Photo Attribution The 56th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2019 Conference Program

Saturday, March 16, 2019



Public Policy and Economic Consequences 2

Session Chair: Vasyl Kvartiuk
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The political economy of phasing out energy subsidies for groundwater irrigation in Iran
Presenter: Vasyl Kvartiuk
Co-Author(s): Vasyl Kvartiuk
Discussant: Tomomi Miyazaki

Interactions between Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus and Regional Employment: Evidence from Japan
Presenter: Tomomi Miyazaki
Co-Author(s): Haruo Kondo
Discussant: Anders Gustafsson

Exclusive Territories and Efficiency: Evidence from the brewing industry
Presenter: Jacob Burgdorf
Discussant: Robert Hazel

Explaining an Outlier – Why does the U.S. System of Airport Governance and Economic Regulation Persist?
Presenter: Robert Hazel
Discussant: Zachary Bartsch

Separating Uncertainties
Presenter: Zachary Bartsch
Discussant: Vasyl Kvartiuk


Sociology and Public Policy

Session Chair: Qijun Liu
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Social mobility in China
Presenter: Qijun Liu
Discussant: Malte Dold

When Is Preference Change Welfare-Increasing? An Evolutionary Approach to Normative Political Economy
Presenter: Malte Dold
Co-Author(s): Delmotte, Charles
Discussant: Dagmar Schulze Heuling

A missed criterion for common-pool resources institutions?
Presenter: Dagmar Schulze Heuling
Discussant: Ryan Murphy

Social Luddism
Presenter: Ryan Murphy
Discussant: Kim Leonie Kellermann

Immigration and Anti-Immigrant Sentiments – Evidence from the 2017 German Parliamentary Election
Presenter: Kim Leonie Kellermann
Co-Author(s): Winter, Simon
Discussant: Qijun Liu


Municipal Governance

Session Chair: Corey DeAngelis
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Which schools participate? An analysis of private school voucher program participation decisions across seven locations
Presenter: Corey DeAngelis
Discussant: James Strickland

Lobbying for a Cause: Public Interests, Private Interests, and Single-Interest Advocates
Presenter: James Strickland
Discussant: Joshua Hall

The Economic Impact of City-County Consolidations: A Synthetic Control Approach
Presenter: Joshua Hall
Co-Author(s): Matti, Josh; Zhou, Yang
Discussant: Caitlin Thompson

Technical Efficiency of U.S. Municipal Governments
Presenter: Caitlin Thompson
Co-Author(s): Wilson, Paul W.
Discussant: Weijie Luo

Determinants of government size: does business experience matter?
Presenter: Weijie Luo
Co-Author(s): Zhang, Guangnan
Discussant: Corey DeAngelis


Ignorance, Illusions, and Politics 2

Session Chair: William McAndrew
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Does the Hayek-Friedman Hypothesis Apply to the Internet?
Presenter: William McAndrew
Co-Author(s): Klingensmith, J. Zachary
Discussant: Olga Shvetsova

A heresthetic theory of constitution and treaty making
Presenter: Olga Shvetsova
Co-Author(s): Farrer. Benjamin; Carol Mershon, Carol
Discussant: M. Garrett Roth

Everything is Broken: Social Desirability Bias and Public Opinion Polling, 2012 vs. 2016
Presenter: M. Garrett Roth
Discussant: Anna Nowak

You failed! Government Satisfaction and Party Preferences Facing Islamist Terrorism
Presenter: Anna Nowak


Political Economy of the Korean peninsula

Session Chair: Yong Yoon
Session Organizer: Yong Yoon

North Korea’s Foreign Policymaking and Nuclear Weapons
Presenter: Pyungse (Daniel) Cho
Co-Author(s): Lim, Jae-cheon
Discussant: Bong Yoon

Socialist activism in S. Korea
Presenter: Bong Yoon
Discussant: Young Back Choi

Innovation Policies in South Korea
Presenter: Young Back Choi
Discussant: Yong Yoon

Denuclearization and Ambiguity
Presenter: Yong Yoon
Discussant: Pyungse (Daniel) Cho


Wagnerian Political Economy

Session Chair: Diana Thomas
Session Organizer: Diana Thomas

The Tax Code as an Emergent Phenomenon
Presenter: Jeremy Horpedahl
Discussant: Diana Thomas

The Fiscal Squeeze: State Budgets between Fiscal Illusion, Fiscal Commons, and the Tyranny of Experts
Presenter: Diana Thomas
Co-Author(s): Thomas, Michael D.
Discussant: Adam Martin

Talk in Political Economy: Spurious Speech or Decisive Deliberation?
Presenter: Adam Martin
Discussant: Richard Wagner

Emergence and Entanglement in a Theory of Political Economy
Presenter: Richard Wagner
Discussant: Jeremy Horpedahl


Theory and Elections 2

Session Chair: Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Election inversions in a parliamentary democracy with proportional representation
Presenter: Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard
Discussant: Yasushi Asako

Strategic Ambiguity with Probabilistic Voting
Presenter: Yasushi Asako
Discussant: Mats Ekman

Advance Voting and Political Competiton
Presenter: Mats Ekman
Discussant: Tetsuro Okazaki

Valence, Endorsement and Media Diversity in Election
Presenter: Tetsuro Okazaki
Discussant: Steven Brams

The Excess Method: A Multiwinner Approval Voting Procedure to Allocate Wasted Votes
Presenter: Steven Brams
Co-Author(s): Brill, Markus
Discussant: Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard


Trust and Governance 2

Session Chair: Laurenz Derksen
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Origins of Ethnic Clientelism
Presenter: Laurenz Derksen
Co-Author(s): Bonick, Matthew
Discussant: Wanlin Lin

Institutional Diversity of the Redevelopment of Urban Villages in Chna
Presenter: Wanlin Lin
Discussant: Alexander Craig

Is Social Capital Underproduced and Can it Be Cultivated?
Presenter: Alexander Craig
Co-Author(s): Haeffele, Stefanie
Discussant: Andreas Bergh

Hayekian Welfare States: Explaining the co-existence of economic freedom and big government
Presenter: Andreas Bergh
Discussant: Roberto Zotti

The sacred and the profane of budget cycles: evidence from Italian municipalities
Presenter: Roberto Zotti
Co-Author(s): Revelli Federico
Discussant: Laurenz Derksen


Regulation and Politics

Session Chair: Ted Rossier
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

From the quad to the courts: speech codes and lawsuits at public universities
Presenter: Ted Rossier

Voting on carbon taxes in the state of Washington
Presenter: John Beck
Discussant: Shelby Grossman

The Collusion Dilemma: Theory with Evidence from Informal Markets in Lagos, Nigeria
Presenter: Shelby Grossman
Co-Author(s): Grossman, Shelby; Holland, Alisha
Discussant: Ted Rossier