Photo Attribution The 56th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2019 Conference Program

Culture, Institutions and Development I

Friday, March 15
2:40pm — 4:10pm


Culture, Institutions and Development I

Session Chair: Daniel Bennett
Session Organizer: Daniel Bennett

Securing Personal Freedom through Institutions – The Role of Democracy and Judicial Independence
Presenter: Niclas Berggren
Co-Author(s): Gutmann, Jerg
Discussant: Hugo Moises Montesinos-Yufa

The Role of Culture and Institutions in Economic Development
Presenter: Hugo Moises Montesinos-Yufa
Co-Author(s): Bennett, Daniel; Faria, Hugo; Gwartney, James; Navarro, Carlos

Trust, regulation and contracting institutions
Presenter: Claudia Williamson
Co-Author(s): Cline, Brandon
Discussant: Niclas Berggren