58th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2021 Public Choice Society, March 11-13, Savannah Georgia

Saturday, March 13, 2021

03/13/2021 11:59pm – Open

Cancelled Papers

Causal versus Consequential Motives in Mental Models of Agent Social and Economic Action: Experiments, and the Neoclassical Diversion in Economics
Presenter: PCS Member

A Market for Citizenships why Citizenship should be Commodified
Presenter: Ingemar Bengtsson

The empirical arbitrariness of social choice
Presenter: Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard

Exploring How Regulation Shapes Small Technology Startups
Presenter: Liya Palagashvili
Co-Author(s): n/a

Why High-level Executives Earn Less in the Governmental Than in the Private Sector
Presenter: Hideki Konishi
Co-Author(s): Glazer, Amihai

Toward a Public Choice Framework for Secession
Presenter: M. Garrett Roth
Co-Author(s): N/A

Institutional Expectations and Coordination
Presenter: Konstantin Zhukov
Co-Author(s): None

Political Institutions and Academic Freedom: New Empirical Evidence from Across the World
Presenter: Niclas Berggren

Institutional reform paths
Presenter: Clemens Buchen
Co-Author(s): None

Information Transmission under Increasing Political Tensions - Evidence from the Berlin Produce Exchange 1887-1896
Presenter: Pierre Siklos
Co-Author(s): Bohl, Martin; Sulewski, Christoph; Putz, Alexander

The glass ceiling effect for high-profile career positions and the effect of political attitudes
Presenter: Dalila Lindov
Co-Author(s): none

Predatory capitalism. Understanding property rights in hybrid regimes
Presenter: Miklos Rosta

Vaccination Policy and Trust
Presenter: Artyom Jelnov
Co-Author(s): Jelnov,Pavel

Deregulation, Listing and Delisting
Presenter: Robert Loveland
Co-Author(s): Mulherin, J. Harold; Okoeguale, Kevin

Primacy effects in proportional representation and single-member district elections
Presenter: Marek Kaminski

(En-)`lightening' Children: Assessing the Impacts of Access to Electricity on Learning Achievement Levels
Presenter: Jai Kamal
Co-Author(s): Chatterjee Somdeep; Hastawala Shiv

Elinor Ostrom on Working Together
Presenter: Marianne Johnson
Co-Author(s): None

Unemployment Policy as Predation - Public Works Program in Hungary
Presenter: Judit Kalman

Complementarities in Conflict: How nations and empires expand
Presenter: Petros Sekeris

A Theory of the Socialist System: The Warfare Economy during the Peace Time
Presenter: Mehrdad Vahabi

Political capitalism under the Islamic Republic of Iran
Presenter: Mehrdad Vahabi

Money Matters: Sector Differences, Competition, and the Public Personnel System
Presenter: Laura Langbein
Co-Author(s): Roberts, Fei

A time to plot, a time to reap: Coups, regime changes and inequality
Presenter: Bodo Knoll

Democracy and Prosperity – The Special Case of Sub-Saharan Africa
Presenter: Helena Helfer
Co-Author(s): None

How Price-Gouging Regulation Undermined COVID-19 Mitigation: Evidence of Unintended Consequences
Presenter: Gavin Roberts
Co-Author(s): Rik Chakraborti

Enemies with benefits: On the rationale of trading arms with an enemy
Presenter: Antoine Pietri
Co-Author(s): Julien Malizard

Implications of Soundness-Dependent Effects for Interventions in the Replication Crisis
Presenter: Aydin Mohseni

Redistricting: Squaring the Circle of Seemingly Incompatible Legal Standards
Presenter: Bernard Grofman

Strategic games and hidden incentives in Formula 1 racing
Presenter: Brian Kaiser

Reflections on Political Paradoxes
Presenter: Steven Brams

Shot in the Foot: Unintended Political Consequences of Electoral Engineering in the Turkish Parliamentary Elections in 2018
Presenter: Ugurcan Evci
Co-Author(s): Marek Kaminski

The empirical arbitrariness of social choice
Presenter: Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard

The 2016 Election Inversion in Historical and Theoretical Perspective (with 2020 updates)
Presenter: Nicholas Miller

The Economic Rationale of Tunisian Revolution: A Public Choice Perspective
Presenter: Olfa Bouallegue

Polycentric Defense in the Civil Rights Movement
Presenter: Nathan Goodman
Co-Author(s): N/A

Tweeting Municipalities
Presenter: Andreas Bergh
Co-Author(s): Anzén, Christina; Moricz, Sara

Does the welfare state and income equality mitigate populism? An analysis of European democracies
Presenter: Andreas Bergh
Co-Author(s): Kärna, Anders

Infrastructure Politics in the Age of COVID-19
Presenter: Marcelin Joanis
Co-Author(s): .

Differences in Monetary Policy Transparency as a Determinant for WTO Disputes
Presenter: Silvio Livio Simonetti Neto

Can Public Officials Understand and Accept the Ranked Pairs Rule?
Presenter: Tyler Caraza-Harter

Russian Merger Control: in Favor of Foreign Companies?
Presenter: Anastasiia Redkina
Co-Author(s): Jardon, Carlos; Molodchik, Mariia

The Rent-Switching Effect: Unintended Consequences of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Presenter: Jamie Bologna Pavlik

Peer-to-Peer Governance of Conducible Goods
Presenter: John Horowitz
Co-Author(s): David Thomas

Is Dodgson's Proposal the Answer to Residual Strategic Vulnerability under Condorcet-Hare?
Presenter: James Green-Armytage

Hayekian Economic Policy
Presenter: Daniel Nientiedt
Co-Author(s): Feld, Lars P.

Tacit collusion in politics
Presenter: Anders Kärnä
Co-Author(s): Christian Johansson; Jaakko Meriläinen

Ballooning bureaucracy: understanding bureaucratic growth within organizations
Presenter: Anders Kärnä
Co-Author(s): Fredrik W. Andersson; Henrik Jordahl

The Sustainability of Mexican Municipalities Debt
Presenter: Ernesto del Castillo
Co-Author(s): René Cabral Torres; Eduardo Saucedo de la Fuente

The golden age of the economics of bureaucracy (1965-85)
Presenter: Michael Wu
Co-Author(s): Moore, Gregory C. G.

Informativeness vs. Responsiveness: An Endogenous Legislative Trade-off
Presenter: Benjamin Ogden
Co-Author(s): n/a

Policy conflict and the distribution of government capacity
Presenter: Thomas Choate
Co-Author(s): n/a

Immigration and Economic Freedom of the US States: Does Time in the US Matter?
Presenter: Alexandre Padilla
Co-Author(s): Nicolás Cachanosky; Dean Stansel; Meg Tuszynski

Economic Spillovers and Political Payoffs in Government Competition for Firms: Evidence from the Kansas City Border War
Presenter: Donghyuk Kim
Co-Author(s): N/A

“Electricity Outages and House Fires: Evidence from Cape Town”
Presenter: Kerianne Lawson
Co-Author(s): NA

Participation Quorum when Voting is Costly
Presenter: Dmitriy Vorobyev
Co-Author(s): Matveenko, Andrei; Valei, Azamat

On the Regulation of Informal Electricity Provision
Presenter: Marie Layoun
Co-Author(s): N/A

When does entrepreneurship create lasting firms?
Presenter: Christian Bjørnskov
Co-Author(s): Nikolai Foss; Chloe Xu

Do we need prospect theory to explain politics and conflict?
Presenter: Jhonatan Saldana Diaz
Co-Author(s): None

Why Matriliny?
Presenter: Mats Ekman
Co-Author(s): Ekman, Mats (sole author)

Transformation of Democracy by threatening Leviathan . A tribute to Vilfredo Pareto and James Buchanan
Presenter: Roberto Peroncini

Environmental quality, dirty consumption and abatement attempts in an inequality economy
Presenter: Toshihiro Ihori
Co-Author(s): None

In the Network of Political Alignment: the Case of Adjudication Panels of the Constitutional Tribunal of the Republic of Poland
Presenter: Jacek Lewkowicz
Co-Author(s): FAŁKOWSKI, Jan

Similes cum Similibus: How Shared Characteristics Shape Election and Policy Outcomes
Presenter: Benjamin Ogden
Co-Author(s): Bromo, Francesco

Political capitalism in the French heath system: the welfare state against the citizens' health
Presenter: Philippe Batifoulier
Co-Author(s): Nicolas Da Silva

Information and Efficiency of Electricity Provision
Presenter: Labanyalata Roy
Co-Author(s): Piano Ennio

Information Transmission under Increasing Political Tensions - Evidence from the Berlin Produce Exchange 1887-1896
Presenter: Pierre Siklos
Co-Author(s): Bohl, Martin; Sulewski, Christoph; Putz, Alexander

Comparing plurality rule against Borda count on the basis of their majoritarian axioms
Presenter: Jac Heckelman

Corruption accusations and bureaucratic performance: Evidence from Pakistan
Presenter: Ummad Mazhar
Co-Author(s): Iftikhar, Komal

Institutional quality and liberal land reforms acceptance: The case of Ukrainian land reform
Presenter: Vasyl Kvartiuk
Co-Author(s): Deininger, Klaus

Does it pay to be a regional MP in Russia? Regulatory capture in Russian agricultural subsidization
Presenter: Vasyl Kvartiuk
Co-Author(s): Herzfeld, Thomas

Rethinking Subnational Governance in Zimbabwe: The Challenges with the New Constitutional Provisions in Zimbabwe
Presenter: Joseph Kamuzhanje
Co-Author(s): N/A

Economic freedom and start-up activity in Russia
Presenter: Dennis Coates
Co-Author(s): Evgeniy Zazdravnykh, Marina Livinets

Resignation as Promotion? Assessing Patterns of Early Departure in the Argentine Congress, 1983-2017
Presenter: Adrian Lucardi
Co-Author(s): Micozzi, Juan Pablo; Skigin, Natan

The Impact of Welfare Chauvinism on the Results of Right-Wing Populist Voting in Germany after the Refugee Crisis
Presenter: Pierre Rafih
Co-Author(s): Bartholomae, Florian; Nam, Chang Woon

Regional Innovation Networks & High-Growth Entrepreneurship
Presenter: Daniel Bennett
Co-Author(s): Gary Wagner

Institutions and Entrepreneurial Action: The Mediating Role of Socio-Cognitive Traits
Presenter: Daniel Bennett
Co-Author(s): Christopher Boudreaux; David Lucas; Boris Nikolaev

IIdentity Loss and Rent-Seeking in Gender Categories in Japan
Presenter: Kaori Hasegawa
Co-Author(s): None

An Economic Theory of Personality Cults
Presenter: Scott King
Co-Author(s): N/A

Migrants’ Diversity and Team’s Performance
Presenter: Matteo Pazzona
Co-Author(s): Addesa, Francesco; Rossi, Giambattista

The Use of Knowledge in the Environment
Presenter: Glenn Furton
Co-Author(s): Eubanks, Larry

"Beyond Markets and Governments: Fitting the Third Sector into the Entangled Political Economy Framework"
Presenter: Meg Patrick Tuszynski

The Continuing Debate on Military Conscription
Presenter: Mark Crain
Co-Author(s): Nicole Crain

The effects of the Child Care Tax Credit on Children’s Long-term Educational Achievement
Presenter: Haibin Jiang
Co-Author(s): No co-authors

Sales Tax and Arson
Presenter: Roger White
Co-Author(s): Snow, Mason