Photo Attribution The 56th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2019 Conference Program


Friday, March 15
8:00am — 9:30am

Churchill Downs


Session Chair: Daniel Gibbs
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Civil service reform, self-selection, and bureaucratic performance
Presenter: Daniel Gibbs
Discussant: Janet Kohlhase

Can Bureaucrats Manipulate Policy Outcomes?
Presenter: Janet Kohlhase
Co-Author(s): Craig, Steven; Hoang, Edward; Kohlhase, Janet
Discussant: Pedro Camões

Where or Whom to Contract? An Empirical Study of Political Proximity in Public Procurement at Municipal Level
Presenter: Pedro Camões
Co-Author(s): Cerejeira, João
Discussant: Alfa Farah

Winning a District Office in a Clientelistic Society: Evidence from Indonesia
Presenter: Alfa Farah
Discussant: Daniel Gibbs