Public Choice and Generous Mentoring: How Larry Kenny Excelled at Both
Presenter: Edward Lopez

Public School Finance in Florida: Larry Kenny's Contribution
Presenter: Randall Holcombe

Regency South B

Freedom, Politics, and Growth

Session Chair: Wilson Law
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Evolution of Economic Liberalization and Growth
Presenter: Wilson Law
Discussant: Dennis Coates

Components of Economic Freedom Impact on corporate performance: the evidence from Russian public companies
Presenter: Dennis Coates
Co-Author(s): Bykova, Anna
Discussant: Ilia Murtazashvili

Are individualistic societies more democratic?
Presenter: Ilia Murtazashvili
Co-Author(s): Salahodjaev, Raufhon; Nikolaev, Boris; Cai, Meina; Murtazashvili, Jennifer
Discussant: Wilson Law


Culture, Institutions and Development II

Session Chair: Daniel Bennett
Session Organizer: Daniel Bennett

Geography, Institutions and Economic Development
Presenter: James Gwartney
Co-Author(s): Montesinos, Hugo
Discussant: Christian Bjørnskov

Does Economic Freedom boost Growth for Everyone?
Presenter: Christian Bjørnskov
Co-Author(s): Bergh, Andreas
Discussant: Joseph Connors

The Process of Development and Implications for Worldwide Income Inequality
Presenter: Joseph Connors
Co-Author(s): Gwartney, James; Montesinos, Hugo
Discussant: Daniel Bennett

Egalitarian institutions, cultural norms & economic gender inequality
Presenter: Daniel Bennett
Co-Author(s): Matthew Bonick
Discussant: Andreas Bergh