Photo Attribution The 56th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2019 Conference Program

Governance and Economic Development

Friday, March 15
2:40pm — 4:10pm

Governance and Economic Development

Session Chair: Alberto Batinti
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Voting Up? The Effects of Democratic Institutions on Human Stature
Presenter: Alberto Batinti
Co-Author(s): Costa-Font, Joan; Hatton, Timothy J.
Discussant: Michael Dorsch

Learning to constrain: Political competition and randomized controlled trials in development
Presenter: Michael Dorsch
Co-Author(s): Corduneanu-Huci, Cristina; Maarek, Paul
Discussant: Helena Helfer

Democracy and Prosperity – The Special Case of Latin America
Presenter: Helena Helfer
Discussant: Nicholas Reinarts

Democracy, Stability, and Prosperity: A Panel Data Analysis
Presenter: Nicholas Reinarts
Discussant: Alberto Batinti