60th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2023 Public Choice Society, March 16-18, Seattle, Washington

Friday, March 17, 2023

8:00am – 9:30am

Institutions and Regulation

Session Chair: Vincent Carret
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

European internet regulation: a public choice explanation
Presenter: Bartek Chomanski
Discussant: W. Benedikt Schmal

Governing the Cartels - an Institutional Exploration
Presenter: W. Benedikt Schmal
Discussant: Vincent Carret

Competition, Regulation and Limits to Government in the European Coal and Steel Community
Presenter: Vincent Carret

Institutions of Freedom

Session Chair: Christian Bjørnskov
Session Organizer: Christian Bjørnskov

Microfoundations of effects of economic freedom
Presenter: Dennis Coates
Discussant: Nabamita Dutta

Can Economic Freedom explain country variation in Female Entrepreneurship?
Presenter: Nabamita Dutta
Discussant: Niclas Berggren

The Rule of Law Predicts Trust in Journalists and Scientists
Presenter: Niclas Berggren
Co-Author(s): Alexandra Sandström
Discussant: Jeremy Jackson

Who’s who in supporting religious liberty
Presenter: Jeremy Jackson
Co-Author(s): Art Carden; Sarah Estelle
Discussant: Dennis Coates

Institutions: Past, Present, and Criminal

Session Chair: Henry Thompson
Session Organizer: Henry Thompson

The Organization of Extortion
Presenter: Henry Thompson
Discussant: Adam Crepelle

Passing-the-Buck: Why Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta Will Exacerbate Indian Country's Public Safety Crisis
Presenter: Adam Crepelle
Discussant: Eric Alston

Police Unions Bargain For More than Money: Insulation and Entrenchment as Objectives Unique to Policing
Presenter: Eric Alston
Co-Author(s): Tate Fegley; Bryant Joachim Jackson-Green; Ilia Murtazashvili
Discussant: Henry Thompson

On the Road to the Nation-State: Itinerant Kingship in Medieval England
Presenter: Jacob Hall

Law and Economics 2

Session Chair: Jason Aimone
Session Organizer: Bryan McCannon

Chicken Tournaments
Presenter: Joy Kanengiser
Co-Author(s): Kole Reddig
Discussant: Bryan McCannon

Three Golden Balls: Pawn Shops and Crime
Presenter: Bryan McCannon
Co-Author(s): Zach Porreca
Discussant: Jason Aimone

Prosecutorial Discretion: A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation
Presenter: Jason Aimone
Co-Author(s): Stanton Hudja
Discussant: Filippo Pavesi

Misestimation of Danger and Collective Risk Management in the Context of COVID-19
Presenter: Toshihiro Ihori
Co-Author(s): Shintaro Nakagawa
Discussant: Joy Kanengiser

Economic Development and Economic Calculation

Session Chair: Julia Norgaard
Session Organizer: Thomas Stratmann

Ecological Rationality & The Common Law: Examining the burden of proof for new regulations based on behavioral economics
Presenter: Alexander Cartwright
Discussant: Scott Burns

Is Economic Growth Special to Special Economic Zones?
Presenter: Scott Burns
Co-Author(s): Caleb Fuller
Discussant: Julia Norgaard

Is Economic Growth Special to Special Economic Zones?
Presenter: Julia Norgaard
Co-Author(s): Alexander C. Cartwright
Discussant: Alexander Cartwright

Firms, Organizations, and Property Rights

Session Chair: Louis Rouanet
Session Organizer: Louis Rouanet

The Rule of Law in International Economic Development: An Application of Hayek’s Principles
Presenter: Paola Suarez
Discussant: Ennio Piano

On the efficiency of representative institutions: The case of the Italian communes
Presenter: Ennio Piano
Discussant: Paasha Mahdavi

A firm-centered theory of climate disclosure: Risk reporting and time horizons in the oil industry
Presenter: Paasha Mahdavi
Discussant: Paola Suarez

Institutional Paradoxes, Failure, and Mistakes 1 - Honoring Peter C. Ordeshook

Session Chair: Marek Kaminski
Session Organizer: Marek Kaminski

The Toss of a Coin: Electoral Engineering in Turkey from 1980 to 2018
Presenter: Ugurcan Evci
Discussant: Keith Dougherty

The Effect of Congressional Apportionment on U.S. Presidential Elections
Presenter: Keith Dougherty
Discussant: Maria Gallego

Modelling the influence of campaign contributions and advertising on Presidential elections
Presenter: Maria Gallego
Discussant: Ugurcan Evci

Why is political science not a science?
Presenter: Peter Ordeshook
Discussant: Maria Gallego

Political Economy and Policy

Session Chair: Ryan Yonk
Session Organizer: Ryan Yonk

Chinese Antitrust: Politics or Economics?
Presenter: Ethan Yang

The Fiscal Illusion of AI-Driven Fiscal Policy Solutions
Presenter: Amelia Janaskie

Banking on Jobs: Employment Guarantee Schemes and Financial Intermediation
Presenter: Mayuri Chaturvedi
Co-Author(s): Rauf, Asad
Discussant: Toshihiro Ihori

Misestimation of Danger and Collective Risk Management in the Context of COVID-19
Presenter: Toshihiro Ihori
Co-Author(s): Shintaro Nakagawa
Discussant: Ethan Yang

Roundtable on Public Choice Research in Latin America (Panelists info Coming Soon)

Session Chair: Lenore Ealy
Session Organizer: Santiago Fernández Ordóñez

9:30am – 10:00am

1:00pm – 2:30pm

Models of Rent-Seeking and Lobbying

Session Chair: Theo Simon
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Low Clearance: A Rent-Seeking Model of the Market for Security Clearances
Presenter: Caleb Petitt
Co-Author(s): Tegan Truitt
Discussant: Shane Sanders

Private Regulation of Free Ridership in Contest Alliances
Presenter: Shane Sanders
Discussant: Randall Holcombe

The transformative impact of rent-seeking theory on the study of public choice
Presenter: Randall Holcombe
Discussant: Theo Simon

The Nature of the Lobby. An institutional group-based Approach to the Economics of Lobbyism
Presenter: Theo Simon
Co-Author(s): Goldschmidt, Nils
Discussant: Caleb Petitt

Formal Political Economy Theory

Session Chair: Vlad Tarko
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Public information transmission, election control, and unique equilibrium political budget cycles
Presenter: Paulo Cox
Discussant: Steven Beckman

Urgency underlies necessity, complementarity, demand elasticity and monopoly regulation
Presenter: Steven Beckman
Co-Author(s): Smith, W. James
Discussant: Vlad Tarko

Social Norms, Personal Identity, and Rational Choice
Presenter: Vlad Tarko
Discussant: Paulo Cox

Historical Political Economy II

Session Chair: Robert Fleck
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Did the 'Quiet Revolution' Really Change Anything?
Presenter: Chandler Reilly
Co-Author(s): Geloso, Vincent
Discussant: Sean-Patrick Alvarez

Restricting Manumission in the Antebellum South: Evidence from Slave State Legislatures
Presenter: Sean-Patrick Alvarez
Co-Author(s): Piano, Ennio

Courts, Legislatures, and Evolving Property Rules: Lessons from Eminent Domain
Presenter: Robert Fleck
Co-Author(s): Andy Hanssen
Discussant: Sean-Patrick Alvarez

Legal Institutions in Game-Theoretic Models

Session Chair: Lottte Swank
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The puppeteer's dilemma: loyalty, endogenous authority, and indirect rule
Presenter: Benjamin Broman
Discussant: Georg Vanberg

Judicial Power and Judicial Independence: A Tale of Three Paths
Presenter: Georg Vanberg
Co-Author(s): Broman, Benjamin
Discussant: Marco Serena

All-in Fighting
Presenter: Marco Serena
Co-Author(s): Stefano Barbieri
Discussant: Lottte Swank

The Political Economy of the Design and Enforcement of Law
Presenter: Lottte Swank
Co-Author(s): Swank, Lotte; Vullings, Daniël; Schoonbeek, Lambert
Discussant: Benjamin Broman

Labor, Occupational Regulation, and Economic Welfare

Session Chair: Alicia Plemmons
Session Organizer: Alicia Plemmons

Indexing States' Propensity to Bar Entry: a New Occupational Licensing Index
Presenter: Noah Trudeau
Co-Author(s): Edward Timmons
Discussant: Agnitra Roy Choudhury

Access to Mental Health Care Services: Evidence Using Gun Violence
Presenter: Agnitra Roy Choudhury
Co-Author(s): Shishir Shakya
Discussant: Kihwan Bae

Exploring the effects of occupational licensing on wage inequality in the U.S.
Presenter: Kihwan Bae
Co-Author(s): Conor Norris and Edward Timmons
Discussant: Noah Trudeau

Civil Society as Collective Choice

Session Chair: Bonnie Wilson
Session Organizer: Bonnie Wilson

The Constitutional Choice Architecture of Civil Society
Presenter: Emily Skarbek
Discussant: Clara Piano

The Fertility Gap, Economic Freedom, and Civil Society
Presenter: Clara Piano
Discussant: Anthony Gill

Religion, Civil Society Governance, and Public Choice
Presenter: Anthony Gill
Discussant: Emily Skarbek

Political Economy of Conflict and Crime

Session Chair: Lucas Rentschler
Session Organizer: Bryan McCannon

The Crime Effect of Refugees
Presenter: Naci Mocan
Discussant: Lucas Rentschler

Dispute Resolution in the Signaling Model
Presenter: Paul Pecorino
Co-Author(s): Michael Solomon, Mark Van Boening
Discussant: Naci Mocan

How policing incentives affect crime, measurement, and justice
Presenter: Lucas Rentschler
Co-Author(s): Jordan Adamson
Discussant: Georgios Marios Bantis

Felon Enfranchisement’s Effect on Municipal Public Finance
Presenter: Georgios Marios Bantis
Discussant: Paul Pecorino

Institutional Paradoxes, Failure, and Mistakes 2 - Honoring Donald G. Saari

Session Chair: Marek Kaminski
Session Organizer: Marek Kaminski

How to design elections for the inclusion of more candidates and more voters?
Presenter: Wesley Holliday
Co-Author(s): Eric Pacuit, Yifeng Ding
Discussant: Marcelo Maciel

Majoritarian principles and critical junctures: an analysis of Brazil's 2018 presidential elections
Presenter: Marcelo Maciel
Discussant: Marek Kaminski

Strategic aspects of Duvergerian convergence
Presenter: Marek Kaminski
Co-Author(s): Jarosław Flis
Discussant: Wesley Holliday

The dark side of voting! What causes those voting paradoxes?
Presenter: Donald Saari
Discussant: Marcelo Maciel

Effects of Regulation on Business Success

Session Chair: Sriparna Ghosh
Session Organizer: Alicia Plemmons

Occupational Licensing and Employment: A Cross-Border Comparison of Licensed and Unlicensed Industries
Presenter: Walker Rhine
Discussant: Sriparna Ghosh

The Political Economy of CON Law Boards
Presenter: Sriparna Ghosh
Co-Author(s): Matthew Mitchell
Discussant: Brian Mulligan

Perspectives from Elite Executives on Rightsizing Regulations for Business Performance
Presenter: Brian Mulligan
Co-Author(s): Granados, Nelson, Ph.D.
Discussant: Darwyyn Deyo

The Burden of Occupational Regulation on Women-Driven Industries
Presenter: Darwyyn Deyo
Co-Author(s): Alicia Plemmons
Discussant: Sriparna Ghosh

2:30pm – 2:40pm

2:40pm – 4:10pm

Voting and Voters

Session Chair: Neel Sukhatme
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Do Voters Punish or Reward Agenda Setters? Evidence from Local Elections
Presenter: Walter Melnik
Discussant: Robert Ainsworth

District competitiveness increases voter turnout: evidence from repeated redistricting in North Carolina
Presenter: Robert Ainsworth
Co-Author(s): Garcia Munoz, Emanuel; Munoz Gomez, Andres
Discussant: Neel Sukhatme

Felony Financial Disenfranchisement
Presenter: Neel Sukhatme
Co-Author(s): Billy, Alexander; Bagwe, Gaurav


Session Chair: Elena Prenovitz
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Governing Externality with Consent
Presenter: Veeshan Rayamajhee
Co-Author(s): Rayamajhee, Veeshan; Mamkhezri, Jamal
Discussant: Otto Lehto

Intellectual Property and the Governance of Nested Externalities
Presenter: Otto Lehto
Co-Author(s): Goodman, Nathan
Discussant: Justus Enninga

The Consequences of Climate Change - Adaptation, Polycentricity and the Role of Nested Externalities
Presenter: Justus Enninga
Discussant: Elena Prenovitz

Can one man's trash be another man's treasure?
Presenter: Elena Prenovitz
Co-Author(s): Hazlett, Peter; Reilly, Chandler
Discussant: Veeshan Rayamajhee

Beyond Standard Models of Parties and Voters

Session Chair: Anders Kärnä
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Spoilers and Spoiler-Proofness in Multiwinner Party Elections
Presenter: Dariusz Stolicki
Co-Author(s): Boratyn, Daria; Słomczyński, Wojciech, Szufa, Stanislaw
Discussant: Alexander Taylor

Monumental Effects: Confederate Monuments in the Post-Reconstruction South
Presenter: Alexander Taylor
Discussant: Jarosław Flis

Tug of war – on factors driving the strength of radical political parties
Presenter: Jarosław Flis
Co-Author(s): Kotnarowski, Michał
Discussant: Anders Kärnä

Vox Populi, Vox Dei? Tacit Collusion in Politics
Presenter: Anders Kärnä
Co-Author(s): Johansson, Christian; Meriläinen, Jaakko
Discussant: Dariusz Stolicki

Institutional Analysis: Energy and Environment

Session Chair: Labanyalata Roy
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Environment, Voter Behaviour, and Uncertainty
Presenter: Yasir Meyakhil
Discussant: Timothy Fitzgerald

Regulatory Capture and Obsolete Regulation
Presenter: Timothy Fitzgerald
Discussant: Labanyalata Roy

Efficacy of direct democracy: Impact of Community Choice Aggregation programs on low-income communities in US
Presenter: Labanyalata Roy
Co-Author(s): Roy, Labanyalata
Discussant: Yasir Meyakhil

Comparative Political Institutions

Session Chair: Richard Jankowski
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Political Scandal and Party Governance
Presenter: Slade Mendenhall
Discussant: Tegan Truitt

Capitalism with Singaporean characteristics
Presenter: Tegan Truitt
Discussant: Rachel Sweet

Creating Terror: The Politics of (Mis)Information in Civil War Violence
Presenter: Rachel Sweet
Discussant: Richard Jankowski

The Impact of Military Technology on Political Institutions: A Test of the Selectorate Model
Presenter: Richard Jankowski
Discussant: Slade Mendenhall

Public Choice Papers I

Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Facing the populists: The causal effects of populism on parties' stances about redistribution
Presenter: Andrea Celico

Detriments of the Legislative Pendulum: An Empirical Case Study of Proposition 57
Presenter: Rainita Narender
Co-Author(s): DeAngelo, Greg; Quandt, Ryan; Yun, Minjae
Discussant: Sean-Patrick Alvarez

The Itch & the Razor War: The Political Economy of U.S. Barber Licensure in the Progressive Era
Presenter: Sean-Patrick Alvarez
Co-Author(s): Smith, Daniel J.; Scheck, Macy
Discussant: Andrea Celico

History of Political Economy

Session Chair: Phil Magness
Session Organizer: Ryan Yonk

True believers” and Tocqueville: towards a public choice theory of the revolutionary Vanguard
Presenter: Walker Haskins
Discussant: Robertas Bakula

Economic Calculation in Centralized Private Sector Planning
Presenter: Robertas Bakula
Discussant: Garion Frankel

Old Kinderhook and Civic Integration in America
Presenter: Garion Frankel
Discussant: Chandler Reilly

Did the 'Quiet Revolution' Really Change Anything?
Presenter: Chandler Reilly
Co-Author(s): Geloso, Vincent
Discussant: Walker Haskins

4:10pm – 4:20pm

4:20pm – 5:50pm

Political Economy and Health

Session Chair: Rimvydas Baltaduonis
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Starving for Information? An Experiment in Willingness to Pay for Nutritional Attributes
Presenter: Amberly Dozier
Discussant: Mohammed Alaohaid

Certificate of Need Laws impact on Organ Transplantation Centers in the U.S.
Presenter: Mohammed Alaohaid
Discussant: Yogesh Uppal

The Drug Overdose Death Epidemic: Evidence from U.S. Counties
Presenter: Yogesh Uppal
Co-Author(s): Ovaska, Tomi; Sumell, Albert
Discussant: Rimvydas Baltaduonis

The Role of Price Transparency and Mandatory Insurance in Determining Healthcare Prices
Presenter: Rimvydas Baltaduonis
Co-Author(s): Cushing-Daniels, Brendan; Petkov, Tsvetomir
Discussant: Amberly Dozier

Tax Policy and its Consequences

Session Chair: William B. Hankins
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The political economy of tax reform and certainty: A panel analysis of the economic effects of tax instability
Presenter: Luis Aguiar-Conraria
Co-Author(s): Arroja, Ricardo; Camões, Pedro J.
Discussant: Nila Zarepour Arizi

Hero or Villain? The Causal Links Between Sanctions and Taxes
Presenter: Nila Zarepour Arizi
Discussant: William B. Hankins

Partisan Politics and Excise Tax Rates in the United States
Presenter: William B. Hankins

Modeling Social Choice Rules and Their Effects

Session Chair: Bernard Grofman
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

... And the Rule Matters! A Comparison of Preference Elicitation Methods and Voting Rules
Presenter: Christian Klamler
Co-Author(s): Darmann, Andreas
Discussant: Dmitriy Vorobyev

Approval vs. Participation Quorums
Presenter: Dmitriy Vorobyev
Co-Author(s): Valei, Azamat; Matveenko, Andrei.
Discussant: Dariusz Stolicki

Detecting Gerrymandering in Multiparty Elections
Presenter: Dariusz Stolicki
Co-Author(s): Słomczyński, Wojciech
Discussant: Bernard Grofman

Swing Models for Seats and Votes
Presenter: Bernard Grofman
Co-Author(s): Wilson, Mark
Discussant: Christian Klamler

Constitutions and Legitimacy

Session Chair: Israt Jahan
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Persistent Public Debt as a Constitutional Choice
Presenter: Jonathan Plante
Discussant: Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska

Economic Effects of (Non)Compliance with Constitutions
Presenter: Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska
Co-Author(s): Lewczuk, Anna
Discussant: Edwar Escalante

Friends or foes? The insurgent’s dilemma of seeking legitimacy while keeping secrets
Presenter: Edwar Escalante
Discussant: Israt Jahan

Constitutional Rights, Economic Freedom, and Inequality
Presenter: Israt Jahan
Discussant: Jonathan Plante

Political Economy and Climate Change

Session Chair: MOHAMMAD ISMAYL Al Masud
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The Political Economy of a Development and Climate policy - Challenges for an Emission Trading Scheme as Development and Climate Policy Tool
Presenter: Sebastian Schuhmann
Co-Author(s): Freytag, Andreas; Menter, Matthias, Montag, Hauke
Discussant: Henry Schneider

Rent Seeking, Climate Change, and Global Trade
Presenter: Henry Schneider
Discussant: Lookman Issa

Climate Policy capture by interest groups- a public choice explanation
Presenter: Lookman Issa
Discussant: MOHAMMAD ISMAYL Al Masud

The Impact of the Adult Awareness about Global Warming on Renewable Energy Consumption in the United States.
Presenter: MOHAMMAD ISMAYL Al Masud
Co-Author(s): Al Masud, Mohammad Ismayl
Discussant: Sebastian Schuhmann


Session Chair: Maria Tackett
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

How Does Integrated Student Support Intervention Help Middle school Students During School Transition?
Presenter: Haibin Jiang
Co-Author(s): Khanani, Noman; Leigh, Yan; Raczek, Stacey; Walsh, Mary

Political representation and investments in education: Sweden 1930-1949
Presenter: Therese Nilsson
Co-Author(s): Diem Hoang; Martin Karlsson
Discussant: Maria Tackett

Female Education in the Times of Peace
Presenter: Maria Tackett
Discussant: Haibin Jiang

Networks and Public Goods

Session Chair: Matteo Pazzona
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Who will build the pipes? case study of Private water delivery service in Gurugram.
Presenter: Ankith Reddy
Discussant: Rimvydas Baltaduonis

Behavioral Interventions and Market Efficiency: A Case of a Volatile Retail Electricity Market
Presenter: Rimvydas Baltaduonis
Co-Author(s): Jaraitė, Jūratė; Kažukauskas, Andrius
Discussant: Karen Nershi

Assessing the Political Motivations Behind Ransomware Attacks
Presenter: Karen Nershi
Co-Author(s): Grossman, Shelby
Discussant: Matteo Pazzona

Private Provision of Public Goods: the case of the Private UK Security Sector
Presenter: Matteo Pazzona
Discussant: Ankith Reddy

The Political Economy of State Interventions on Marginalized Communities

Session Chair: Darwyyn Deyo
Session Organizer: Thomas Stratmann

The History of Healthcare Licensing and its Effects for Marginalized Communities
Presenter: Alicia Plemmons
Discussant: Darwyyn Deyo

Licensed to Kill: A Cobb-Douglas Model of Deaths from Law Enforcement
Presenter: Darwyyn Deyo
Co-Author(s): Alicia Plemmons
Discussant: Amy Eremionkhale

State Intervention vs. Free State: A consideration of this debate from the perspective of Racial (In)Equity
Presenter: Amy Eremionkhale
Discussant: Anna Chorniy

More Money, Fewer Problems? The Effect of Foster Care Payments on Children’s Quality of Care
Presenter: Anna Chorniy
Co-Author(s): Christopher Mills
Discussant: Alicia Plemmons

Regulation and Individual Decision-Making

Session Chair: Yang Zhou
Session Organizer: Bryan McCannon

Matching in Marital Financial Information
Presenter: Florence Neymotin
Co-Author(s): Benjamin, Daniel; Baek, H. Young; Chenail, Ronald;
Discussant: Yang Zhou

AACSB Accreditation and Student Demand
Presenter: Kat Starr
Co-Author(s): Marisa Cameron
Discussant: Vitor Melo

Introducing an Index of Healthcare Regulation
Presenter: Vitor Melo
Co-Author(s): Patrick McLaughlin
Discussant: Kat Starr

Languages, Ideologies, and Collective Action Problems
Presenter: Yang Zhou
Co-Author(s): Dutta, Nabamita; Matti, Josh; Zhou, Yang
Discussant: Florence Neymotin

6:00pm – 9:00pm