60th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2023 Public Choice Society, March 16-18, Seattle, Washington

Saturday, March 18, 2023

7:00am – 5:00pm

Room: Metropolitan Pre-Function Area

7:00am – 8:00am

Room: Metropolitan Pre-Function Area

8:00am – 9:30am

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom A

Pandemics and Public Policy

Session Chair: Guanting Yi
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Public Choice, Covid, & Employment Among Women
Presenter: Roberta Herzberg
Co-Author(s): Hoffman, Jeanne
Discussant: Jan Schnellenbach

Limits to interventionist policies during and after the pandemic: Are we on a slippery slope?
Presenter: Jan Schnellenbach
Discussant: Marcelin Joanis

Roads and Politics in a COVID-19 Recovery Plan
Presenter: Marcelin Joanis
Co-Author(s): Thomas Stringer
Discussant: Guanting Yi

Discrimination in Restaurant Patronage at the Onset of the Covid Pandemic
Presenter: Guanting Yi
Discussant: Roberta Herzberg

Room: Kirkland

Voting Models in Theory and Practice

Session Chair: Dylan Johnson
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Two Case Studies of Monotonicity Paradoxes Arising from Single Transferable Vote Elections
Presenter: David McCune
Co-Author(s): Graham-Squire, Adam
Discussant: Man Wai Mak

The Impact of Brexit in the 2015 UK General Election
Presenter: Man Wai Mak
Co-Author(s): Maria Gallego
Discussant: Dylan Johnson

Electoral market structure in a Liquid Democracy
Presenter: Dylan Johnson
Discussant: David McCune

Room: Ballard

Fiscal Decentralization

Session Chair: Tomomi Miyazaki
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The Rise of the Financial Dependency Model of Fiscal Decentralization: The Political Relevance of Common Pool Resources
Presenter: Pedro Camões

Assessing the performance of local governments in internal revenue mobilization under federalism in Nepal
Discussant: Lars P. Feld

Federalism and Foreign Direct Investment: An Empirical Analysis
Presenter: Lars P. Feld
Discussant: Tomomi Miyazaki

Effects of monetary-fiscal policy interaction on regional employment: Evidence from Japan
Presenter: Tomomi Miyazaki
Co-Author(s): Kondoh, Haruo
Discussant: Pedro Camões

Room: Leschi

Exploring Alternatives in Social Choice Theory

Session Chair: Andranik Tangian
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Weighted Bucklin elections: better than Borda?
Presenter: D. Marc Kilgour
Co-Author(s): Grégoire, Jean-Charles; Foley, Angèle
Discussant: Daria Boratyn

Metrics and Strategy-Proofness of Grading Systems
Presenter: Daria Boratyn
Discussant: Andranik Tangian

Apportionment and Discrete Optimization
Presenter: Andranik Tangian

Room: Ravenna

Political Economy and Land Use

Session Chair: Vasyl Kvartiuk
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Mein Kaffee & Your Bananas: Property Right Enforcement and State Modernization in Great Depression Guatemala
Presenter: Ricardo R. Noé
Discussant: Randy Simmons

Public Choice and Public Trust
Presenter: Randy Simmons
Discussant: Robert Mulligan

Land Tenures in Medieval England and the Possessory Assizes
Presenter: Robert Mulligan
Discussant: Vasyl Kvartiuk

Putting a “price tag” on property rights: The effect of institutional quality on farmland prices and land reform support
Presenter: Vasyl Kvartiuk
Co-Author(s): Thomas Herzfeld
Discussant: Ricardo R. Noé

Room: Medina

Institutional Capacity

Session Chair: Chandan Jha
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Internal Conflicts and Local Shocks. A Narrative Meta-Analysis
Presenter: Pierre Mandon
Co-Author(s): Laville, Camille
Discussant: Andrea Saenz de Viteri

Economic liberation and crime. An association between economic institutions and crime in Mexico.
Presenter: Andrea Saenz de Viteri
Discussant: Chandan Jha

Racist Attitudes and Economic Growth
Presenter: Chandan Jha
Co-Author(s): Kabiraj, Sujana
Discussant: Pierre Mandon

Room: Capitol Hill

The Political Economy of Innovation and Populism

Session Chair: Caitlin Ainsley
Session Organizer: Caitlin Ainsley

The Luddites Strike Back: U.S. Innovation Inequality and Trumpism
Presenter: Victor Menaldo
Co-Author(s): Wittstock, Nicolas
Discussant: Kevin Aslett

Innovation and Populism
Presenter: Kevin Aslett
Discussant: Beatrice Magistro

Zero-sum thinking, economic populism, and support for free trade
Presenter: Beatrice Magistro
Discussant: Ayse Lokmanoglu

Righteous Currencies: An Examination of Economic Messaging in Alt-Tech Platforms
Presenter: Ayse Lokmanoglu
Discussant: Victor Menaldo

Room: Issaquah

Humanomics 1

Session Chair: Ravi Roy
Session Organizer: Ryan Yonk

Humanomics Special Issue
Presenter: Ravi Roy
Co-Author(s): Ryan Yonk; William Shughart
Discussant: Lucas Rentschler

Sympathy, Punishment, and Adam Smith. An Experimental Look
Presenter: Lucas Rentschler
Co-Author(s): Bart Smith; Vernon Smith
Discussant: Ryan Yonk

Humanomics and Public Policy
Presenter: Ryan Yonk
Co-Author(s): Raymond March; Veeshan Raymajhee; Robertas Bakula
Discussant: Ravi Roy

Room: Greenwood

Political Constraints and Processes

Session Chair: Justin Callais
Session Organizer: Kevin Grier

Revolutionary Constitutions: Are They Revolutionary in terms of Constitutional Design?
Presenter: Justin Callais
Co-Author(s): Andrew Young
Discussant: Joshua Martin

Educated Allies? The (Indirect) Impact of the Great Recession on Support for Same-Sex Marriage
Presenter: Joshua Martin
Co-Author(s): Joshua Martin & Zachary Rodriguez
Discussant: João Pedro Bastos

Macroeconomic Populism in the 21st Century: Revisiting Dornbusch & Edwards
Presenter: João Pedro Bastos
Co-Author(s): Nicolás Cachanosky; Tomás Faintich
Discussant: Glenn Furton

Constitution in Crisis: Political Path Dependence and the Precautionary Principle
Presenter: Glenn Furton
Discussant: Justin Callais

9:30am – 10:00am

10:00am – 11:20am

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom A

Plenary Session 3 with Peter Boettke on the Past, Present, and Future of Public Choice

Session Chair: David Skarbek
Session Organizer: David Skarbek

On the Past, Present, and Future of Public Choice
Presenter: Peter Boettke

11:20am – 11:30am

11:30am – 1:00pm

Room: Ballard

Gender, Corruption, and Economic Performance

Session Chair: Robin Grier
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Gender and Economic Freedom
Presenter: Robin Grier
Discussant: João Pedro Bastos

Is Corruption More Harmful to Women? Evidence from Firm-Level Surveys
Presenter: João Pedro Bastos
Co-Author(s): Bologna Pavlik, Jamie
Discussant: George Clarke

How Robust Is the Link between Gender and Corruption? Evidence from Firm-Level Panel Data
Presenter: George Clarke
Discussant: Robin Grier

Room: Greenwood

Comparative Institutional Analysis

Session Chair: Kim Leonie Kellermann
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Goldilocks Legislatures: Are Hybrid Legislatures Ideal for Getting Economic Freedom Just Right
Presenter: Feler Bose
Co-Author(s): Baugus, Brian; Jacob, Jeffry
Discussant: Sriparna Ghosh

Causal Relationship between Institutions and Entrepreneurship
Presenter: Sriparna Ghosh
Co-Author(s): Israt Jahan
Discussant: Javier Portillo

Cashing in On Culture: Local Employment Effects from Art and Cultural District Designation
Presenter: Javier Portillo
Co-Author(s): Wagner, Gary A.
Discussant: Feler Bose

Room: Kirkland

Empirical Analyses of Institutions and Economic Growth

Session Chair: Michal Brzezinski
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Coffee and Development: the Case of Brazil
Presenter: Silvio Livio Simonetti Neto
Discussant: Maximilian Dirks

The Relationship between Political Instability and Economic Growth in Advanced Economies: Empirical Evidence from a Panel VAR and a Dynamic Panel FE-IV Analysis.
Presenter: Maximilian Dirks
Co-Author(s): Schmidt, Torsten
Discussant: Mansokku Lee

Economic Freedom and Outward Foreign Direct Investment
Presenter: Mansokku Lee
Discussant: Michal Brzezinski

Prudent populists? The short-term macroeconomic impact of populist policies in Poland
Presenter: Michal Brzezinski
Co-Author(s): Drozdz-Salach, Katarzyna
Discussant: Silvio Livio Simonetti Neto

Room: Capitol Hill

Appointment, Apportionment, and Voting as Decision Processes

Session Chair: Jeff Milyo
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Apportionment in Legislatures: A Measure
Presenter: Alejandro Corvalan
Discussant: Caitlin Ainsley

Revisiting the "Reliable" Central Bank Appointment Hypothesis
Presenter: Caitlin Ainsley
Discussant: Jeff Milyo

Did Shelby Matter? The Effects of Ending Federal Preclearance on Disparities in Voter Turnout
Presenter: Jeff Milyo
Co-Author(s): Brendan Cirillo
Discussant: Alejandro Corvalan

Room: Ravenna

Reflecting on Public Choice Research

Session Chair: Robert Mulligan
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Multidisciplinary Public Policy Analysis and Methodological Individualism
Presenter: Roger Congleton
Discussant: Ricardo R. Noé

Beyond Comparative Economic Systems: The Contributions of Svetozar Pejovich to Smithian Political Economy
Presenter: Ricardo R. Noé
Discussant: Robert Mulligan

Publication Trends in Public Choice Scholarship 2000-2022
Presenter: Robert Mulligan
Discussant: Roger Congleton

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom A

Property Rights and the State: Celebrating Yoram Barzel

Session Chair: Anthony Gill
Session Organizer: Anthony Gill

On the complexity of Property Rights
Presenter: Doug Allen
Co-Author(s): Yoram Barzel

The Italian Commune as a Barzellian State
Presenter: Ennio Piano

Increasing the Value of Property Rights by Limiting Transferability
Presenter: F. Andrew Hanssen
Co-Author(s): Robert Fleck

Reflections on Barzel's Contributions to Public Choice and Political Economy
Presenter: Dean Lueck

Room: Leschi

Irregular Transitions and Institutional Change

Session Chair: Christian Bjørnskov
Session Organizer: Christian Bjørnskov

On the Relationship between De Jure and De Facto Judicial Independence – A Global Puzzle?
Presenter: Jerg Gutmann
Co-Author(s): Stefan Voigt
Discussant: Christian Bjørnskov

Institutional Shocks and Economic Crises
Presenter: Christian Bjørnskov
Discussant: Peter Calcagno

Political Systems, Regime Memory, and Economic Freedom
Presenter: Peter Calcagno
Co-Author(s): Nesbit, Todd; Maldonado, Beatriz; Zeager, Mary Frances
Discussant: Pablo Paniagua

Room: Issaquah

Humanomics 2

Session Chair: Ryan Yonk
Session Organizer: Ryan Yonk

Shared Mental Models and Humanomics
Presenter: Ravi Roy
Co-Author(s): Arthur Denzau
Discussant: Phil Magness

Consumer Sovereignty and W. H. Hutt’s Critique of the Colour Bar
Presenter: Phil Magness
Co-Author(s): Ilia Maurtazashvili; Art Carden
Discussant: Vlad Tarko

Social Norms, Personal Identity, and Rational Choice
Presenter: Vlad Tarko
Discussant: Colin Harris

Sentiments Outside the Lab
Presenter: Colin Harris
Discussant: Ravi Roy

Room: Medina

Communication and Persuasion in Politics

Session Chair: David Waugh
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The economics of political rhetoric: when to go negative
Presenter: michael davis
Discussant: David Waugh

Information From the Ether: Climate and Sustainability Discourse in #ethereum on Twitter
Presenter: David Waugh
Discussant: michael davis

1:00pm – 2:45pm

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom

Awards Luncheon and Business Meeting

Session Chair: David Skarbek
Session Organizer: Edward Lopez

Society Announcements
Presenter: Edward Lopez

Presentation of Duncan Black Prize and Gordon Tullock Prize
Presenter: Peter Leeson

Presentation of the Elinor and Vincent Ostrom Prize for Best Combined Paper and Presentation by a Graduate Student
Presenter: Lynne Kiesling

Presidential Address: The Political Economy of Criminal Governance
Presenter: David Skarbek

Incoming President's Look Ahead
Presenter: Christian Bjørnskov

2:50pm – 4:20pm

Room: Ravenna

Institutions and Corruption

Session Chair: Robert Gillanders
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

"Blazing furnance" anti-corruption in Vietnam: An institutional analysis backed by empirical evidence
Presenter: Van Ha Le
Discussant: Erik Lakomaa

Bureaucratic activism as private consumption
Presenter: Erik Lakomaa
Discussant: Jeff Milyo

Campaign Finance Reforms and Corruption among State Legislators
Presenter: Jeff Milyo
Discussant: Robert Gillanders

Police corruption and crime: Evidence from Africa
Presenter: Robert Gillanders
Co-Author(s): Ouedraogo, Idrissa; Maiga Eugenie; Aja-Eke, Doris
Discussant: Van Ha Le

Room: Issaquah

Political Economy and Public Debt

Session Chair: Rene Cabral
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The U.S. Modern Budget Era Problem: Informal Spending Rules Dominate Formal Deficit Constraints
Presenter: Edward Lopez
Co-Author(s): Calcagno, Peter
Discussant: Jonathan Plante

Rent Extraction through Money-Financed Deficits
Presenter: Jonathan Plante
Discussant: Stephen Miller

How Much Would It Cost to Guarantee Debt for All Publicly Traded U.S. Corporations?
Presenter: Stephen Miller
Discussant: Ernesto del Castillo

Mexico's subnational debt sustainability: Is the new fiscal rule working?
Presenter: Ernesto del Castillo
Co-Author(s): René Cabral
Discussant: Edward Lopez

Room: Greenwood

Politics and Fiscal Policy

Session Chair: Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

On the Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Reforms : Fiscal Rules and Public Sector Efficiency
Presenter: Ablam Estel APETI
Co-Author(s): Bao-We-Wal Bambe
Discussant: Minji Hong

Party Politics and Taxation: Before and After the Crisis
Presenter: Minji Hong
Discussant: Laiyang Ke

Mayoral Partisanship and Municipal Fiscal Health: A difference-in-difference analysis
Presenter: Laiyang Ke
Co-Author(s): Jimenez, Benedict; Hong, Minji
Discussant: Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska

Do people value compliance with (constitutional) fiscal rules? Evidence from a conjoint experiment
Presenter: Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska
Co-Author(s): Kantorowicz, Jaroslaw
Discussant: Ablam Estel APETI

Room: Kirkland

Historical Political Economy I

Session Chair: Robert Fleck
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Why We Don’t Fight: Coasean Peace
Presenter: Robert Warren Anderson
Discussant: Peter Hazlett

Ear Witnessing in 17th Century New England: The Law and Economics of Puritan Organization
Presenter: Peter Hazlett
Co-Author(s): Peter T. Leeson
Discussant: Paul Lowood

Princes, Merchants, and Prelates: City Growth in the Holy Roman Empire, 1400-1800
Presenter: Paul Lowood
Discussant: Robert Fleck

Courts, Legislatures, and Evolving Property Rules: Lessons from Eminent Domain
Presenter: Robert Fleck
Co-Author(s): Andy Hanssen
Discussant: Robert Warren Anderson

Room: Capitol Hill

Political Economy and Social Media

Session Chair: Dmitriy Vorobyev
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

How to Reduce Misinformation: The Role of Competition and Fact-Checking
Presenter: Zeeshan Samad
Co-Author(s): Rentschler, Lucas
Discussant: Jun HU

Does the Internet make our society more polarized? Evidence from panel data.
Presenter: Jun HU
Discussant: Jun HU

User-generated content, Online News Bias, and Slant Regulation
Presenter: Jun HU
Discussant: Dmitriy Vorobyev

Control over Biased Media
Presenter: Dmitriy Vorobyev
Co-Author(s): Arbatli, Eren; Celik, Levent.
Discussant: Zeeshan Samad

Room: Leschi

Organized Crime and Public Security

Session Chair: Omar García Ponce
Session Organizer: Omar García Ponce

Market Structure and Extortion: Evidence from 50,000 Extortion Payments
Presenter: Carlos Schmidt-Padilla
Discussant: Ana Paula Pellegrino

How Does Trust in Law Enforcement Impact Attitudes towards Gun Regulation and Ownership?
Presenter: Ana Paula Pellegrino
Discussant: Isabel Laterzo

A New Typology of Political Positions on Public Security: Evidence from Brazil
Presenter: Isabel Laterzo
Discussant: Gemma Dipoppa

Migrant Labor Exploitation: Evidence from Italian Farmlands
Presenter: Gemma Dipoppa
Discussant: Carlos Schmidt-Padilla

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom A

Buchanan's Constitutional Economics

Session Chair: John Meadowcroft
Session Organizer: John Meadowcroft

The miraculous old-time fiscal religion: how a political norm discouraged deficit spending
Presenter: Cameron Tilley
Discussant: Paul Lewis

A Marriage Made in Heaven or Incompatible Bedfellows? James Buchanan and Vincent Ostrom on the Political Economy of Constitutional Choice
Presenter: Paul Lewis
Discussant: John Meadowcroft

Asymmetrical and symmetrical man: group size, non-cooperation and cooperation in James Buchanan’s constitutional economics
Presenter: John Meadowcroft
Co-Author(s): Alain Marciano
Discussant: Cameron Tilley

Room: Ballard

Monetary Politics

Session Chair: Bryan Cutsinger
Session Organizer: Kevin Grier

Hawks, Doves, Owls, and Dodos
Presenter: William Luther
Co-Author(s): Thomas Hogan
Discussant: Eunmi Ko

Markup Polarization and Missing (Dis)Inflation: A Tale of Two Firms
Presenter: Eunmi Ko
Discussant: Ron Mau

If it were a snake, it would have bitten you: Money in the New Keynesian Model
Presenter: Ron Mau
Co-Author(s): Joshua R. Hendrickon
Discussant: Bryan Cutsinger

The Use of Inputs by the Federal Reserve Revisited
Presenter: Bryan Cutsinger
Co-Author(s): William J. Luther; Louis Rouanet
Discussant: William Luther

Room: Medina

Institutions and Immigration I

Session Chair: Josh Smith
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The fiscal burden of aging: can opening borders close the gap?
Presenter: Tiago Bernardino
Co-Author(s): Franco, Francesco; Teles Morais, Luís
Discussant: Josh Smith

Understanding immigration attitudes: beliefs and preferences for fact checking
Presenter: Josh Smith
Co-Author(s): Lucas Rentschler
Discussant: Tiago Bernardino

Fact checking and policy preferences around immigration
Presenter: Lucas Rentschler
Co-Author(s): Katherine VanShaar Manning
Discussant: Tiago Bernardino

4:20pm – 4:30pm

4:30pm – 6:00pm

Room: Capitol Hill

Technology, Media, and Corruption

Session Chair: Labanyalata Roy
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Digitalisation of public services and corruption in the EU
Presenter: Cristina Strango
Discussant: Linda Veiga

Are electronic government innovations helpful to deter corruption? Evidence from across the world.
Presenter: Linda Veiga
Co-Author(s): Martins, João; Fernandes, Bruno
Discussant: Labanyalata Roy

Impact of newspaper closures on corruption
Presenter: Labanyalata Roy
Discussant: Cristina Strango

Room: Medina

Institutions and Immigration II

Session Chair: Zeeshan Samad
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Immigration Restrictions as Transitional Gains
Presenter: Jon Murphy
Co-Author(s): Bedi, Joshua
Discussant: Francisco Alberto Castellanos Sosa

Immigration and Income Inequality in the United States
Presenter: Francisco Alberto Castellanos Sosa
Discussant: Jon Murphy

Immigrant attitudes and statistical discrimination
Presenter: Zeeshan Samad
Co-Author(s): Lucas Rentschler

Room: Ravenna

Fiscal Policy: Budgets and Regions

Session Chair: Laiyang Ke
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

When do more selfish politicians manipulate less, not more?
Presenter: Francisco Veiga
Co-Author(s): Wang, Xue; Bohn, Frank
Discussant: Shiyang Xiao

The Political Economy of Subnational Targeted Industrial Policymaking in China: 2003-2017
Presenter: Shiyang Xiao
Discussant: Laiyang Ke

The Interesting Case of Special and Extraordinary Items: What Are They and How Do They Influence Municipal Government Finances?
Presenter: Laiyang Ke
Co-Author(s): Jimenez, Benedict
Discussant: Francisco Veiga

Room: Ballard

Policy and Entrepreneurship

Session Chair: Abraham Song
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Into the Final Frontier: Analyzing the Efficiency of Celestial Resource Allocation Frameworks
Presenter: Susannah Barnes
Discussant: Chandan Jha

Municipal Bankruptcies and Entrepreneurship
Presenter: Chandan Jha
Co-Author(s): Joshi, Swarup
Discussant: Baekhyeon Kim

Moderating effect of politicians' power on the distribution of Special Grants
Presenter: Baekhyeon Kim
Co-Author(s): Sangheon, Kim; Kyungmin, Yoo
Discussant: Susannah Barnes

Room: Greenwood

Empirical Political Economy: Africa and the Middle East

Session Chair: Jozefina Kalaj
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The G7’s impact on social welfare in Africa
Presenter: Moritz Wolf
Discussant: Jozefina Kalaj

Rainfall anomalies and children’s health outcomes in semi-arid Senegal
Presenter: Jozefina Kalaj
Discussant: Moritz Wolf

Room: Kirkland

Democracy and Performance

Session Chair: Henry Moncrieff
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Nationalization of Local Elections - The president’s strategic intervention in mayoral elections
Presenter: Heonuk Ha
Co-Author(s): Jeffery Alan Jenkins (University of Southern California, [email protected])
Discussant: Jacek Lewkowicz

How to win support again? Performance of MPs, resemblance to party leader and their re-election to the Polish parliament
Presenter: Jacek Lewkowicz
Co-Author(s): Fałkowski, Jan; Kurek, Przemysław
Discussant: Towhid Mahmood

Impact of Democracy: Evidence from Bangladesh
Presenter: Towhid Mahmood
Discussant: Henry Moncrieff

Myanmar: The Causal Effect of a Democratic Transition on Income
Presenter: Henry Moncrieff
Co-Author(s): Jahan, Israt; Mahmood, Towhid
Discussant: Heonuk Ha

Room: Issaquah

Historical Political Economy

Session Chair: Ennio Piano
Session Organizer: Ennio Piano

Solving the paradox of the French Revolution
Presenter: Louis Rouanet
Discussant: Craig Palsson

The Inefficacy of Land Titling Programs: Homesteading in Haiti, 1933—1950
Presenter: Craig Palsson
Co-Author(s): Seth Porter
Discussant: Matthew Toro

Promises Betrayed? Ideological Commitments and Revolutionary Outcomes
Presenter: Matthew Toro
Co-Author(s): Steven Pfaff
Discussant: Louis Rouanet

Room: Leschi

Crime, Conflict, and Policing

Session Chair: Megan Erickson
Session Organizer: Megan Erickson

Unified Police Commands and Public Security: Evidence from a Police Reform in Mexico
Presenter: Marco Alcocer
Discussant: Omar García Ponce

The Legacy of Mexico’s Drug War on Youth Political Attitudes
Presenter: Omar García Ponce
Co-Author(s): Isabel Laterzo
Discussant: Morgan Wack

Not So Sweet: Assessing How Shifts in Global Demand for Natural Vanilla Influenced Crime in Madagascar
Presenter: Morgan Wack
Co-Author(s): Megan Erickson
Discussant: Marco Alcocer

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom A

Future Directions in Public Choice

Session Chair: Ryan Yonk
Session Organizer: Ryan Yonk

Public Choice and Public Policy
Presenter: Ryan Yonk
Co-Author(s): Ray March
Discussant: Cameron Tilley

Public Choice’s Divergence from Social Choice
Presenter: Cameron Tilley
Discussant: Randall Holcombe

The Domain of Public Choice
Presenter: Randall Holcombe
Discussant: Ryan Yonk

7:30pm – 11:59pm