Photo Attribution The 56th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2019 Conference Program

Plott Experiments 1

Friday, March 3
8:00am — 9:30am

Iberville Room

Plott Experiments 1

Session Chair: Keith Dougherty
Session Organizer: Keith Dougherty

Divergence, Closed Cycles and Convergence in Scarf Environments: Experiments in the Dynamics of General Equilibrium Systems
Presenter: Ming Hsu
Co-Author(s): Hirota, Masayoshi; Plott, Charles; Rogers, Brian
Discussant: Jonathan Woon

Vetoes and Information Aggregation with Negatively Informed Voters
Presenter: Rebecca Morton
Co-Author(s): Piovesan, Marco; Tyran, Jean-Robert
Discussant: Ming Hsu

Shopping for Trust
Presenter: Rick Wilson
Co-Author(s): Eckel, Catherine C.
Discussant: Rebecca Morton

Public Deliberation, Private Communication, and Collective Choice
Presenter: Jonathan Woon
Co-Author(s): Pronin, Kira
Discussant: Rick Wilson