Photo Attribution The 56th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2019 Conference Program

Experimental Public Choice III

Friday, March 2
4:20pm — 5:50pm

Carolina Ballroom A

Experimental Public Choice III

Session Chair: Gregory DeAngelo
Session Organizer: Gregory DeAngelo

Wage Distributions – Preferences and Productivity
Presenter: Eric Cardella
Co-Author(s): Alex Roomets
Discussant: Adam Hoffer

An Experimental Investigation of the Calculus of Consent
Presenter: Adam Hoffer
Discussant: Libby Jenke

Liberal or paternalistic preferences? An experimental test
Presenter: Fabrice Le Lec
Co-Author(s): Benoît, Tarroux
Discussant: Michael Makowsky

Rent dissipation and streamlined costs: Laboratory experiments
Presenter: Charles Holt
Co-Author(s): Goeree, Jacob and Smith, Angela
Discussant: Keith Dougherty