58th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society

2021 Public Choice Society, March 11-13, Savannah Georgia

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Friday, March 12, 2021

7:00am – 8:00am

Room: Atrium

Room: Savannah B

Virginia Political Economy II: Institutional Processes

Session Chair: Marta Podemska-Mikluch
Session Organizer: Richard Wagner

Foregone and Superfluous Innovation
Presenter: Marta Podemska-Mikluch
Discussant: Alexander Taylor

Public Opinion & Moral Panics : A Subjective Reconstruction
Presenter: Alexander Taylor
Discussant: Sarah Moore

The Vitality of Animal Spirits for Market Economies
Presenter: Sarah Moore
Co-Author(s): Richard Wagner
Discussant: Marta Podemska-Mikluch

Room: Oglethorpe A/B

Subnational Economic Development

Session Organizer: Daniel Bennett

The Political Economy of State Economic Development Incentives
Presenter: Peter Calcagno
Co-Author(s): Gary A. Wagner; Russell S. Sobel
Discussant: Nabamita Dutta

Do Perceived Obstacles Deter Innovation Efforts of Firms? Micro-Evidence from India
Presenter: Nabamita Dutta
Co-Author(s): Hamid Beladi; Saibal Kar
Discussant: Ryan Yonk

Rural vs Urban Covid Spread
Presenter: Ryan Yonk
Co-Author(s): Raymond March; Fiona Harrigan; Amelia Janaskie
Discussant: Peter Calcagno

State Capacity (Cancelled)

Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Room: Academy

Social Order

Session Chair: Benjamin Ogden
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

De Gustibus et Conflictu Socialis: Fixed Preferences and Social Conflict
Presenter: Frederic Kellogg
Co-Author(s): Dr. Brian E. Butler
Discussant: Alexander Schaefer

The Problem of Complexity and the Emergence of Polycentric Political Order
Presenter: Alexander Schaefer
Co-Author(s): Daems, Dries
Discussant: Feler Bose

Sexual Freedom, Fertility, and Time Preferences: Spatial Panel Data Analysis from 1960 to 2010
Presenter: Feler Bose
Co-Author(s): Jacob, Jeffry
Discussant: Frederic Kellogg

Room: Plaza


Session Chair: Slade Mendenhall
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Presenter: Slade Mendenhall
Co-Author(s): Joshua Ingber
Discussant: Julien Hanoteau

Does e-procurement reduce firm corruption to secure public contracts?
Presenter: Julien Hanoteau
Co-Author(s): Barkemeyer Ralf; Jimenez Alfredo
Discussant: Van Ha Le

Unreported income by government employees in Vietnam: Estimation and Verification
Presenter: Van Ha Le
Co-Author(s): I am the single author
Discussant: Justin Callais

The Economic and Political Consequences of Putin
Presenter: Justin Callais
Co-Author(s): Martin, Adam
Discussant: Slade Mendenhall

Room: Pulaski

War and War Gaming

Session Chair: Edwar Escalante
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

The Shining Path of Peru: An Organizational Theory for Conflict
Presenter: Edwar Escalante
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Yahya Alshamy

Defense and Governance in Stateless Pre-Islamic Mecca
Presenter: Yahya Alshamy
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Garrett Wood

The Robust Political Economy of Wargaming
Presenter: Garrett Wood
Co-Author(s): None
Discussant: Edwar Escalante

Room: Savannah A

Roundtable Discussion, "Toward an Economics of Natural Equals: A Documentary History of The Early Virginia School" by David Levy and Sandra Peart (Presidential Session sponsored by Liberty Fund)

Session Chair: Edward Lopez
Session Organizer: Edward Lopez

Author Remarks on "Natural Equals"
Presenter: sandra peart

Author Remarks on "Natural Equals"
Presenter: David Levy

Respondent Comments on "Natural Equals"
Presenter: William Shughart

Respondent Remarks on "Natural Equals"
Presenter: Roger Congleton

Respondent Comments on "Natural Equals"
Presenter: Georg Vanberg

9:30am – 10:00am

Room: Savannah Prefunction

10:00am – 11:20am

Room: Savannah A

Plenary Session 1: Michael C. Munger, "Giants Among Us: Do We Need a New Antitrust Paradigm?”

Session Chair: William Shughart
Session Organizer: William Shughart

"Giants Among Us: Do We Need a New Antitrust Paradigm?”
Presenter: Michael Munger
Discussant: William Shughart

11:20am – 12:50pm

11:30am – 12:45pm

Room: Savannah D

1:00pm – 2:30pm

Room: Savannah A

Roundtable on Shared Mental Models: Kyklos Symposium in Honor of Douglass C. North

Session Chair: Ravi Roy
Session Organizer: Arthur Denzau

Institutional Change and the Importance of Understanding Shared Mental Models
Presenter: William Shughart
Co-Author(s): William Shughart, Diana Thomas and Michael Thomas
Discussant: Michael Munger

Shared Belief Systems, The “Basic Space,” and the Constrained Nature of Rationality in Judging Institutions
Presenter: Michael Munger
Discussant: Ronil Hira

Outsourcing: A case of Shared Mental Models in conflict
Presenter: Ronil Hira
Co-Author(s): None
Discussant: William Shughart

Room: Oglethorpe A/B

Rent Seeking and Rent Creation

Session Chair: Stephen Miller
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Estimating the Impact of Rent-Seeking on Income Distribution
Presenter: Stephen Miller
Co-Author(s): Melo, Vitor
Discussant: Mohammad Qadam Shah

The Politics of Budgetary Capture in Fragile States: Who Gets What When and How in Afghanistan
Presenter: Mohammad Qadam Shah
Co-Author(s): Qadam Shah, Mohammad
Discussant: Peter Hazlett

Bureaucratic Rent Creation: The Case of Price Discrimination in the Market for Postsecondary Education
Presenter: Peter Hazlett
Co-Author(s): Chandler Reilly
Discussant: Stephen Miller

Room: Academy

Russia (Cancelled)

Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Room: Plaza

Regulation and Health

Session Chair: Arijit Ray
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Condoning More Codones: Florida's Opioid Trafficking Law and Opioid Mortality
Presenter: Eunsik Chang
Co-Author(s): solo authored
Discussant: Arijit Ray

Is providing contraceptives without doctor's prescription effective in reducing foster care admission?
Presenter: Arijit Ray
Co-Author(s): Ray, Arijit.
Discussant: Audrey Redford

The Impact of Drug-Induced Homicide Laws on Unintentional Drug Overdose Rates
Presenter: Audrey Redford
Co-Author(s): Angela K. Dills; Kathleen M. Sheehan
Discussant: Moiz Bhai

The Effects of Occupational Licensing Reform on Children's Health
Presenter: Moiz Bhai
Co-Author(s): Mitch Mitchell
Discussant: Eunsik Chang

Room: Pulaski

Past Presidents

Session Chair: William Shughart
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Political Preferences and Public Policy
Presenter: Randall Holcombe
Co-Author(s): None
Discussant: Roger Congleton

Assessing the Impacts of Publications: Readership and Citations as Alternative Measures of Impact
Presenter: Roger Congleton
Co-Author(s): Alex Marsella (WVU) and Alexander J Cardazzi (WVU)
Discussant: Edward Lopez

Feuding, Credible Commitments, and the Blessings of an Independent Judiciary: The Diet of Worms and the Creation of the Imperial Chamber Court
Presenter: Georg Vanberg
Co-Author(s): Broman, Benjamin
Discussant: Randall Holcombe

Formalizing Informal Institutions: Problems of Coalition, Change, and Alignment
Presenter: Edward Lopez
Discussant: Georg Vanberg

Room: Savannah B

Regulation in the Large

Session Chair: Sean Mulholland
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Firm-level Impacts of Pro-Market Reforms: Latin America as a Laboratory
Presenter: Bruno Buscariolli
Co-Author(s): Carneiro, Jorge; Dau, Luis; Moore, Elizabeth
Discussant: Sean Mulholland

Don't TREAD on anyone
Presenter: Sean Mulholland
Co-Author(s): Mulholland, Sean
Discussant: Thomas Brosy

State business income taxes and business dynamism
Presenter: Thomas Brosy
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Lynne Kiesling

From Airbnb to Solar: Toward A Transaction Cost Model of a Retail Electricity Distribution Platform
Presenter: Lynne Kiesling
Co-Author(s): Munger, Michael; Theisen, Alexander
Discussant: Bruno Buscariolli

2:30pm – 2:40pm

2:40pm – 4:10pm

Political Capitalism (Cancelled)

Session Organizer: Mehrdad Vahabi

Room: Plaza

Political Economy and Development

Session Chair: Justin Callais
Session Organizer: Kevin Grier

The Effects of Enduring Constitutions on Income in the Contemporary Era
Presenter: Justin Callais
Discussant: Israt Jahan

Do Longer Constitutions Corrupt?
Presenter: Israt Jahan
Co-Author(s): Jamie Bologna and Andrew T. Young
Discussant: Linan Peng

Did the Northeast Area Revitalization Plan Work? A Multiple Synthetic Control Analysis
Presenter: Linan Peng
Discussant: Towhid Mahmood

Effect of Democracy: Evidence from Bangladesh
Presenter: Towhid Mahmood
Discussant: Justin Callais

Room: Oglethorpe A/B

Occupational Licensing and Insurance

Session Chair: Bonnie Wilson
Session Organizer: Bonnie Wilson

Administrative Browbeating of Insurers
Presenter: George Mocsary
Discussant: Edward Timmons

Scope of Practice Effects on the Prescription of Opioids by Nurse Practitioners Serving Medicare Beneficiaries
Presenter: Alicia Plemmons
Discussant: George Mocsary

The de-licensing of occupations: an update
Presenter: Edward Timmons
Co-Author(s): Ilya Kukaev & Robert Thornton
Discussant: Alicia Plemmons

Consumer Choice and Scope of Practice Regulations for Psychologists
Presenter: Agnitra Roy Choudhury
Co-Author(s): Alicia Plemmons
Discussant: Sriparna Ghosh

Polycentricity (Cancelled)

Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Room: Academy

Macroeconomic Policies

Session Chair: Greg Caskey
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Chinese Development Lending & the Amplification Effect
Presenter: Greg Caskey
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Pierre Mandon

Has the Literature Highlighted Evidence that Chinese Official Financing Benefited Recipient Countries? Evidence from a Meta-Regression Analysis
Presenter: Pierre Mandon
Co-Author(s): Woldemichael, Martha Tesfaye
Discussant: Nathaniel Smith

The high cost of trade wars: Unfulfilled promises, lost elections
Presenter: Nathaniel Smith
Co-Author(s): None.
Discussant: Greg Caskey

Room: Savannah B

Austrian Perspectives

Session Chair: Alexander Schaefer
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Hayek's Twin Ideas: Reconciling Methodological Individualism and Group Selection
Presenter: Alexander Schaefer
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Robert Gmeiner

Artificial intelligence and economic calculation
Presenter: Robert Gmeiner
Co-Author(s): Harper, Mario
Discussant: Phil Magness

Consumer Sovereignty and W.H. Hutt’s Critique of the Color Bar
Presenter: Phil Magness
Co-Author(s): Art Carden; Ilia Murtazashvili
Discussant: Alexander Schaefer

Room: Pulaski

Parliaments and Judges

Session Chair: Adrian Lucardi
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Collective action in Brazil’s Constituent Assembly
Presenter: Gabriel Benzecry
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Seana Sugrue

Is It Time to Reconsider Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices?
Presenter: Seana Sugrue
Co-Author(s): none
Discussant: Gabriel Benzecry

Room: Savannah A

New Books - Author Talks

Session Chair: Edward Lopez
Session Organizer: Edward Lopez

Author Remarks on "Leave Me Alone and I'll Make you Rich"
Presenter: Art Carden
Co-Author(s): Deirdre McCloskey

Author Remarks on "Wretched Refuse? The Political Economy of Immigration and Institutions"
Presenter: Benjamin Powell
Co-Author(s): Alex Nowrasteh

4:10pm – 4:20pm

Room: Savannah A

Institutions & Entrepreneurship

Session Organizer: Daniel Bennett

The Burden of Occupational Licensing at the Local Level
Presenter: Alicia Plemmons
Co-Author(s): Sriparna Ghosh; Dean Stansel
Discussant: Fabian Diaz

Legitimate Ink: Licensing and Entry in the Tattooing Industry
Presenter: Fabian Diaz
Co-Author(s): Maria Minniti
Discussant: Nathaniel Smith

The foundation of English state capacity and economic growth: King Alfred and the Vikings
Presenter: Nathaniel Smith
Co-Author(s): None
Discussant: Alicia Plemmons

Room: Academy

How Should Ranked-Choice Votes be Counted?

Session Chair: Nicolaus Tideman
Session Organizer: Nicolaus Tideman

What a Difference a Voting Rule Makes
Presenter: Robbie Robinette
Co-Author(s): Nicolaus Tideman
Discussant: John Moser

What Happens When a Candidate Knocks on Doors Advocating the Ranked Pairs Rule?
Presenter: John Moser
Discussant: Katherine Gehl

A Report from the Field: The Case for an Open Primary and a Top Five IRV Run-Off
Presenter: Katherine Gehl
Discussant: Robbie Robinette

Room: Pulaski

Meta Public Choice

Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

A Five-Economy Model of Society
Presenter: Rick Raddatz
Co-Author(s): Single-author paper
Discussant: Yong Yoon

Artificial Man, Narrative Man, and Pico-economics
Presenter: Yong Yoon
Co-Author(s): no coauthor
Discussant: Nick Cowen

Is Knowledge King? Epistocracy and the Dynamics of Real-Existing Democracies
Presenter: Nick Cowen
Co-Author(s): Trantidis, Aris
Discussant: Rick Raddatz

Room: Plaza

Immigration, Trade and Slavery

Session Chair: Phil Magness
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Quid Pro Quota: A Cross-Country Study on the Entrepreneurial Costs of Immigration Restrictions and Quotas
Presenter: Joshua Bedi
Co-Author(s): Jia, Shaomeng
Discussant: Jon Murphy

Rethinking the National Defense Exception to Free Trade: An Analysis using the Jones Act and Defense Production Act
Presenter: Jon Murphy
Co-Author(s): Goodman, Nathan
Discussant: Phil Magness

The Economics of Slavery: A Tullockian Assessment
Presenter: Phil Magness
Co-Author(s): Art Carden; Ilia Murtazashvili
Discussant: Joshua Bedi

Room: Savannah B

The Political Economy of Cultural Assimilation

Session Chair: Greg Caskey
Session Organizer: Greg Caskey

Ethnogenesis and Statelessness
Presenter: Louis Rouanet
Co-Author(s): Vincent Geloso
Discussant: Greg Caskey

State Capacity and Predation: The Case of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang
Presenter: Greg Caskey
Co-Author(s): Murtazashvili, Ilia
Discussant: Ilia Murtazashvili

Trail of Tears: The Political Economy of Cultural Assimilation
Presenter: Ilia Murtazashvili
Co-Author(s): Adam Crepelle, Gregory W. Caskey, Wilson Law
Discussant: Linan Peng

Did the Policies in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Lead to Higher Development and Social Compliance? A Synthetic Control Analysis
Presenter: Linan Peng
Co-Author(s): Justin Callais
Discussant: Louis Rouanet

Room: Oglethorpe A/B

Microeconomic Policies

Session Chair: Todd Nesbit
Session Organizer: President-Elect Session

Right-to-Work and Employment and Establishment Mobility: A Spatial Border Analysis
Presenter: Todd Nesbit
Co-Author(s): N/A
Discussant: Carolina Gonzalez Rodriguez

Demand (and supply) of Data Protection Regulation. A 21st. Century Case for Rent-Seeking?
Presenter: Carolina Gonzalez Rodriguez
Co-Author(s): Carolina Gonzalez Rodriguez
Discussant: Manuel Hoffmann

The Unintended Consequences of Health Insurance
Presenter: Manuel Hoffmann
Co-Author(s): Hoffmann, Manuel
Discussant: Corey DeAngelis

Are School Reopening Decisions Related to Union Influence?
Presenter: Corey DeAngelis
Co-Author(s): Makridis, Christos
Discussant: Todd Nesbit

6:00pm – 7:30pm

Room: Atrium