61st Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2024 Public Choice Society, March 14-16, Dallas/Plano, TEXAS

Friday, March 15, 2024

8:00am – 9:30am

Occupational Licensing Reforms Over Time

Session Chair: Darwyyn Deyo
Session Organizer: Darwyyn Deyo

The Costs of Licensing for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups
Presenter: Alicia Plemmons
Co-Author(s): Darwyyn Deyo
Discussant: Darwyyn Deyo

A noteworthy case of overregulation: occupational licensing of public notaries in Russia
Presenter: Ilya Kukaev
Co-Author(s): Edward J. Timmons
Discussant: Conor Norris

Reform is Contagious: The Diffusion of Universal Recognition Reforms
Presenter: Conor Norris
Discussant: Alicia Plemmons

Expanding Workforce Access in the United States Through Reductions and Removals of Occupational Licensing
Presenter: Darwyyn Deyo
Discussant: Ilya Kukaev

Voting Paradoxes, Failure, and Mistakes - Honoring Iain McLean

Session Chair: Marek Kaminski
Session Organizer: Marek Kaminski

Scoring Run-off Rules, Single-peaked Preferences and Paradoxes of Variable Electorate
Presenter: Eric Kamwa
Co-Author(s): Vincent Merlin, Faty Mbaye Top
Discussant: Wesley Holliday

The Strong No Show Paradox and its role in characterizing voting rules
Presenter: Wesley Holliday
Co-Author(s): Yifeng Ding, Eric Pacuit
Discussant: David McCune

Single transferable vote is sensitive to ballot changes in funny ways
Presenter: David McCune
Co-Author(s): Adam Graham-Squire
Discussant: Eric Kamwa

Jefferson, Condorcet, and institutional design
Presenter: Iain McLean

Public Goods

Session Chair: Paul Pecorino
Session Organizer: Paul Pecorino

Collateral Enforcement in Public Goods Games
Presenter: Brock Stoddard
Co-Author(s): Abhijit Ramalingam, Kenju Kamei
Discussant: Paul Pecorino

Public goods provision in complex contexts: Does inequality matter when contributors are recognized?
Presenter: Christopher Oconnor
Discussant: Brock Stoddard

The One and Only: Single-Bidding in Public Procurement
Presenter: Vitezslav Titl
Discussant: Christopher Oconnor

Matching as a Fund-Raising Device
Presenter: Paul Pecorino
Discussant: Vitezslav Titl

Neoclassical Public Choice vs. Classical Political Economy

Session Chair: Marta Podemska-Mikluch
Session Organizer: Marta Podemska-Mikluch

Reconceptualizing public choice inside a theory of complex social systems
Presenter: Richard Wagner
Co-Author(s): Meg Tuszynski
Discussant: John Meadowcroft

On the Conception of Self-interest in Classical Political Economy
Presenter: James Caton
Discussant: Richard Wagner

Social interaction through conscious choice
Presenter: Randall Holcombe
Discussant: James Caton

A historical perspective on entangled political economy
Presenter: John Meadowcroft
Discussant: Randall Holcombe

Using behavioral experiments to study immigration

Session Chair: Lucas Rentschler
Session Organizer: Lucas Rentschler

Strangers Like Me: Does Group Affiliation Serve as a Noisy Signal of Agents’ Types?
Presenter: Kushal Lamichhane
Co-Author(s): Ashley McCrea, J. Braxton Gately
Discussant: Barna Bose

Are undocumented immigrants unlikely to report crimes?
Presenter: Sajid Bin Hasnat
Co-Author(s): Zeeshan Samad, Lucas Rentschler, Josh Smith
Discussant: Kushal Lamichhane

Experimental labor markets and immigration policy
Presenter: Barna Bose
Co-Author(s): Zeeshan Samad, Lucas Rentschler, Josh Smith
Discussant: Sajid Bin Hasnat

Monetary Politics

Session Chair: Bryan Cutsinger
Session Organizer: Bryan Cutsinger

The Treasury Standard: Causes and Consequences
Presenter: Joshua Hendrickson
Discussant: Bryan Cutsinger

Central Banking and Mission Creep
Presenter: Louis Rouanet
Co-Author(s): Alexander W. Salter
Discussant: Joshua Hendrickson

State Banks as an Interest Group Against the Second Bank
Presenter: Michael Wroblewski
Co-Author(s): Louis Rouanet
Discussant: Louis Rouanet

The Political Determinants of Federal Reserve Remittances to the Treasury
Presenter: Bryan Cutsinger
Co-Author(s): Louis Rouanet
Discussant: Michael Wroblewski

Presidential Session - Testing Institutions With Experiments

Session Chair: Rimvydas Baltaduonis
Session Organizer: Rimvydas Baltaduonis

Stochastic Share Contests
Presenter: Andrew Smyth
Co-Author(s): Phil Brookins
Discussant: Rimvydas Baltaduonis

Risk Pooling in Contests
Presenter: Paan Jindapon
Co-Author(s): Phil Brookins
Discussant: Andrew Smyth

The Role of Price Disclosure Under Mandatory Insurance: Evidence from Bargaining Games with Application to the Healthcare Market
Presenter: Brendan Cushing-Daniels
Co-Author(s): Rimvydas Baltaduonis, Tsvetomir Petkov
Discussant: Paan Jindapon

Prosumers and Behavioral Interventions
Presenter: Rimvydas Baltaduonis
Co-Author(s): Jūratė Jaraitė, Andrius Kažukauskas
Discussant: Brendan Cushing-Daniels

Corruption and Political Institutions

Session Chair: Cristina Strango
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Why do women report paying fewer bribes than men? The role of avoidance and refusals.
Presenter: George Clarke
Discussant: Niclas Berggren

Isolated Capitals and Political Corruption
Presenter: Jeff Milyo
Co-Author(s): Tabitha Chikhladze
Discussant: Cristina Strango

Institutions as Predictors of Government Discrimination
Presenter: Niclas Berggren
Co-Author(s): Christian Bjørnskov
Discussant: George Clarke

Green but corrupt? Evidence of bribery in the renewable energy sector
Presenter: Cristina Strango
Co-Author(s): Mihai Mutascu - Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, West University of Timisoara and LEO - University of Orléans; Labanyalata Roy - Middle Tennessee State University, USA
Discussant: Jeff Milyo

Law & Economics

Session Chair: Benjamin Seevers
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

A survey of methods of transacting in "the law market"
Presenter: Graham Lawlor
Discussant: Benjamin Seevers

Presenter: Jordan Hillman
Discussant: Graham Lawlor

The Effect of Crime on Local Judge Election: An Analysis of Texas Partisan Judge Elections
Presenter: Bianca Nigri
Discussant: Jordan Hillman

A Private Property Approach to Parental Rights
Presenter: Benjamin Seevers
Discussant: Bianca Nigri


Session Chair: Nathaniel Smith
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Policy implications of implementation and enforcement of anti-dumping laws
Presenter: Gordon Brady
Co-Author(s): Gordon L. Brady
Discussant: Nathaniel Smith

Emissaries with a Mission? Ambassadors and International Trade
Presenter: Volker Nitsch
Discussant: Gordon Brady

Foreign brides: diplomacy and consanguinity in medieval marriages
Presenter: Tegan Truitt
Discussant: Volker Nitsch

Trade, development, and peace
Presenter: Nathaniel Smith
Co-Author(s): none
Discussant: Tegan Truitt

9:30am – 10:00am

10:00am – 11:20am

Plenary Session 2 with Roger B. Myerson, University of Chicago

Session Chair: Lynne Kiesling
Session Organizer: Lynne Kiesling

Local Politics in Nations and Empires
Presenter: Roger Myerson

1:00pm – 2:30pm

The Normative Architecture of Civil Society & Public Choice

Session Chair: Bonnie Wilson
Session Organizer: Anthony Gill

The Constitutional Choice Architecture of Civil Society
Presenter: Emily Skarbek
Discussant: Cameron Tilley

F.A. Hayek on Tocqueville's "True Individualism."
Presenter: Gianna Englert
Discussant: Anthony Gill

Obedience to the Unenforceable: How Norms and Laws Conflict
Presenter: Cameron Tilley
Discussant: Emily Skarbek

Coase, Community, and Competing Uses: There Are No Externalities Among Friends
Presenter: Anthony Gill
Co-Author(s): Diana Thomas, Michael Thomas
Discussant: Gianna Englert

Political Economy: Entangled and Historical

Session Chair: John Meadowcroft
Session Organizer: John Meadowcroft

An Ostromian analysis of state-mandated self-governance: The case of Russian peasant communes after the abolition of serfdom
Presenter: Dmitry Ismagilov
Discussant: Jonathan Plante

Taxation without Romance: The Virginia versus the Yale School of Political Economy
Presenter: Charles Delmotte
Discussant: John Meadowcroft

Interest Group Competition Under Deficits and Public Debt 
Presenter: Jonathan Plante
Discussant: Dmitry Ismagilov

Racism as rent seeking: an entangled political economy perspective
Presenter: John Meadowcroft
Discussant: Charles Delmotte

The Political Economy of Populist Preferences

Session Chair: Anthony Gill
Session Organizer: Anthony Gill

How Populism Harms Prosperity: Unified Populist Rule Reduces Investment, Innovation, and Productivity
Presenter: Victor Menaldo
Co-Author(s): Beatrice Magistro
Discussant: Alessandro Del Ponte

Who Can Assert Ownership Over Automation? Workplace Technological Change, Populist and Ethno-nationalist Rhetoric, and Candidate Support
Presenter: Beatrice Magistro
Discussant: Cristina Strango

Bottom-up sovereign debt preferences
Presenter: Alessandro Del Ponte
Co-Author(s): Matt DiGiuseppe
Discussant: Victor Menaldo

Online social media and populism in Europe
Presenter: Cristina Strango
Co-Author(s): Mihai Mutascu - Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen and West University of Timisoara and LEO - University of Orléans; Camelia Turcu - LEO - University of Orléans
Discussant: Beatrice Magistro

Outcomes from Rent-Seeking and Regulation

Session Chair: Darwyyn Deyo
Session Organizer: Thomas Stratmann

Certificate of Need and Self-Employment
Presenter: James Bailey
Discussant: Brian Meehan

The Effect of Certificate-of-Need Laws on Healthcare Access for Medicaid and CHIP Populations
Presenter: Sarah Drain
Co-Author(s): Darwyyn Deyo, Alicia Plemmons
Discussant: Alicia Plemmons

Neoliberal Ideology or Rent-Seeking? What Explains World Bank Financing Decisions?
Presenter: Brian Meehan
Discussant: James Bailey

Emergency Medicine Training Facility Locations and Healthcare Access for Marginalized Groups
Presenter: Alicia Plemmons
Discussant: Sarah Drain

Expert Failure

Session Chair: Marta Podemska-Mikluch
Session Organizer: Marta Podemska-Mikluch

Are Historians Increasingly Illiberal?
Presenter: Vincent Geloso
Co-Author(s): Chandler S. Reilly
Discussant: Jon Murphy

Whispering Expects
Presenter: Jon Murphy
Discussant: Marta Podemska-Mikluch

Interstate Cannabis Legalization: It’s a Trap!
Presenter: Audrey Redford
Co-Author(s): Todd M. Nesbit, Nicholas A. Snow
Discussant: Audrey Redford

Bespoke scapegoats: Scientific advisory bodies and blame avoidance in the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond
Presenter: Marta Podemska-Mikluch
Co-Author(s): Kira Pronin, Nick Cowen, Marta Podemska-Mikluch, and Pablo Paniagua Prieto
Discussant: Vincent Geloso

Presidential Session - The Politics of Decentralization in Development and Conflict

Session Chair: Jennifer Murtazashvili
Session Organizer: Jennifer Murtazashvili

Authoritarian Judicial Balancing: Distributional Conflict, Labor Law, and the Value of Dependent Courts
Presenter: Hsu Yumin Wang
Discussant: Oleksandra Keudel

Introducing FedLab: exploring perspectives on federalism in Myanmar
Presenter: Surachanee Sriyai
Discussant: Jennifer Murtazashvili

Functions of communication during a polycentric crisis response: the case of internal displacement in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion
Presenter: Oleksandra Keudel
Co-Author(s): Oksana Huss
Discussant: Hsu Yumin Wang

Repoliticizing decentralization: explaining divergent outcomes in comparative context
Presenter: Jennifer Murtazashvili
Co-Author(s): Kamran Hakiman (University of Pittsburgh)
Discussant: Surachanee Sriyai

Polycentric Governance

Session Chair: Nathan Goodman
Session Organizer: Nathan Goodman

A Polycentric Approach to Solving Socio-Economic Issues: Evidence from Local Participation in Developing Countries
Presenter: Eniola Fasola
Discussant: Tymofii Brik

Civil Society and Home Rule In Utah: Polycentric governing and the LDS Church
Presenter: Roberta Herzberg
Co-Author(s): Goodman, Nathan; Plante, Jonathan
Discussant: Nathan Goodman

Explaining Ukraine's resilience to Russia's invasion: The role of local governance
Presenter: Tymofii Brik
Co-Author(s): Tymofii Brik; Andrii Darkovich; Myroslava Savisko; Valentyn Hatsko; Serhii Tytiuk; Igor Piddubnyi
Discussant: Eniola Fasola

Polycentric Governance in a Vulnerable World: Monocentric and Polycentric Models for Preventing Civilization-Ending Events
Presenter: Nathan Goodman
Co-Author(s): Tom Hanna, Pradyot Sharma
Discussant: Roberta Herzberg

Disasters And Unrest

Session Chair: Patrick Fitzsimmons
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Why federal incumbents' avoid blames in the disaster management: The role of integrated party systems in the federal countries' Covid-19 policies
Presenter: Onsel Gurel Bayrali
Discussant: Patrick Fitzsimmons

Peace and its correlates in the ancient world
Presenter: Patrick Fitzsimmons
Co-Author(s): Adamson, Jordan
Discussant: Jerg Gutmann

Blood and iron and fragmentation
Presenter: Patrick Fitzsimmons
Discussant: Onsel Gurel Bayrali

Economic Freedom and Varieties of Peace
Presenter: Jerg Gutmann
Co-Author(s): Tim Krieger
Discussant: Patrick Fitzsimmons

Local-Level Politics

Session Chair: Nathaniel Smith
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The effects of wildfire exposure on municipal bonds
Presenter: Kathleen Sheehan
Co-Author(s): Melissa Woodley
Discussant: Edwar Escalante

Institution Building in Indian Country: Tribal Courts
Presenter: Alexander Taylor
Co-Author(s): Stratmann, Thomas; Crepelle, Adam
Discussant: Nathaniel Smith

Economic Shocks and Local State Capacity: Evidence from Peru
Presenter: Edwar Escalante
Discussant: Kathleen Sheehan

Beyond the State: Understanding the Impact of Informal Institutions on Colonial Relations in Maine
Presenter: Nathaniel Smith
Co-Author(s): Reilly, Chandler S.
Discussant: Alexander Taylor

2:30pm – 2:40pm

2:40pm – 4:10pm

Religion, Family, and Civil Society

Session Chair: Anthony Gill
Session Organizer: Bonnie Wilson

Mere Economics
Presenter: Art Carden
Co-Author(s): Caleb Fuller
Discussant: Anna Claire Flowers

Ite Missa Est: The Traditional Latin Mass in England and Wales, 2018-2023
Presenter: Clara Piano
Co-Author(s): Ennio Piano
Discussant: Nathanael Snow

A dynamic-process approach to overcoming pandemic childcare restrictions
Presenter: Anna Claire Flowers
Discussant: Art Carden

Endogenizing Baptists Into the Bootleggers and Baptists Model
Presenter: Nathanael Snow
Discussant: Clara Piano

Voting methods and fairness criteria

Session Chair: David McCune
Session Organizer: David McCune

Voting Rules for Reducing a Large Field of Candidates to Five
Presenter: Nicolaus Tideman
Co-Author(s): Chang Geun Song
Discussant: Robbie Robinette

Axioms of fairness to candidates and their supporters
Presenter: Wesley Holliday
Co-Author(s): Eric Pacuit
Discussant: Wesley Holliday

Democracy Without Violence
Presenter: Robbie Robinette
Discussant: David McCune

The Spoiler Effect in Multiwinner Ranked-Choice Elections
Presenter: David McCune
Co-Author(s): Jennifer Wilson
Discussant: Nicolaus Tideman

Local Governance and Public Choice

Session Chair: Yang Zhou
Session Organizer: Yang Zhou

The Political Economy of Transit Authorities
Presenter: Cyrus Figiel
Co-Author(s): Lauren Ames Fischer, Yang Zhou
Discussant: Yang Zhou

The Effect of Subway Policies on Gasoline Consumption: Subway Expansion versus Fare Changes
Presenter: Yucheng Wang
Co-Author(s): Antung A. Liu, Lei Zhang
Discussant: Patrick O'Reilly

Income and Employment Effects of Pooling and Unitization Laws in Appalachian Natural Gas Boom States
Presenter: Patrick O'Reilly
Discussant: Cyrus Figiel

Historic District Designation and Collective Action Problem
Presenter: Yang Zhou
Co-Author(s): Jordan Lopez
Discussant: Yucheng Wang

Cybernetics, Bloomington and Public Choice

Session Chair: Vincent Carret
Session Organizer: John Meadowcroft

Cybernetic dreams: Allende, Pinochet, and the twin experiments in cybersocialism and neoliberalism
Presenter: Otto Lehto
Co-Author(s): Paniagua, Pablo
Discussant: Vincent Carret

A New Economic Cybernetics: Designing Automatic Institutional Control Mechanisms for Proper Policy Prescriptions
Presenter: Zachary Kessler
Discussant: Paul Lewis

Bloomington and Cambridge Compared: Varieties of Ontological Thinking, Social Positioning, and the Self-Governance of Common Pool Resources
Presenter: Paul Lewis
Co-Author(s): Jochen Runde
Discussant: Otto Lehto

Do engineers believe in spontaneous order? The case of Jacques Rueff
Presenter: Vincent Carret
Discussant: Zachary Kessler

Politics of Money and Banking

Session Chair: Caitlin Ainsley
Session Organizer: Caitlin Ainsley

The Black Enigma: Evidence of Shadow Economy in the Agriculture of 15 EU Member States over the period 1996–2019
Presenter: Friedrich Schneider
Co-Author(s): Erika Quendler
Discussant: Andre Quintas

The Origins of the Continental Dollar, 1775-1777: Explaining the Choices That Congress Had to Make When Creating a New Money
Presenter: Farley Grubb
Discussant: Caitlin Ainsley

On the Political Economy of Central Bank Digital Currencies
Presenter: Andre Quintas
Co-Author(s): Francisco Nunes-Pereira
Discussant: Friedrich Schneider

Strategic Regulation of Alternative Currencies
Presenter: Caitlin Ainsley
Discussant: Farley Grubb

Comparative Political Institutions

Session Chair: Caitlin Ainsley
Session Organizer: Caitlin Ainsley

Self-Granting Immunity: When Do Politicians Grant Themselves Judicial Immunity?
Presenter: Jonghoon Lee
Discussant: Lucas Owen

International Courts and the Politics of Democratic Backsliding
Presenter: Sivaram Cheruvu
Co-Author(s): Jay Krehbiel
Discussant: Susannah Barnes

Life on the Frontier: The Role of Transaction Costs in Litigation Over Technology Standards
Presenter: Lucas Owen
Discussant: Jonghoon Lee

Pathways to Women's Autonomy: A Comparative Study of Market-Based and Centrally-Planned Systems
Presenter: Susannah Barnes
Discussant: Sivaram Cheruvu


Session Chair: Robert Gillanders
Session Organizer: Robert Gillanders

Party Unity and Political Corruption: Modeling the Effect of Party Discipline on Bribery in the Legislature
Presenter: Giovanna Rodriguez-Garcia
Discussant: Peter Calcagno

Does Democratization help in the fight against corruption? Evidence from Turkey
Presenter: Oguzhan Dincer
Co-Author(s): Ozgur Teoman
Discussant: Robert Gillanders

Do US Trade Agreements Affect Corruption in Latin America?: A Difference in Difference Analysis
Presenter: Peter Calcagno
Co-Author(s): Taylor Crawford, Beatriz Maldonado
Discussant: Giovanna Rodriguez-Garcia

Health Sector Corruption and Access to Healthcare in Africa Africa
Presenter: Robert Gillanders
Co-Author(s): Idrissa Ouedraogo, Eugenie Maiga, Doris Aja-Eke
Discussant: Oguzhan Dincer

Public Choice Challenges in International Governance and Aid Institutions

Session Chair: Jennifer Murtazashvili
Session Organizer: Lenore Ealy

Corruption, Lawfare, and the Failure of Good Intentions: Public Choice Insights on the Failure of the UN International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG)
Presenter: Carroll Ríos Arathoon
Discussant: Daniel Rodríguez-Carreiro

Challenging Interests: How foreign policy decision making impacts international governance.
Presenter: Ryan Yonk
Discussant: Lenore Ealy

A Public Choice Approach to UN Organizational Change
Presenter: Daniel Rodríguez-Carreiro
Discussant: Carroll Ríos Arathoon

Summits, Narratives, and Targets, Oh My! The Concatenating Risks of the UN SDG Regime
Presenter: Lenore Ealy
Discussant: Ryan Yonk

Private Governance

Session Chair: Phil Magness
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Public Choice in private institutions
Presenter: Martin Edwards
Discussant: Janna Lu

Corporate Governance as Bloodsport
Presenter: Jeremy Kidd
Discussant: Phil Magness

Cradle of Organized Firefighting
Presenter: Janna Lu
Discussant: Martin Edwards

Toward a Public Choice analysis of Marxist movements
Presenter: Phil Magness
Co-Author(s): Michael Makovi
Discussant: Jeremy Kidd

Ninth Annual Elinor and Vincent Ostrom Prize for Best Combined Paper and Presentation by a Graduate Student

Session Chair: Lynne Kiesling
Session Organizer: Edward Lopez

Redistribution, Moral Hazard, and Voting by Feet: An Experiment
Presenter: Alisa Frey
Discussant: Thomas Stratmann

Counterproductive cooptation? Religion, institutional change, and resistance in the Scottish Highland Clearances
Presenter: Benjamin Broman
Discussant: John Meadowcroft

The Diffusion of Ideas
Presenter: Caterina Chiopris

4:10pm – 4:20pm

4:20pm – 5:50pm

Conflict, Terror, and Disinformation

Session Chair: Todd Sandler
Session Organizer: Todd Sandler

Strategies of disinformation
Presenter: Daniel Arce
Discussant: Todd Sandler

Rebel strength and goals: networks of civilian and state violence during civil conflicts
Presenter: Jared Edgerton
Co-Author(s): Gary Uzonyi
Discussant: Daniel Arce

Conflict and returns to scale in production
Presenter: Kevin Siqueira
Co-Author(s): Petros G. Sekeris
Discussant: Jared Edgerton

Immigration from a terror-prone nation: destination nation’s optimal immigration and counterterrorism policies
Presenter: Todd Sandler
Co-Author(s): Subhayu Bandyopadhyay, Khusrav Gaibulloev
Discussant: Kevin Siqueira

Incorporating Public Choice Into Other Courses

Session Chair: Adam Martin
Session Organizer: Adam Martin

Public Choice in the Study of Religion
Presenter: Anthony Gill
Discussant: Adam Martin

Using Normative Policy Analysis in Intermediate Macroeconomics
Presenter: Geoffrey Lea
Discussant: Ryan Yonk

Public Choice in Money and Banking
Presenter: Jon Murphy
Discussant: Anthony Gill

Teaching American Government Using Public Choice
Presenter: Ryan Yonk
Discussant: Geoffrey Lea

Economics, Ecology, and Ethics
Presenter: Adam Martin
Discussant: Jon Murphy

Bringing Public Choice to Life: Interactive Pedagogical Strategies for the Public Choice Classroom

Session Chair: Rosemarie Fike
Session Organizer: Rosemarie Fike

Pepperoni Permits and Sausage Standards: Navigating Regulatory Obstacles in the Restaurant Industry
Presenter: Abigail Hall
Discussant: Brian Meehan

Police & Thieves: Combining Academic Articles with Popular Music to Understand the Incentives that Law Enforcement Agents Face
Presenter: Audrey Redford
Discussant: Rosemarie Fike

Gambling for Grades: A Memorable Lesson on the Costs of Rent Seeking
Presenter: Brian Meehan
Discussant: Abigail Hall

Lights, Camera, and Government Action! Exploring Public Choice Through Video-Based Projects
Presenter: Rosemarie Fike
Discussant: Audrey Redford

Incentives in the Legal System

Session Chair: Bryan McCannon
Session Organizer: Bryan McCannon

Tilted and Neutral Evidence Generating Process
Presenter: Murat Mungan
Co-Author(s): Claude Fluet
Discussant: Suhyeon Oh

Collusion and Informational Bribes: Substitutes or Complements?
Presenter: Andrew Samuel
Discussant: Bryan McCannon

Are juries racially discriminatory? Evidence from the race-blind charging of grand jury defendants with and without racially distinctive names
Presenter: Suhyeon Oh
Co-Author(s): Mark Hoekstra
Discussant: Murat Mungan

The Right to Counsel: Criminal Prosecution in 19th Century London
Presenter: Bryan McCannon
Co-Author(s): Zachary Porreca
Discussant: Andrew Samuel

Bargaining And Political Stability

Session Chair: Christian Henning
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Electoral Competition in a Multidimensional Issue Space: An Analysis of the Evidence
Presenter: Richard Jankowski
Discussant: Christian Henning

Electability of Stable Insiders’ Coalition Governments
Presenter: Tryphon Kollintzas
Discussant: Richard Jankowski

Where Banzhaf meets Nash and Black: A Legislative Bargaining Foundation of a Generalized Banzhaf Value
Presenter: Christian Henning
Co-Author(s): Braack, Malte; Ziesmer, Johannes
Discussant: Tryphon Kollintzas


Session Chair: Mateusz Michnik
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Borrowing Beyond Borders: An Exploration of Foreign Debt Strategies in Autocratic Regimes
Presenter: Henry Moncrieff
Co-Author(s): Zarepour Arizi, Nila
Discussant: Philipp Weber

State pension liabilities and the cost of debt: does disclosure or recognition change the cost of debt?
Presenter: Marc Plooster
Discussant: Mateusz Michnik

Government Debt and Inflation: A cross country Investigation of the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level
Presenter: Philipp Weber
Co-Author(s): Feld, Lars P.
Discussant: Henry Moncrieff

Deficit out of the control: The ratchet effect in Poland?
Presenter: Mateusz Michnik
Discussant: Marc Plooster

History Of Public Choice Thought

Session Chair: J. Patrick Higgins
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Francesco Forte: His groundings, relationship with James M. Buchanan, and journey to Ordoliberalism
Presenter: Gordon Brady
Discussant: J. Patrick Higgins

Kenneth Arrow, Duncan Black and group decision making. A seminal dispute?
Presenter: Herrade Igersheim
Discussant: Gordon Brady

Arguments for Pro-Free Market Reforms 210 Years before Smith?: The Executionist Movement of 1560s Poland-Lithuania
Presenter: J. Patrick Higgins
Discussant: Herrade Igersheim


Session Chair: Rohan Shah
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The Dynamics of Profit and Innovation in Markets and Quasi-markets
Presenter: Joakim Wernberg
Co-Author(s): Bergh, Andreas
Discussant: Rohan Shah

Mission-Oriented Innovation Policy: A Behavioral Political Economy Approach
Presenter: Jan Schnellenbach
Discussant: Joakim Wernberg

Boosting Innovation or Entry: What Works Best?
Presenter: Rohan Shah
Discussant: Jan Schnellenbach

Strategic Communication

Session Chair: Robert Lowry
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Lying about like a loaded weapon: Technocratic agility, democratic legitimacy, and emergency powers during COVID
Presenter: Laura Arce
Co-Author(s): Wenzel, Nikolai G.
Discussant: Henry Thompson

Strategic Communication in Conflict
Presenter: Ruolong Xiao
Discussant: Robert Lowry

The Price of Silence
Presenter: Henry Thompson
Co-Author(s): Benzecry, Gabriel
Discussant: Laura Arce

Does a pro-business political climate lead to an expanded state economy?
Presenter: Robert Lowry
Discussant: Ruolong Xiao


Session Chair: Abu Afzal Tauheed
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Can Direct Democracy Preserve Government Trust? Evidence from a Swiss Pension Reform
Presenter: Andrea Ghisletta
Discussant: Mumtaz Anwar

Public Trust and Public Choice
Presenter: Jeremy Kidd
Co-Author(s): Simmons, Randy T.
Discussant: Abu Afzal Tauheed

En-Trusting the “Other” in Contemporary India: An Experiment-based Study
Presenter: Abu Afzal Tauheed
Co-Author(s): Tauheed, Abu Afzal
Discussant: Andrea Ghisletta

Interplay of Couple's Characteristics in Defining Male Perspectives on Intimates Partner Violence.
Presenter: Mumtaz Anwar
Co-Author(s): Muhammad Nadeem, Malik Irfan
Discussant: Jeremy Kidd

6:00pm – 11:59pm