58th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2021 Public Choice Society, March 11-13, Savannah Georgia

Saturday, March 13, 2021

8:00am – 9:30am

Warfare and Economy

Session Chair: Mehrdad Vahabi
Session Organizer: Mehrdad Vahabi

A Theory of the Socialist System: The Warfare Economy during the Peace Time
Presenter: Mehrdad Vahabi
Discussant: Petros Sekeris

Complementarities in Conflict: How nations and empires expand
Presenter: Petros Sekeris
Discussant: Antoine Pietri

Enemies with benefits: On the rationale of trading arms with an enemy
Presenter: Antoine Pietri
Co-Author(s): Julien Malizard
Discussant: Olfa Bouallegue

The Economic Rationale of Tunisian Revolution: A Public Choice Perspective
Presenter: Olfa Bouallegue
Discussant: Mehrdad Vahabi

Monetary Politics

Session Chair: Bryan Cutsinger
Session Organizer: Kevin Grier

On Price Stability with a Job Guarantee
Presenter: Brian Albrecht

Monetary Rules without Romance
Presenter: Bryan Cutsinger

Is Seigniorage Optimal
Presenter: PCS Member

Differences in Monetary Policy Transparency as a Determinant for WTO Disputes
Presenter: Silvio Livio Simonetti Neto

Institutional Paradoxes, Failure, and Mistakes - Honoring Nicholas Miller

Session Chair: Bonnie Wilson
Session Organizer: Marek Kaminski

Shot in the Foot: Unintended Political Consequences of Electoral Engineering in the Turkish Parliamentary Elections in 2018
Presenter: Ugurcan Evci
Discussant: Brian Kaiser

The 2016 Election Inversion in Historical and Theoretical Perspective (with 2020 updates)
Presenter: Nicholas Miller
Discussant: Ugurcan Evci

Virginia Political Economy I: System Theories

Session Chair: Richard Wagner
Session Organizer: Richard Wagner

Constitutional Bargains, Civic Discourse, and the Roots of the Liberal Order
Presenter: James Caton
Discussant: Jonathan Plante

Toward a Theory of Symbiotics: Illuminating Societal Evolution through a Theory of Entangled Political Economy
Presenter: Jonathan Plante
Discussant: James Caton

An Entropic Systems Theory of Market-State Interaction
Presenter: Zachary Kessler
Discussant: Abigail Devereaux

Formalizing Polycentric Governance: Could ‘Synecological’ Systems Show the Way Forward?
Presenter: Abigail Devereaux
Discussant: Zachary Kessler

Electricity Markets

Session Chair: Lynne Kiesling
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Information and Efficiency of Electricity Provision
Presenter: Labanyalata Roy
Co-Author(s): Piano Ennio
Discussant: Marie Layoun

On the Regulation of Informal Electricity Provision
Presenter: Marie Layoun
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Keri Lawson

“Electricity Outages and House Fires: Evidence from Cape Town”
Presenter: Keri Lawson
Co-Author(s): NA
Discussant: Lynne Kiesling

From Airbnb to Solar: Toward A Transaction Cost Model of a Retail Electricity Distribution Platform
Presenter: Lynne Kiesling
Co-Author(s): Munger, Michael; Theisen, Alexander
Discussant: Labanyalata Roy


Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

(En-)`lightening' Children: Assessing the Impacts of Access to Electricity on Learning Achievement Levels
Presenter: Jai Kamal
Co-Author(s): Chatterjee Somdeep; Hastawala Shiv
Discussant: Chandler Reilly

The role of universities in defense research
Presenter: Chandler Reilly
Co-Author(s): None
Discussant: Dillon Tauzin

Rent-Seeking in Education: The Decline of the Monitorial System of Schooling
Presenter: Dillon Tauzin
Co-Author(s): none
Discussant: Haibin Jiang

The effects of the Child Care Tax Credit on Children’s Long-term Educational Achievement
Presenter: Haibin Jiang
Co-Author(s): No co-authors
Discussant: Jai Kamal

Fiscal Policy

Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

State business income taxes and business dynamism
Presenter: Thomas Brosy
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Andreas Bergh

Three minutes to midnight: an update to the Debt Default Clock
Presenter: Baker Spring
Co-Author(s): N.A.
Discussant: Andreas Bergh

Does the welfare state and income equality mitigate populism? An analysis of European democracies
Presenter: Andreas Bergh
Co-Author(s): Kärna, Anders
Discussant: Thomas Brosy

Tweeting Municipalities
Presenter: Andreas Bergh
Co-Author(s): Anzén, Christina; Moricz, Sara
Discussant: Baker Spring

Gender and Race

Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The glass ceiling effect for high-profile career positions and the effect of political attitudes
Presenter: Dalila Lindov
Co-Author(s): none
Discussant: Pierre Siklos

Information Transmission under Increasing Political Tensions - Evidence from the Berlin Produce Exchange 1887-1896
Presenter: Pierre Siklos
Co-Author(s): Bohl, Martin; Sulewski, Christoph; Putz, Alexander
Discussant: Feler Bose

Sexual Freedom, Fertility, and Time Preferences: Spatial Panel Data Analysis from 1960 to 2010
Presenter: Feler Bose
Co-Author(s): Jacob, Jeffry
Discussant: Phil Magness

Consumer Sovereignty and W.H. Hutt’s Critique of the Color Bar
Presenter: Phil Magness
Co-Author(s): Art Carden; Ilia Murtazashvili
Discussant: Dalila Lindov

10:00am – 11:30am

Plenary Session: Susan Rose-Ackerman, "Corruption as a Problem in Public Choice"

Session Chair: William Shughart
Session Organizer: William Shughart

Plenary Talk: "Corruption as a Problem in Public Choice"
Presenter: Public Choice Society President

11:30am – 1:00pm

Banking, Monetary Policy and Public Choice

Session Chair: Louis Rouanet
Session Organizer: Louis Rouanet

As Good as Gold? Commitment Problems and Convertible Paper Money
Presenter: Joshua Hendrickson
Co-Author(s): Bryan Cutsinger
Discussant: Louis Rouanet

Assignats or Death: Inflationary Finance in Revolutionary France
Presenter: Louis Rouanet
Co-Author(s): Bryan Cutsinger and Josh Ingber

Conformity at the Federal Open Market Committee
Presenter: Thomas Hogan
Discussant: Peter Hazlett

The Redistributive Politics of Monetary Policy
Presenter: Peter Hazlett
Co-Author(s): Louis Rouanet
Discussant: Joshua Hendrickson

Bridging research and policy: occupational licensing as a case study

Session Chair: Edward Timmons
Session Organizer: Edward Timmons

Perspective of a professor #1
Presenter: Brian Meehan

Perspective of a professor #2
Presenter: Alicia Plemmons

Perspective of a policy professional
Presenter: Jarrett Skorup

Perspective of a former legislator
Presenter: Laura Ebke


Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Rural vs Urban Covid Spread
Presenter: Ryan Yonk
Co-Author(s): Raymond March; Fiona Harrigan; Amelia Janaskie
Discussant: Marcelin Joanis

Infrastructure Politics in the Age of COVID-19
Presenter: Marcelin Joanis
Co-Author(s): .
Discussant: Artyom Jelnov

Vaccination Policy and Trust
Presenter: Artyom Jelnov
Co-Author(s): Jelnov,Pavel
Discussant: Gavin Roberts

How Price-Gouging Regulation Undermined COVID-19 Mitigation: Evidence of Unintended Consequences
Presenter: Gavin Roberts
Co-Author(s): Rik Chakraborti
Discussant: Ryan Yonk


Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The golden age of the economics of bureaucracy (1965-85)
Presenter: Michael Wu
Co-Author(s): Moore, Gregory C. G.
Discussant: Anders Kärnä

Ballooning bureaucracy: understanding bureaucratic growth within organizations
Presenter: Anders Kärnä
Co-Author(s): Fredrik W. Andersson; Henrik Jordahl
Discussant: Laura Langbein

Money Matters: Sector Differences, Competition, and the Public Personnel System
Presenter: Laura Langbein
Co-Author(s): Roberts, Fei
Discussant: Hideki Konishi

Why High-level Executives Earn Less in the Governmental Than in the Private Sector
Presenter: Hideki Konishi
Co-Author(s): Glazer, Amihai
Discussant: Michael Wu

Constitutional Political Economy

Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Don't speak? Proximate correlates of the attitudes towards the freedom of speech.
Presenter: Niels-Hugo Blunch
Co-Author(s): None.
Discussant: M. Garrett Roth

Toward a Public Choice Framework for Secession
Presenter: M. Garrett Roth
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Zachary Kessler

Examining the Endogenous Institutional Conditions Shaping Revolutionary Outcomes: Evidence from the Arab Spring
Presenter: Zachary Kessler
Co-Author(s): None
Discussant: Jacek Lewkowicz

In the Network of Political Alignment: the Case of Adjudication Panels of the Constitutional Tribunal of the Republic of Poland
Presenter: Jacek Lewkowicz
Co-Author(s): FAŁKOWSKI, Jan
Discussant: Nathan Goodman

Austrian Perspectives

Session Chair: Daniel Nientiedt
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Hayek's Twin Ideas: Reconciling Methodological Individualism and Group Selection
Presenter: Alexander Schaefer
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Daniel Nientiedt

Hayekian Economic Policy
Presenter: Daniel Nientiedt
Co-Author(s): Feld, Lars P.
Discussant: Robert Gmeiner

Artificial intelligence and economic calculation
Presenter: Robert Gmeiner
Co-Author(s): Harper, Mario
Discussant: Glenn Furton

The Use of Knowledge in the Environment
Presenter: Glenn Furton
Co-Author(s): Eubanks, Larry
Discussant: Alexander Schaefer

Analytical Narratives

Session Chair: Yong Yoon
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Can Corporate "Personhood" Teach Us Anything About Algorithms
Presenter: Jeremy Kidd
Co-Author(s): Kidd, Jeremy
Discussant: Konstantin Zhukov

Institutional Expectations and Coordination
Presenter: Konstantin Zhukov
Co-Author(s): None
Discussant: John Horowitz

Peer-to-Peer Governance of Conducible Goods
Presenter: John Horowitz
Co-Author(s): David Thomas
Discussant: Yong Yoon

Artificial Man, Narrative Man, and Pico-economics
Presenter: Yong Yoon
Co-Author(s): no coauthor
Discussant: Jeremy Kidd

Social Networks

Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Peer pressure matters: the role of social networks on civil society participation
Presenter: Cameron Tilley
Co-Author(s): None
Discussant: Clara Jace

The Family and the State: A Public Choice Perspective
Presenter: Clara Jace
Co-Author(s): n/a
Discussant: Ricardo R. Noé

Property Rights and Interest Group Emergence in Costa Rica and Honduras
Presenter: Ricardo R. Noé
Discussant: Cameron Tilley

1:00pm – 2:30pm

Awards Luncheon

Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

2:40pm – 4:10pm

Historical Political Economy

Session Chair: Ennio Piano
Session Organizer: Ennio Piano

Fisheries, development, and statelessness: The Gaspesian peninsula circa 1830
Presenter: Vincent Geloso
Discussant: Ennio Piano

A Reappraisal of America's Free Banking Experiment
Presenter: Bryan Cutsinger
Discussant: Fernando Arteaga

Shipwrecked by Rents
Presenter: Fernando Arteaga
Co-Author(s): Mark Koyama
Discussant: Vincent Geloso

Specialization and the firm in Renaissance Italian Art
Presenter: Ennio Piano
Discussant: Bryan Cutsinger

Different Freedoms

Session Chair: Christian Bjørnskov
Session Organizer: Christian Bjørnskov

Economic freedom and start-up activity in Russia
Presenter: Dennis Coates
Co-Author(s): Evgeniy Zazdravnykh, Marina Livinets
Discussant: Niclas Berggren

Political Institutions and Academic Freedom: New Empirical Evidence from Across the World
Presenter: Niclas Berggren
Discussant: Malte Dold

The Institutional Implications of Knightian Uncertainty
Presenter: Malte Dold
Co-Author(s): Mario Rizzo
Discussant: Dennis Coates

Coups! Corruption!

Session Chair: Kevin Grier
Session Organizer: Kevin Grier

The Rent-Switching Effect: Unintended Consequences of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Presenter: Jamie Bologna
Discussant: Kevin Grier

Corruption and the Wealth of Nations
Presenter: Robin Grier
Discussant: Samuel Absher

A time to plot, a time to reap: Coups, regime changes and inequality
Presenter: Bodo Knoll
Discussant: Robin Grier

Consequences of CIA Coups in Latin America
Presenter: Samuel Absher
Discussant: Bodo Knoll

Public Choice and Civil Society

Session Chair: Anthony Gill
Session Organizer: Anthony Gill

The efficient smoke of burnt offerings: trust and transaction costs in the gifting economy
Presenter: Anthony Gill
Co-Author(s): Thomas, Michael D.
Discussant: Victor Claar

Investment, Saving, & Envy
Presenter: Victor Claar

Robust Political Economy and Civil Society
Presenter: PCS Member
Discussant: Nathanael Snow

The Political Economy of the Informal Social Group, and the Origins of Legitimacy
Presenter: Nathanael Snow
Discussant: Anthony Gill

Perspectives on Complex and Entangled Political Economy

Session Chair: Abigail Devereaux
Session Organizer: Abigail Devereaux

The Emergence and Entanglement of Economic Indicators
Presenter: Abigail Devereaux
Discussant: Cameron Harwick

Money's Modified Moral Meaning in Modern Markets: A Formalization of the Simmel Hypothesis
Presenter: Cameron Harwick
Discussant: Abigail Devereaux

Cascading Expert Failure: Rethinking the Question of Market Failure
Presenter: Jon Murphy
Co-Author(s): None
Discussant: Anthony Gill

Africa and China

Session Chair: Georgios Chortareas
Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Ethnic legacies and political attitudes in the context of Africa
Presenter: Georgios Melios
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Joseph Kamuzhanje

Rethinking Subnational Governance: The Opportunities and Challenges with the New Constitutional Provisions in Zimbabwe
Presenter: Joseph Kamuzhanje
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Helena Helfer

Democracy and Prosperity – The Special Case of Sub-Saharan Africa
Presenter: Helena Helfer
Co-Author(s): None
Discussant: Georgios Melios

Crime, Gangs and Prisons

Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

The Economics of Gang Membership Requirements
Presenter: Henry Thompson
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Kaitlyn Woltz

The Role of Prisoner Voice in Criminal Justice Reform
Presenter: Kaitlyn Woltz
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Roger White

Sales Tax and Arson
Presenter: Roger White
Co-Author(s): Snow, Mason
Discussant: Kaitlyn Woltz

The Role of Prison Journalism in the US Criminal Justice Bureaucracy
Presenter: Kaitlyn Woltz
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Henry Thompson


Session Organizer: Public Choice Society President

Addressing sample selection bias in machine learning algorithms used to predict election outcomes
Presenter: Dylan Brewer
Co-Author(s): Carlson, Alyssa
Discussant: Roberto Peroncini

Transformation of Democracy by threatening Leviathan . A tribute to Vilfredo Pareto and James Buchanan
Presenter: Roberto Peroncini
Co-Author(s): I reserve the right to indicate another one.
Discussant: Nick Cowen

Is Knowledge King? Epistocracy and the Dynamics of Real-Existing Democracies
Presenter: Nick Cowen
Co-Author(s): Trantidis, Aris
Discussant: Dylan Brewer

4:20pm – 5:30pm

Plenary Session: Claudia R. Williamson "Culture, Democracy, and Regulation"

Session Chair: William Shughart
Session Organizer: William Shughart

Plenary Talk: "Culture, Democracy, and Regulation"
Presenter: Claudia Williamson
Discussant: Lynne Kiesling